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Amazon Sorority

Started by dworth, 29-Oct-20, 04:43 AM

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Part One

If they hadn't been so hot, I might've realized they were stalking me. Because everywhere I went on campus, there they were. But women that hot don't stalk guys like me, so I just kept my head down and tried not to stare. Their sorority letters were Alpha Sigma, but everyone called them the Amazon squad. They were the sorority for jocks, but they were so much more than that. They were the reason that the strongest, most successful girls from all over the globe came to this school, because the Alpha Sigma sorority was the biggest network of powerful women in the world, boasting senators, CEO's and Olympians as their alumna.

I tried to never stare, because they scared me and turned me on at the same time — this wolf pack of loud, leggy girls in yoga pants, as smart as they were hot, who all looked like they could give Valkyrie a run for her money. There were like 50 of them, but the most famous three around campus were:

-Jasmine, the gentle giant. At 6'6, and 200lbs, this Latina bombshell looked like she could stop a train, but she walked around with a permanent smile and was known for her surprisingly girly high pitched giggle, and for greeting everyone she knew — girl or guy — by wrapping them up in a hug, pulling them off their feet and squeezing tight while kissing the top of their head. I'd seen her do it a bunch of times. She was so much taller than most people that when she did this, they ended up face first in her tits. She played center for the women's basketball team (the whole starting lineup was also in the sorority), and was probably the main reason they'd won the title for the last three years. I'd once seen her at the gym shoulder pressing more than I weigh.

-Maeve, aka the Celtic War Goddess, with lush red curly hair, who always wore sleeveless blouses that showed off her ripped arms decked in occult tattoos. She'd started college a few years later than most, after doing two tours in the Marines. Once, I'd been stumbling home drunk from a party at 4 am, and taken a spill on the quad. I had no memory of it, but apparently, she'd come across me on my morning run, picked me up and carried me back to my dorm. She'd told my roommate to thank me for giving her a good extra push to her normal morning workout. I was so mad at myself for being too drunk to remember the best thing that had ever happened to me.

-Then there was Kim Ly, a blindingly beautiful girl, Korean by nationality, but raised in London, who was an all star in Track and Soccer. She taught a  hot yoga class that was so intense multiple people had collapsed mid-session. She'd become an instant celebrity in freshman year when a video had spread around campus of her at the Alpha Sigma Halloween party, in costume as Captain Marvel, wrestling a guy twice her size, and mopping the matts with him. Alpha Sigma parties were famously secretive and their was all kinds of speculation about what went on at them. Tragically, the video cut out after a minute, and the last thing you saw was her letting her hair down as if she was only just getting started with this guy, while a room full of coeds cheered and screamed around her. I'd stayed up many nights imagining what happened after the video cut.

But my obsession was a freshman pledge, Alexa Greene. She'd grown up a town away from me and our high schools played each other in every sport. She was a knockout blond, only 5,2, but with farm girl muscles from a lifetime of working the fields for her dad. I was on the wrestling team for my school, and she was for hers. Alexa was the most famous person in our town because she'd won all state high school wrestling for her weight-class, pinning dozens of guys, some in minutes. One time, she pinned the best guy on our team so fast I got caught up in my amazement and ended up cheering for her. Every other guy on the team shot me an angry look, but she looked up from her pin, winked and waved, and that made it worth it. Little did I know how it would pay off dividends years later.

And because these ladies were literally out of my league, it never occurred to me that they'd know I exist. I was fine with that. Fine with just being a spectator on the sidelines to their glory, and thinking about them as I drifted off to sleep at night. That's why I was shocked when one day at the library, Alexa and another freshman pledge approached me.

"Nathan?" Alexa said, rocking eyes with me, her face lit up with a smile of recognition.

I had no idea she knew my name.

"Uh...Alexa," I managed to utter.

"We wrestled each other in high school," she said to her fellow pledge, a gorgeous Russian girl who still had tights on from the ballet class she'd just left. The tights showed off rock hard thigh and calf muscles.

"Was he any good," the Russian girl asked, eyeing Nathan with amusement.

"I don't know," Alexa said "we never actually got to face each other. Maybe we will someday."

"Oh you would crush me," I said instantly.

"Oh stop, no I wouldn't" Alexa laughed.

"No, I agree with him," the Russian girl said. "You would crush him. Good that he knows this. It's like you said. He's smarter than most men."

They had talked about me?

"I just mean," Alexa clarified, "if we faced each other, yeah, I'd win, because of course I would, no offense."

"None taken," I said sincerely.

"But like, I wouldn't crush you. I would never hurt my biggest cheerleader. Remember that time you cheered for me even though you were on the other team?"

"Yeah, you were so awesome. Wait you remember that?"

"Of course I do," she said. "I spent all of high school destroying fragile boy egos. Most guys aren't big fans of that. In fact, most of them hated me. So when one of them cheered for me, yeah I noticed. Plus, I'm a fan of you too."


"Of course."


Alexa and the Russian girl laughed.

"Your articles."

"You read my articles?"

"I loved your op-eds on the wage gap and reproductive rights."

The idea that Alexa Greene was reading my writing was thrilling for a second, and then I immediately remembered every typo I'd ever made.

