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Author Topic: Session Review: Leighton  (Read 2267 times)

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Session Review: Leighton
« on: 17-Sep-20, 03:40 PM »
Sigh. I think I'm in love.

I have wanted to see Leighton for a long time and was ecstatic when I saw she was visiting Maryland this month. I reached out via email request for a fantasy scissors session and received a quick response, though things weren't exactly as they seemed.

With deposit made and appointment details confirmed, I awaited the session over the next weeks with the eagerest of building anticipation and excitement. Session day finally arrived and I drove to Maryland, checked into my hotel a few hours early, and chilled until it was time to shower and drive forty minutes southeast.

Bethesda loves speed cameras; thank heavens for Waze. Fifteen minutes early, I found a parking garage near Leighton's hotel and texted her that I'd arrived. She replied to come right up.

Nervous but giddy like a child on Christmas morning, I knocked on her door. I always find it a bit disconcerting when the door opens with no one immediately in view, but Leighton quickly emerged from behind it. Suddenly I was ogling one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever seen, jaw dropping gorgeous from head to toes.

Leighton is a New York City model, actress and dancer who accordingly displays extraordinary beauty, creative role playing skills, and a smoking hot body with legs to absolutely die for. I'm used to session girls looking only somewhat like their photos, but Leighton looked unbelievably even better. She absolutely rocked the little red bikini outfit she was wearing, and I was little-boy awkward as I involuntarily gawked at her but tried to act cool. But wait, there's more. Leighton is a real sweetheart. She was disarmingly charming, kind, loving and totally engaging throughout our time together. Swoon!

Door closed behind us, I offered her the small gift I'd brought and the remainder of the session fee. After thanking me, she was profusely apologetic about something. In my little-boy daze, I had some trouble understanding what was going on. She patiently explained that there was a scheduling mixup and that she had expected me 90 minutes earlier.

She revealed that she has a friend who handles her booking and communications, and that this assistant had somehow messed up the appointment scheduling despite our prior communications and email confirmation the previous day. She said she had a regular client coming soon after me and that she thus couldn't honor the full 90 minutes I had reserved.

Later I discovered that Leighton had proactively called and texted me a few hours before to ask if I could come earlier. But I hadn't checked my phone, assuming that all was well. My bad. She said she felt terrible and offered me extra time later in the evening or early the next morning, options that sadly didn't work with my schedule. She remarked that she'd feel angry if she were me, but I told her I was disappointed but not mad. I was beyond happy to be able to session for an hour with this lovely young woman. Leighton showed exemplary customer service, apologizing repeatedly and offering many other options to make this up to me, and she promptly refunded the money I'd paid for the additional time.

As an actress, Leighton specializes in role play. I had thought about a variety of scenarios to request, including the usual clichés (student-teacher, therapist-patient, detective-interrogee) and a few darker ones (executioner-condemned). But that night when she asked what I wanted to riff, I just suggested that she take charge and be my scissors dominatrix. She fulfilled the role expertly.

The session was amazing.She squeezed me nearly the whole hour in a variety of positions, complimenting my stamina and saying that most guys tap quickly to her strong dancer's legs. They are exceptionally powerful, so I can understand why lesser guys (ha!) might panic. Her thighs were deliciously soft and warm, yet toned and muscular, and her scissors were exquisite. She demonstrated skillful control of her leg muscles, massaging and pulsing and squeezing me like a python. I'm sure she turned my face bright red many times as I often felt lightheaded and saw stars. It was delicious.

Leighton made the experience even more special by showing such tender sweetness throughout. She would gently stroke my hair and lovingly hold my hands, all the while melting me with her sweet talk and gorgeous eyes as her legs squeezed the life out of me. The session was a cathartic experience, providing total stress-relief therapy while superbly fulfilling my fetish fantasy. Heaven on earth.

She is a super smart and interesting girl, and we talked about our lives, the fetish, philosophy, and more. The combination of her stunning looks, her sweet yet dominant personality, and her impressive strength made for one of the best sessions I've experienced, and I've enjoyed some great ones. I relished my sore neck into the following day along with wonderful session memories that will stay with me forever.

Leighton usually works with Tempest Wrestling in New York City, and she invited me to come and see her again there. There are few providers with whom I would actually repeat sessions, but Leighton is one that I absolutely want to see again.

Very, very highly recommended for an exquisite experience. Don't miss an opportunity to meet Leighton. But beware, you will likely fall in love too.

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Session Review: Leighton
« Reply #1 on: 18-Sep-20, 12:24 PM »
You are a very lucky man indeed! It seems that we have very similar tastes in session ladies so your reviews are of particular interest to me. Thanks for the very informative write up.