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Review: Briella Jaden

Started by BobLaublaw11, 10-Jul-20, 12:35 PM

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Five signs of a delightful session:
1) A beautiful, personable girl
2) A real personal connection
3) Attention to your wants
4) Time flies when you're having fun
5) A sore neck prompting memories that keep you smiling long afterwards

Briella Jaden is a stunning young woman, as a Google search will quickly confirm. I love the "Follow My Travels" notification feature on I've returned to her listings there and time after time hoping for a chance to someday session with this Tampa-based beauty. Luckily for me, her recent tour brought her within a few hours drive time. Dreams can come true!

She was professional and delightful to communicate with from the get go. I requested a fantasy scissors session for which she seemed a perfect provider; see her work with ScissorVixens as an example. Briella does require verified references before booking, but once those came through, it was game on.

But then a last minute location scheduling mixup created a travel challenge requiring double the driving time to get to her. She graciously worked with me through my discouragement to try to make the session happen. She offered to drive to me if I would double the session time. Or she offered extra free time if I would make the longer drive to her, a deal I decided I couldn't refuse.

Road construction sucks! It's a necessary evil, yes, but why are multiple lanes of Interstate highways so often closed for miles and miles with no work whatsoever being done on them? The resulting traffic jams were annoying but didn't dampen my excitement to see Briella. I pulled into the hotel parking lot ten minutes before session time.

We traded a few quick texts and she invited me to the room. She welcomed me inside with disarming grace, and I'm sure I looked like a nervous, drooling idiot. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! We hadn't specified attire for her, but I was very pleased with the extremely teeny bikini she chose. We talked for a bit and then got down to business.

Briella is a beautiful girl inside as well as out. She was very engaging and very committed to providing the exact experience I wanted. Her runner's legs are lovely and silky but very strong, and her scissors were absolute heaven on earth. She has exquisite control of her inner thigh muscles, and I loved the way she would squeeze and massage my neck with them. She took it easy on me some of the time, as I'd told her I enjoy the sensuous part of scissors as much or more than the scary part. But she certainly did show me her strength. She frequently turned my face deep purple between her thighs and I loved every minute of her sweet torture.

Best of all, we seemed to make a real connection. It was great talking to her the whole time, at least when she let up the pressure enough that I could hear what she was saying. We chatted about everything from our "real" lives, to our mutual love for dogs, to relationships, and on and on. I really did enjoy her on every level.

When I asked how we were doing on time, I was amazed to see the clock showing we were already well overtime. I swear, it seemed like only five minutes had passed. She pulled me back to give a few extra bonus squeezes to remember her by, and much too soon I was back in the car for the return drive.

The trip back went quickly, and I found myself smiling wide the whole time as my sore neck reminded me of my wonderful experience with her. Briella is a thoroughly delightful woman, lovely in every way, and she is fully dedicated to using her ample skills to provide the exact experience you want. This was one of my favorite sessions ever, and I do hope to see her again one day soon. Thank you, Goddess!

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