"So yeah, Nathan, I'm a fan of you, and you're of fan of me, and if we wrestled I'd for sure beat you, but I wouldn't crush you."

Then, Alexa leaned forward on the table, her cleavage in full view. For a split second, I leered at her chest before correcting myself and redirecting my gaze to her eyes. Maybe she noticed, because a brief look of amusement registered on her face, before she added "I mean, I would never crush you, unless you asked me to."

Then she gracefully hopped up to a sitting position on the tabletop, so she was looking down at me, and said, "So anyway, me and Anya here are pledging Alpha Sigma, and we're doing this thing  tonight, and we think you're cool, so you're gonna be there."

"I am?"

"I mean you better. You don't want to make me angry." The smile on her face was replaced with one of intense menace staring down at me. I remembered it as her game face before every match and to my major embarrassment, I flinched.

"Oh my god, I'm totally kidding," she said giggling.

"She's not kidding, you don't want to make her angry." Anya the Russian girl said from behind me. I'd been so focused on Alexa I hadn't noticed Anya get so close, but now her hands were messaging my shoulders. Anya added "and you really don't want to make me angry."

"Easy, Anya, that's my fan club and probably a future pulitzer winner or something. So, what do you think? Can you make it."

"Hell yes," I said a little too excitedly.

"Awesome. I have to give you something. You won't be able to get in without it. Okay?"


Alexa grabbed my wrist and pulled up my sleeve. "Go ahead Anya," she said.

Anya pulled out a magic marker and wrote something in Russian on my arm.

"Come to the house at nine. Wear clothes you can move in. See you there!" Alexa said, and she and Anya rushed off. I had no idea what the writing meant, but for the next few hours in the lead to the event at Alpha Sigma, I refused to wash my hands or roll up my sleeve out of fear of smearing the letters. At some point, a Ukrainian guy in my statistics class saw it and chuckled.

"Why did you write that," he asked.

"Write what?"

"I am the property of Alexa."


Even though I was invited I felt like I wasn't allowed to go in. I paced around outside nervously for a few minutes past nine, until I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"You ever hear it's rude to keep a lady waiting?"

I turned around the see Maeve, the Celtic War Goddess. "Drunk guy?" she asked, "The guy I carried back to his dorm?"

"Hi, ma'm," I said.

"Just Maeve, dude," she chuckled. "You want a smoke?"

"I uh...I don't smoke, thanks."

"Good, that was a test," Maeve said, lighting up a cigarette for herself. "I'm trying to quit. Bad habit I picked up in the service. So, you nervous?"


"Yeah you are. It's why you're pacing around out here instead of hanging out with the hottie in there who invited you. Which hottie was that, by the way?"

Maeve grabbed my arm and read the magic marker writing to answer her question. "Oh hey! You're Alexa's! That's cool. I'm her big sister. I mean, we all are in the sorority, but every new pledge gets a sort of mentor, and for her, it's me."

"Lucky for me then that your first impression of me is a drunk buffoon."

"Don't even worry about that. You're gonna do great."

"Do great at what exactly?"

Maeve stomped out her cigarette and took my arm. "Come on, let's find out."

As she walked me in I said "hey, I never thanked you for carrying me home that night. It's actually really embarassing. I don't normally drink much and I guess I overdid it."

"Don't mention it."

"Hey, how did you know which dorm I lived at?"

"I was...your wallet. I checked your wallet, found your ID, and then put your name into the school database and that told me the dorm."

Only in hindsight did I realize she was clearly lying, and that not only did she know where I lived long before that, she didn't just "stumble into me" on her morning run. And for that matter, I didn't just "happen" to get too dunk and pass out that night. I had no idea of the true power of the Amazon Squad. But soon, I would.


Normally, at parties my strategy is to pretend to be busy on my phone so I can avoid small talk, but they made us all put our phones in a box at the door to "encourage socializing," as they put it.I couldn't tell you much of what happened in the first hour. Mostly I just tried not to stare at all the stunning women in the room, or embarrass myself. Every time Alexa introduced me to another sister I cycled through thoughts like "oh, she's taller than me." "Oh, her arms are bigger than mine." "And oh hey, she's probably also smarter than me too." I'd never felt less worthy. It barely registered for me that there were more men than women here, by almost two to one, which did seem strange for a sorority function. Then, after an hour, Kim Ly and Jasmine the giant descended the stairs and every girl and guy in the room instinctively turned towards their commanding presence.

"Oh my god you guys, thanks so much for coming to our first fall function," Jasmine said in that girly, effusive voice that didn't match her giant frame at all.

Kim Ly said "so, I think it's time to tell you why you're all here. It's because we like you. It's because you're invested in us. All the men in this room have in some way shown their support for a woman in this room, and for women in general. To me, all the men in this room are exceptional, because they know their place. Or at least, they can be taught their place. So few men get that they belong beneath women."

A few men in the room started chuckling at what sounded like a dry joke. Not a single woman laughed. Kim Ly locked eyes with one of the chucklers, and he shut the hell up fast.

