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Toughest Female Bodybuilder You Have Wrestled?

Started by jiggle, 22-Jun-20, 06:00 AM

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Who is the toughest and strongest Female Bodybuilder you ever had wrestled?


Kasie Cavanaugh. Over 20 years ago when she was in her prime. Very muscular, strong, athletic, experienced in wrestling and an awesome dominant attitude. She knew she could destroy most men and enjoyed doing it in a fun but competitive way. Strong all around, but her legs and scissorholds were unstoppable to an athletic but untrained man.
I sessioned with her twice. I never would go full out. I'm not in this to prove anything. But I have serious doubts that even if I had she would have crushed the fight out of me within the first 10 minutes and then had her way with me from that point on. Very much a humbling experience even though it was what I had hoped for and more.
I wonder how many sessionists could have held their own with her when she was in her prime?


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