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Started by breathless50, 19-Feb-20, 01:46 AM

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Aren't I lucky! I'm going to have a scissor session with my victim and he's feeling tough so he's told me to ignore when he taps. He's in for the longest sixteen minutes of his life! You see if I squeeze hard and he taps, I don't have to stop. That means I can do what I like with him and what I like, no, what I love, is to knock a man out between my thighs.

I wear sheer, shiny pantyhose with no panties so he can see that I'm all woman and I own him. There's lots of different scissor holds where I crush his neck or head between my strong thighs as I toy with him before knocking him out. There's also lots of figure fours which allow me to use my thighs and my calves to squeeze his neck so tightly that he begs me to let him give in. That just makes me giggle from deep inside me as I tighten further and watch his face change colour as I knock him out again.

There's combined headscissors and smothers with his face buried in my pussy and my thighs wrapped around his head. I squeeze hard and he moans into my pussy as I knock him out. That does wonders for a girl! I love that all he feels as he fades out is my thighs crushing him, in many cases all he sees is my pussy on his face and all he smells is a highly aroused woman. And I can ignore his taps as he begs me to let him submit. Mmmmmmmm

The five real knockouts are very real and you will see a man genuinely subjugated by a sexy woman's thighs clad in lovely smooth, sheer pantyhose.
Clip available at

Love, Lily xxxxxx

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