"Now all the ladies in this room work very hard, and not a single one of them has time for a relationship. But we still have needs. That's why every woman who pledges our sorority gets to claim a man to fill those needs. If you are here, you have been claimed. You now belong to one of the woman in this room. Your primary purpose at this school is no longer to serve yourself. It's to serve the woman you belong to. Tonight is about making you understand that. For the next week, we've arranged for all of you to be excused from classes while you are initiated. I know this may sound frightening. But I promise you, once you realize compliance is your only choice, this will become the best thing that's ever happened to you. So let the initiation begin. Everyone, take off your clothes."

Was she serious? I had never seen a naked girl, in person. Was I about to see 50 of the hottest ones on campus all at once? Apparently not, because not a single girl moved. Of course not. It was a joke.

"Sorry, let me clarify," Kim Ly said, "men, take off your clothes."

A few men laughed and shuffled uncomfortably. I looked at Alexa, hoping to catch a smile that clued me into what the joke was exactly. She looked back at me with a smile.

"I'm joking of course," Kim Ly said. "All in good time. First things first -- the Dominance Ceremony. Will, Ben, I'm ready for you."

Two fit guys came out, dragging matts with them. Everyone cleared the way, and circled around the matts. I recognized one of the two guys as the one Kim Ly had demolished in that halloween video.

"Will and Ben are mine," Kim Ly explained. "I made them mine as a freshman, in this room. Tonight, I'll show you how I did it, and then you'll all follow my lead. Let's go boys," she said to Will and Ben, who cautiously started circling Kim Ly.

"You got this girl, Jasmine said, and the other sisters joined in shouting support for their president.

Kim Ly stood in the center of the matts, strangely calm. This was the first time I had seen her up close. She was taller and even more gorgeous in person. Ben lunged at her legs, while Will went for her back, but Kim Ly managed to sidestep Ben and toss Will over her shoulder on top of Ben, instantly stunning them both. There were gasps and applause in the room.

Maeve elbowed me and said "I taught her that one."

Kim Ly didn't waste time. She rolled Will over and struck his solar plexus twice, then pounced on Ben and put him in an arm bar. He tapped. She let him go then sat up and leaned down, her face hovering over his. "You okay, sweetie?" she said.

"I'm fine," Ben said. Kim Ly leaned down and kissed him. He kissed back. There was "aws" from all the sisters.

But they'd barely had time to kiss before Will charged at them. Kim Ly wrapped her legs around his neck and got him in a headscissor.

"Nice try, babe" she said exerting force. Will tapped instantly.

"Do you both give," Kim Ly asked.

Will and Ben nodded, panting.

"Who do you belong to?" she asked.

"Kim Ly" they said in unison.

"What am I going to do to you now?"

"Whatever you want" they said again in unison.

"Hm," Kim Ly thought for a second. "What DO I want?"

She sat on Will's face and started grinding. "Come here babe," she said to Ben, who crawled over. Kim Ly started making out with him while grinding on Will. The girls cheered and so did some of the guys.

"What are the odds this isn't staged," one guy said. I considered it. I mean, Kim Ly was clearly fit, but could she really take two buff guys that easily?

After a minute Kim Ly got up, having decided she was done for now apparently, and Will and Ben took that as their cue to leave. Kim Ly stood and said to the crowd, "give them a hand. Thanks boys. Okay, so the rules are simple. Each girl here faces her man on this matt. Whoever wins gets to do whatever they want to the loser. In front of everyone. I want to be clear, guys. This is not about humiliating you. This is about humbling you and making you okay with accepting your place. When your woman dominates you, we won't laugh at you. We'll cheer for you, because you're exactly where you're supposed to be. So, who wants to go first?"

"I'm out," I head a guy say.

"Me too" another said.

"Girls, secure the exits," Kim Ly said.

With that, practically every guy but me started trying to get out. A few ladies in the crowd instantly grabbed the man next to them, but that made a few of more determined to get out. Suddenly, there was a mass escape attempt in progress.

"Okay girls, roundup time!" said Jasmine. "Yeehaw!"

Maeve said to Alexa "hey, you've got him if he tries to run, right?"

"Oh totally," Alexa said.

"Good. I'm gonna help the other girls," and with that Maeve ran off. It took a second to click that when they said "him" they meant me. Alexa meant she had me, if I tried to run.

Alexa grabbed my hand and said "let's watch the roundup," leading me to a nearby couch. She sat me down, holding my arm with both of hers. I couldn't tell if she was restraining me or just being flirty -- maybe a little of both. From the couch, I watched with fear and arousal as a few dozen guys got tackled and tied up by the sisters. Next to us, Jasmine the gentle giant grabbed two runners by herself. She sat on one, and held the other in her lap.

"It's okay baby" she said to the terrified guy on her lap. "Momma's gonna treat you real nice, okay?" She stroked his hair and held him close. He quickly realized trying to get away from her was hopeless and went limp in her arms. Jasmine turned to me and Alexa and said "god I love dominating white boys." She winked at me.

Alexa laughed. "Well, you can borrow mine anytime you want," she said.

Anya the Russian girl from earlier walked up and said "sorry big sis, the one under you is mine."

"Oh, well, you better tie him up," Jasmine said giggling. "He's a wriggly one."

Anya pulled a zip tie from her purse and tied the guy's hands.

Jasmine said "Alexa, your man's so well-behaved! Did you train him already?"

"He's not well-behaved. He's just paralyzed with fear," Maeve said carrying a hogtied guy over her shoulder. "Alexa, you're gonna want to ziptie him just in case."

