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Author Topic: When I learned about legs  (Read 3160 times)

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When I learned about legs
« on: 10-Sep-20, 11:39 AM »
The first time I was subdued by the power of a woman’s thighs happened quite a few years ago. My sister-in-law was going through a divorce at the time and I was occasionally enlisted to help her with things such as household repairs and whatnot. We had a sort of big brother to little sister type of relationship (I am 10 years older) and teasing each other was the norm for us. It didn’t help matters that she was well into building her “revenge body” and had slimmed down and toned up to the point that she was looking very attractive to me. She was 28 years old at the time and stood about 5’4” weighing around 140 lbs. She had a cute round face and was curvy with delightfully thick thighs and nice waistline.

She was spending a lot of time at the gym and usually when I saw her she was dressed in some sort of workout gear. On this occasion, I was sent to her house to check out a clogged bathroom sink upon arriving I found her clad in her yoga pants and a form fitting shirt which made her curves pop like crazy. It only took me a few minutes to unclog the sink, and I probably should have just said goodbye and went on with my day, but like a moth to a flame, the sight of her sitting cross-legged on the couch, scrolling on her cell phone drew me in and I just HAD to mess with her a little before I could leave.

I crept up and without a word I snatched the phone from her delicate hands, saying “You don’t need this it’ll rot your brain”. The look on her face was a mixture of surprise and annoyance as she instantly sprang up from her seat reaching for the phone. “Give me back my phone” she said as I held it away from her with one arm while using the other to keep her at a distance. “I’m serious!” She said “I’m not in the mood for this, now give it back!”. I nonchalantly turned my back to her and started to scroll through her phone as she was becoming more agitated by the second. I then heard her verbalize the words “you asshole!” through clenched teeth and the next thing I know she is dragging me around the room in a side headlock. She kept one arm tightly around my neck while she attempted to take the phone from my grasp with the other. I could have pulled free from the headlock but I was enjoying having her stirred up this way so I just let her struggle a bit with trying to pry my hands off of the phone. Her efforts were failing and my chuckling in her grip only fired her up more. “Give it to me NOW” she said, “Or I swear I will kick your ass!”

I started to utter some smart ass reply but she did not wait to hear it. Mid-sentence, she closed her headlock with her other arm and jammed her hip into me, forcefully tossing my skinny 145 lb frame over it and onto my back on the carpeted floor. I landed hard and the jolt took a bit of wind out of me and she pounced quickly, dropping her rear end onto my stomach and straddling my torso before I could react. A little backstory on her, her ex-husband was a big wrestling enthusiast and was involved with the sport all his life and throughout their marriage. I was beginning to see that she had picked up a few moves along the way. Anyway, she now has me pinned on my back, and is now using both of her hands to try to rip the phone out of my grasp. At this point my hip hurts from being tossed onto the floor, and I am trying to recover my wind as I struggle to keep hold of the phone. From her superior position she is effectively loosening my grip and at this point things are becoming much less fun for me than I thought.

Desperate to not “lose” this battle over her phone I decide that I have to get her off of me and fast. I start to buck and twist underneath her and manage to turn myself over onto my stomach when she has to let go of the phone to use her hands to catch herself from falling off of me. I pull my knees underneath me and start to try to get to a standing position as she is on my back and reaching around me grab my wrist. As I start to get up she grabbed my hair from behind and pulls my head back hard and we both tumble backwards back onto the floor. We roll over each other a little as I struggle to stop her from getting back on top of me. When we come to a rest, she is clinging to me like an octopus with her arms pulling my head tightly against her chest and my torso clamped firmly between her thighs. It was only for a moment but time seemed to stop and we both breathed heavily while she held me in her grasp and our racing hearts got a small window to recover.

“Give me my phone and I’ll let you go” she said, as if she was in control of the situation or something. I wasn’t about to let her have it back on those terms so I responded by attempting to sit up with her wrapped around me and was thwarted as she tightened her grip and squeezed my torso hard between her thighs until I sank back to the floor. The audible grunt that her squeeze forced from me empowered her and she began demanding the phone with more confidence and responding with a crushing squeeze every time that I dared to move. This continued for a couple of minutes until she became tired of the game and just went into a full out python death squeeze which seemed to last forever and made sounds come out of me that I liken to a wounded cat. At this point I was at her mercy and she knew it. She eased the pressure and it was obvious that I was finished. I lay on my back imprisoned in her grip, gasping for air and only my pride wanting to continue to delay the inevitable. She could have easily plucked the phone from my hand at this point but for whatever reason she was determined that I would instead have to hand it over.

She lifted her head to look me in the eyes and very calmly, almost apologetically said “Just give me the phone, Rocky”. My last stand was a feeble attempt peel her arms from my head while she adjusted the position of her legs to encircle my rib cage. I caught a glimpse of her crossed ankles as she stretched her legs  outward pressing my ribs and forcing the air from my lungs. Her thighs bulged and her quads felt like concrete as she poured on the pressure leaving me unable to take in air or do anything to improve my predicament. I started to fear that my ribs would collapse and I had to give in. As best as I could I grunted out “okay” as I offered her back her phone. She took the phone and granted me relief from powerful coils. I laid on the floor for several minutes catching my breath as she sat beside me surveying the wreckage that she had inflicted. Then just before she rose to her feet to head back to the couch, I heard “I told you I’d kick your ass”.

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When I Learned About Legs
« Reply #1 on: 12-Sep-20, 05:46 AM »
Excellent Story
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