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Vote For The Best Hosting Service

Started by ownboss, 09-Oct-20, 09:08 AM

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Which Hosting Service Do You Enjoy The Best?

Media Fire Pro
4 (23.5%)
Mega NZ
13 (76.5%)
Deposit Files
4 (23.5%)
Google Drive
3 (17.6%)
1 (5.9%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 17

Voting closed: 07-Apr-21, 09:08 AM


Type: Members Forum Vote
Started: 9th October 2020
Period: 180 Days
Max Votes: 3

Personally, there are only two online hosting services I use in connection with forum postings and as such, only upload and download media from those two companies. The main reason for this is the overal download speed, the FREE hosting quota given, and the ease at which the uploading and downloading process is acheaved. Therefore, I am opening up this forum poll in order to obtain a vote towards your personal preferences regarding which third party hosting service you enjoy using the most.

Many Thanks :-)

Own Boss
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