"Okay Maeve. Nathan," she said, turning to me and pulling a zip tie from her waistband "I'm gonna put this on you now."

"What if I say no?"

"I'm still gonna put it on you."

I wondered at that moment if there was any chance I could get away from her. I was a full foot taller. She was all-state in her weight class, but I had thirty pounds on her. Maybe I stood a chance.

Maeve put a hand on my shoulder. "You're thinking about fighting. Well here's my advice. Save it for the matt. If you beat her on the matt, she doesn't get to keep you. But if you try to run now, we all dog pile you, you waste all your energy and then she creams you on the matt."

"I mean, I'm gonna cream him either way. And then I'm gonna cream," Alexa said with a smile.

"Probably," Maeve said. "My point is, if you really want out, the smart move is to save your energy for the match."

I finally dared to say "okay, what the hell is going on Alexa?"

"Everything you always wanted," Alexa said to me. "You just don't realize it yet. But you will."

I held out my hands and let them be tied. "Good boy, Maeve said, sitting on the other side of me."

From her seat on the guy next to us Jasmine said "oh, I think someone likes being tied up," pointing to me. I realized, to my humiliation, that a rock hard boner was peaking through my pants.

"Oh wow," Alexa said. "Is that true, Nathan? Do you like it when I tie you up?"

She put her hand on the tent in my pants, but Maeve took it off just as quickly.

"Save that for the matt too."


I always enjoy your writing, mate, and this story is no exception.  I have to say that I wish I were one of the guys selected.  I seriously doubt that I would have tried to run away.  Thanks for this introduction.  I can't wait to read more.


The Dominance Ceremony turned out to be pretty much what it sounded like. Each sorority sister squared off with her chosen man on the matts, with the goal of physically dominating him in front of the whole crowd. It was left up to each individual sister to decide how to show her dominance. For some, it came down to brute strength, like the first girl on the matt, a 6,2 Volleyball player named Madison, who had about four inches and forty pounds on her man, a meek looking skinny guy who's face telegraphed the certainty that he was about to get his ass kicked. The second the match started, she grabbed his neck, easily threw him hard to the floor, mounted him, and held him down until he admitted he couldn't get up. It took all of a minute, before the guy weakly admitted defeat to the cheers of the crowd. Madison then kissed her beaten opponent, still holding him down, like claiming her prey from a hunt. She looked over to Kim Ly who gave her a thumbs up, then picked her man up over her shoulder and carried him off, like a cavewoman, to one of the house bedrooms, followed by her mentoring sister.

This was the basic flow of the event: the girl beat the guy, displayed dominance in some way, looked for approval from Kim Ly, then took the guy off to a bed room with her big sister, presumably to consummate their new relationship. As more matches finished, and more couples started retiring to bedrooms, I started hearing moans of both pain and pleasure coming through the walls.

It became clear to me that the competition here wasn't really between the men and the women to see who would win; that was pretty much a foregone conclusion. The competition was more between the women to see who would show the greatest display of dominance. Every lady tried something different. The Russian girl I'd seen earlier, Anya, had a little trouble in the early part of the match, spending a couple minutes on defense while her bigger man fought hard for his freedom and dignity, but her ballerina flexibility gave her the ability to slip out of any hold he put her in until he was slowed by exhaustion and frustration. And once she had her legs around him, there was simply no getting out; around the three minute mark, Anya snaked them around his midsection with a look of satisfaction, knowing it was over before he did. She watched him squirm out most of his energy with great amusement, and once he was starting to flame out, she pulled him close, pressed her lips to his ear and started whispering taunts in Russian. Like a python's prey, he seemed to be slowly running out of air. As it started to look like he might pass at any moment, Anya started stroking his face and singing a Russian lullaby in a soft soprano voice. Other women in the crowd looked at each other exclaiming how adorable and sweet it was, which must've made it all the more embarassing for Anya's man. Anya somehow knew to time it so that he went out right as the song ended. Then she kissed him gently on the lips and, with the help other big sister, carried him off to a bedroom.

Not every sister was as sweet as Anya though. A Persian girl named Parwin, kicked her guy in the face right off the bat, then got on top of him, and hit him a few times, before her big sister stepped in and gave her a sign to tone it down. This seemed to enrage her guy who got up and ran at her with everything he had, but she just went low, tackled him, and started pounding him on the ground some more, only this time, her big sister did nothing to intervene.

"Get off me, you bitch!"

"Say you submit" she ordered him.

"I submit," he shouted.

"Say you're mine, little boy."

"I'm yours!"

Parwin got off of him. Her lush, curly black hair had come undone, and she put it back in a ponytail while she got her breath, looking at Kim Ly for approval.

"He called you a bitch," Kim Ly said. "We need to address that. Field trip to the backyard."

The remaining sisters and their guys got up and headed to the backyard, where there was a kiddy pool set up with water. Kim Ly handed Parwin a bar of soap and said "you know what to do."

Parwin smiled and nodded, then judo flipped her man into the water, and pounced on him with the soap, forcing it into his mouth.

By this point, I was cheering right along with the girls. I couldn't help it. I loved watching powerful women. Alexa rubbed my shoulder and gave me an approving nod. Parwin held her man in a camel clutch know, forcing the bar of soap into his mouth with one hand, while scooping water into his face with the other, laughing in delight, and it didn't seem like she was stopping anytime soon, so everyone else just went back inside, except her big sister who stayed there to make sure she didn't drown the poor guy.

"We understand this is hard for you, men" Kim Ly said as they all returned to the room with the matts. "Out there, you're used to a world where men are always first. In this house, it's the opposite. Your whole world is upside down. But this is always how it should've been, and have confidence you'll come to see it that way."

More matches, and more men dominated. One man was spanked. One was forced to wear a sister's panties. One was forced to put a sister's sweaty panties in his mouth, before it was duct-taped shut. A chubbier girl with a weightlifting background fully lifted her guy up over her head, and he was not tiny, then cradled him in her arms and bounced him up and down like a toddler.

A gymnastics girl made her man read an ode to her ass, except she kept cutting him off from reading it by sitting on his face, to the laughter and applause of all the sisters. "My ass likes you," she said, bobbing up and down on his face, "it thinks you're doing a great job. It wants a kiss. Kiss it."

But the biggest spectacle of the night was a cowgirl from Wyoming in daisy dukes, a pink pushup bra, and a cowboy hat who, after pinning her man a few times, and thoroughly demonstrating she could take him in a fight, pulled a lasso out of her bag and said "I'll give you a three second head start." The guy ran for it, and in a single try, she roped his neck and pulled back to her. She stripped him, tied his hands, then made him give her a ride on his back to her bedroom.

"You're gonna have to get creative to follow that," Maeve said to Alexa who nodded. She turned to me and said "ready to have some fun?"

A minute later,I was on the matts with her. Girls who had already won their matches ventured out of their bedrooms to watch. Clearly, Alexa's match had been long anticipated. Maeve undid my zip ties and said "I bet you can take her."

"Do you really?"

"No. But I bet she'll make it more fun for you if you try your hardest."

"Good to know," I said. And the hilarious thing is, even knowing her fighting record, and even having watched all those guys get owned before me, a part of me still thought I had a shot at winning this, because that's how engrained the programming was in my head that says "men are stronger than women." I started circling her, still half-believing I could win. After all, this girl was barley over 5 feet, and at least 30 pounds lighter than me. In three moves I was reminded of three things:

1) Alexa was faster, fiercer, and possibly even stronger than me.
2) A smaller opponent who knows what they're doing can easily use your size against you.
3) My wrestling strategy was checkers. Alexa's was chess.

She knew every move I was going to make before I made it, and was already lying in wait for me. It was so chaotic, that I'd tapped my submission to her twice before the first minute was up. She took me down over and over, put me in every humiliating hold, at one point tossed me easily over her shoulders. It all happened so fast it felt like I was facing three people. After three minutes I was battered and breathless, panting and wiping sweat from my eyes on the matt, and that's when I heard Alexa say "okay, I'm warmed up now. Let's get started."

She gave Maeve a nod, and that's when I saw Maeve blindfold Alexa. I stumbled to my feet and squared off with her again. She smiled.

"You've definitely got me now, right" she said. "You want me, Nathan. Want to come take me. That's what I want. I want you to fucking take me right here in front of everyone."

I charged at her. She wrapped herself around me and rolled my momentum against me, to come out on top. She climbed onto of me, and snaked her legs around my head. I tapped immediately.

"Again," she said.

I tapped again.

"Again," she said.

I tapped again, more frantically.

"One more time, sweetie."

I just kept tapping now.

"Little more. I love that."

I tapped a few more times before she finally let go.

"That was so fun," she said. "let's go again."

This time I knew to avoid to tripping move, but it didn't matter because she knew I knew. I went super low, looking to take her legs out from under her, and she simply let me so she could get them around my head from another direction, which hurt even more. I tapped again.

"Yeah, keep tapping. Why don't you tap a little drum solo on my thighs. Go ahead."

I kept tapping thinking she was joking.

"You're not getting out until I get my drum solo," she said to laughs from the other ladies.

I tapped the shave-and-a-haircut rhythm, and on the last two beats, she spanked me in sync with me tapping her thighs, which made us both laugh. She let go, and flipped me over.

"How you feeling honey," she said looking down at me.

"I'm exhausted, and my neck hurts like hell, but it's the most fun I've ever had, and there's nowhere else I'd rather be."

There were "awws" and cheers from our audience. Alexa leaned down and kissed me and that was it. That was the moment I decided I'd do anything for her and I'd let her do anything to me.

She pinned and submitted me ten more times after that, all while still blindfolded, and even though I was exhausted and humiliated, I refused to quit, not because I thought I could make a comeback, but because I loved every minute of it. Finally after the tenth pin, she took off the blind fold, and as I lay exhausted on the matt, Alexa put a foot on me, and Maeve raised her hand in victory. Even I clapped for her.

Kim Ly came over and hugged Alexa in congratulations, here.

"It seems like we have two prodigies here tonight," Kim Ly said. "Alexa has only been a sister for a few weeks and already she knows how to make a man hers blindfolded. And Nathan has only been her property for a day, and already he's learned his place."

Maeve looked down at me. "I knew you were a good one. That night when I 'found you on the quad' I actually drugged you. Alexa had already said she wanted you so I needed to make sure my little sis was making the right call."

I looked up at Alexa. "You knew you wanted me?"

"Of course I did" she said. "Always."

"So I took the opportunity while you were unconscious to go through your stuff and I saw your internet history."

"Oh fuck" I said. "So you saw..."

"All your posts on Squeezequeens? Yeah, I saw."

The whole sorority giggled.

"Relax," Maeve said. "It was the history of a guy who loves strong women more than anything and knows his place is underneath a woman. That's what sealed the deal for you."

"Am I dreaming" I said.

"You think you're dreaming now, wait 'till we take you back to the bedroom," Maeve said.

"No," Alexa said. "I want to have him right here, in front of all my sisters."

"I was hoping you'd say that," Kim Ly said.

Alexa started to strip, and I was in awe of her body, a paragon of feminine power.

I was so tired Maeve had to help me with my shirt and shorts. "I don't know if I'm up for this," I said to her.

"But you are," she said, putting a hand on my dick, which was again fully erect. "Just hold on and let her enjoy the ride. Oh, and if you come before her, I'll knock your teeth out, got it?"

I nodded. Alexa lowered herself onto me, stared into my eyes and kissed me deeply, while the other girls circled close around us.

"Now you're gonna give into me completely," she said.


Alexa is hot as hell, but damn if I don't have a bit of a weakness for Maeve, as well.  I do like that these women understood his nature well before he ever did.  Nathan is a really lucky guy.  Thank you for continuing this story, mate.


Part 3 (split into two posts, along with a few photos of the inspiration for Alexa, the incomparable Alexa Bliss)

I woke up in Alexa's bed the next day. Alexa stood in front of me, doing squats in her mirror, in nothing but a bra and panties, so already it was the best morning I'd ever experienced.

"Morning, Sunshine," she said, catching me in the reflection. Even though she was clearly deep into reps, she wasn't the least bit winded.

"I don't remember how I got here," I answered.

"I carried you. You blacked out while I was fucking you at the end of the match."

I immediately felt deep shame. "I'm sorry, Alexa."

"Aw, it's okay. We'll just have to work on your stamina and pain tolerance. It'll be fun. Come on. All the sisters and their men are meeting for training."

"I have classes," I said, surprising myself with my own objection.

"We've arranged for you to be out for the next week."

"How do you have that power? You're just a sorority."

"If you think we're just a sorority after last night, you're slow to pick up on things," Maeve said, coming in from a run in camo pants and a black bra. "Come on, training's about to start."

I got up out of bed, and felt my knees almost buckle.

"Oh shit, you must be really hurting." Alex said catching me. "Poor thing. I really let out the lioness on you last night, didn't I? I'll go easier today"

"Do not go easier," Maeve said. "He needs to adjust for you, not the other way around."

"I don't want to break him though," Alexa said back to her.

"I promise you, he'll push through the pain if you give him a good enough reason," Maeve said.

"Copy that," Alex said,then turned to me and said "let's go train," smacking me on the butt.

We walked down a hall full of all the hot amazons from the night before, some dressed in PJ's, some in athletic clothes, others naked. I tried to keep my eyes down out of respect and honestly a bit of fear, but I couldn't help sneaking glimpses. These were some of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. They had nothing to fear from me, or any of the men here, and they knew it, which emboldened them to walk around with a confidence and power I'd never seen before.

"It's okay to look. I get it," Alexa said. "Some of them get me all hot and bothered too."

At the end of the hall was the room we'd used for the Dominance Ceremony the night before. All the new sisters, their big sisters, and their men were there. Most of the men were not as chill as I was, looking around scared, or despairing. Many had zip ties on their arms. Parwin, the Persian girl had tied a gag around her guy's mouth, and he still screamed muffled threats at her through it.

"Shut up," she said backhanding him lightly in his already bruised face. I felt grateful to have a much sweeter master.

"Morning Queens," Jasmine, the giant Latina said, entering the room, in purple leggings and matching sports bra. "Ready for Obedience School?"

The girls cheered, laughed and nodded.

"Good. Men, today we're gonna work on two basic lessons. The first is that we own you now. The second is that us owning you is the best thing that's ever happened to you. We're gonna make sure you understand them both in that order. Some of you already seem to get it," Jasmine said, eyeing me, "but lots of men are slow learners, and need repeat lessons. That's okay. We're gonna work with you for as long as you need. Parwin, I'm gonna ask that you take your man's gag off."

"He won't stop talking shit, though," Parwin said.

More muffled threats from her guy in the gag.

"Shut up," she said, punching him in the stomach.

"Okay, let's quickly clarify a couple things," Jasmine said, kneeling down and taking the gag out of Parwin's guy's mouth.

"I'm gonna make you all pay for this so mmmmmm..."

Jasmine immediately muffled the guy again, by sitting her moon-sized ass on his face.

"So first of all, you cannot let him upset you like that. If you want to hit your guy, that's fine. He's your property, but if you hit him because he's pissing you off, that's giving him too much power. Parwin, you are a beautiful, powerful princess, and your man is totally powerless compared to you, right?"

"Right," Parwin said.

"And that means he's powerless to piss you off. So the next time he talks his shit, you're not gonna get mad, or talk shit back. You're gonna smile, and laugh, and he's gonna realize you're not just physically more powerful. Your mentally, emotionally more powerful. Your supremacy is total. Okay?"

"Okay," Parwin nodded.

Jasmine got up, and Parwin's guy gasped for air.

"Fucking...bitch..." he said in between panting.

With an affirming look from Jasmine, Parwin mounted her guy smiling and said gently but firmly "no baby. You can't say that."

Then she put her hands over his mouth and nose. The guy squirmed. Parwin looked like she might lose her cool again.

"Be patient," Jasmine coached.

Parwin kept smiling. "Stop squirming, baby. Be good, and I'll let go okay? Okay?"

After a few seconds, her guy stopped. Parwin let her hands go. He panted again.

"Are you gonna be good now," Parwin said, still smiling.

He didn't answer.

"Little man, your queen just asked you a question," Jasmine said gently.

The guy stayed stone faced.

"He still thinks he could take you in a fair fight. Don't you," said Maeve.

Parwin's guy said "she fucking took me to a party, and sucker punched me. Of course I could take her in a fair fight. I could take any of you bitches in a fair fight."

Jasmine crouched in front of him, and he recoiled, clearly regretting the suggestion that he could take this giant.

"Alright then," Jasmine smiled. "Consider this rematch day. Every guy here who wants a rematch gets one."

"Excuse me, Ms...goddess Jasmine," I raised my hand?

There were giggles from the room, and Alexa, and the fact that I made women this hot laugh made my day.

"What if I already know I don't stand a chance, because my new master literally beat me with her hands behind her back?"

"Guys really aren't supposed to speak unless spoken to in training," Jasmine said, calmly but firmly. "You are awfully cute though. We'll figure something else out for you. But first," Jasmine undid the zip tie around Parwin's guy's wrist "clear the matts for the first rematch."

We formed a circle around Parwin and her guy. Alexa got behind me and wrapped herself around me as we prepared to watch. She ran a hand down my chest and onto my thigh. "You know how I said some of the other girls get me all hot and bothered. Well she's one of them," Alexa said, pointing to Parwin

I definitely got the appeal. Parwin had a thick mane of dark, curly hair you wished you could bury yourself in, and sharp green eyes with a hypnotic quality to them. Her primary sport was swimming, and she had the long toned arms and legs, and the broad shoulders for it, but she was also an avid boxer, and her training in that had given her some serious biceps and triceps that bulged in her bronze colored skin. Her man was about her same size and weight, though definitely not as much of that weight was muscle. It was obvious to me, and I'm sure to Parwin, that she could win, but she still circled him with focus. True warriors never slouch, I guess. Still, she kept a smile on her face. The challenge for her now seemed to be not letting him upset her, maintaining every kind of power. 

Her guy approached cautiously, hands raised, looking for an opening and them "oomph," he was so worried about Parwin's punches, he missed a kick straight to the ribs. He stumbled back. Parwin kept her smile.

"Sorry, my dear," she said calmly. And without the anger in her voice, I could hear her slight Iranian accent. "You said you wanted a fair fight but it's not fair for me to use all my power on you. Tell you what? For the next two minutes, I won't use any attacks. Only defense. Your my man, and I want to make sure you get a fair chance."

"I'll time it," Jasmine said. "Two minutes, go."

Parwin's guy was furious now. He charged her and took her to the ground.

"That's it, baby. Get me," she said encouragingly, getting her legs in a guard around his torso.

The guy went for to punch her, but she dodged and locked his right arm up, using his own leverage to pull him into falling flat on his face. Then she let him go and scooted back.

"Good try, babe. Give it another shot."

The guy got up and charged her again, this time with more blind rage. Parwin stood there, still smiling, making no effort to move, until at the last possible second, like a quarterback evading a tackle, she knelt down, so he doubled over onto her back, and then got back up, tossing him over her. He flew across the matt.

I heard all the air leave his body when he finally landed with a thud. We gasped that breathless gasp. I watched Parwin kneel down and pull his head into her lap, stroking his hair.

"Aw poor baby, are you okay? You know what? I feel bad now. Give him two more minutes."

"Got it," Jasmine said.

"God damn" Alexa said, in a low voice. I felt her legs start to constrict against my sides. With one of her hands she grabbed my nipple and squeezed. I screamed, more out of surprise than pain. A few people looked our way. Alexa put her other hand over my mouth muffling me. "Sorry, we're just getting a little hot and bothered watching," she said. She put a few fingers into my mouth. I kissed and sucked on them.

Parwin's guy was catching his breath now, and suddenly he pulled away from Parwin's lap, getting back up to his feet. Parwin stood calmly, her arms behind her back.

He threw a big, frantic swing. Parwin calmly weaved out of its way. He threw another. She blocked it. She started to bounce around, daring him to pursue her. And to further antagonize him, she started singing a pop song.

"You want me,
I want you baby,
My sugar boo,
I'm levitating
The milky way,
We're renegading.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah..."

He kept swinging and Parwin kept singing. She had a lovely voice too, which must've added insult to injury for the poor guy.

"I got you, moonlight, you're my starlight,
I need you all night,"

Parwin's guy had stumbled to his hands and knees now, and on the words "All night" Parwin got behind him and thrust into his butt. Now she was playing for the crowd of fellow amazons, who started cheering, singing, and clapping along with her. Parwin's guy got angrier still. She wasn't just physically dominating now. It was emotional ownership of him too. And as he stepped to throw one more furious punch, she knelt down and swept his leg out from under him. He fell hard.

"Oh sorry, I know I said I wouldn't go on offense. It was just my cat like reflexes. You know what? I'll pay you back by giving you two more minutes."

Parwin's guy was quickly getting exhausted now. He got back up, threw more haymakers, each one getting more wildly off-target. After another minute of rage swinging, he stumbled and almost fell forward, the way exhausted boxers do late in a bout, and in a moment of sublime humiliation, Parwin caught him, and started dancing with his half-collapsed body. "Aw, you're not a fighter, baby. That's okay. You have me. I'll fight for you," Parwin said into his ear, as she slow danced with him against his will.

And the more Parwin owned this guy, the hotter Alexa got. She was now giving me a line of hickies on my neck. So basically, I was now rooting for Parwin harder than I'd ever rooted for anyone.

Parwin got through a full chorus of her song, before the guy finally got back enough balance to pull away. He looked at her, the hope in his eyes replaced by fear.

"Oh, I think he's starting to remember the lesson you taught him last night," Maeve said.

"Are you, baby? Are you remembering? I knew you could do it," Parwin said clapping.

"That's time," Jasmine said.

"Okay, my turn to attack, Parwin said, "quickly hip-tossing him onto his back, and taking a seat on top of his crumpled body. She took her hair out of its ponytail and let it cascade down her shoulders before slowly lowering herself down until he was buried in that thick black curly hair, and underneath the mane, I could hear her kissing him.

"You did good," I heard her whisper.

I thought he was totally decimated, but somehow, he still had the stupidity, or the ego left to suddenly reach up and grab that thick curly hair and tug on it hard, catching Pawrin so by surprise, that she rolled away with a yelp of pain. Then she was back on him in a flash, one hand raised high, her smile finally replaced with the fury she'd had last night. Jasmine was there just as quickly.

"No, Queen. He can't make you angry, remember."

Parwin took a breath, exhaled her anger and smiled again. "I'm not mad," she said. "Just frustrated. I thought you were finally being good for me, and now I realize we still have a long way to go. But it's okay. You're worth it," Parwin said.

Then suddenly she grabbed his balls hard, still smiling. He let out a cry.
"Shhh, shhh, listen to me."
He listened.
"You will not pull hair, understand. Say it."
"I will not pull hair."

"I think this stopped being a rematch a while ago," Jasmine said. "Why don't you and your big sister take him off to the side and work him some more."

"Let's go honey," Parwin said, grabbing her guys legs and dragging him off to the side of the matt.

"Whose our next rematch," Jasmine said.

"WE ARE" Alexa yelled, getting to her feet and pulling me up with her. She was now so horny I was honestly a little scared.


Part 3 (continued)

"Alright, do you want it to be a pin match, or a submission, or..." Jasmine couldn't get through her question before Alexa had turned to faced me, grabbed the back of my neck with both hands, and shot her legs forward while throwing all her wait backwards, catapulting me into the middle of the matt.

"We want to work on my guy's pain tolerance and stamina," Alexa said.

"Okay then," Jasmine said. "Remember what we talked about. Gotta use the carrot and the stick."

"Got it," Alexa said, climbing on top of me, pinning my arms behind my head, and wrapping her legs around mine, in a grapevine.

"You like this one a lot, huh" she said, smiling down at me.

"It's my favorite."

"What if I turn it up a few notches," Alexa said, stretching out her legs.

A sharp shock ran through my legs. "Ah, Ah, I'm okay, I'm okay," I said.

"Such a tough guy," Alexa said winking. "Okay, how about now."

She tightened more. "AH," I screamed with the intensifying pain.

"Give him a carrot" I heard Maeve shout.

Alexa loosened up a little and lowered her boobs down onto my face. "Get in there, don't be shy, I love it" Alexa said. I kissed and sucked on her cleavage, soothed by the lace of her bra, not caring that I could barely breath.

"Alright now back to stick" I heard someone say, and suddenly the pain was back.

"Y'okay, sweetie pie," Alexa asked.

"God I love your strength," I said.

"Oh, he's such a good boy. You know what? Maybe Parwin's guy could learn from him. Alexa, would you be down to work with them."

"Totally," Alexa said, hopping off me, picking up my legs and dragging me across the matt to where Parwin was with her guy and her big sister.

In the circle I heard the couples rematch one by one, no matter whether the guys wanted to or not. Clearly these ladies were out to make their dominance as unquestionable as gravity in the minds of their men. From my spot in the corner with Alexa, Maeve, Parwin's guy, and Parwin's big sister, I heard some of the men scream, squeal and cry, and I heard women cheer, clap and laugh.

But mostly, I couldn't focus on that, as Alexa was still grapevining the shit out of me. As much as I tried to conceal it, the pain was getting serious, and I choked back cries.

"How you doing down there, love," Alexa asked, a note of concern.

"Great," I said, unconvincingly.

Alexa loosened.

"Keep going," Maeve said.

"I don't want to, like, tear his quads," Alexa said.

"I've seen plenty of torn quads. If that's a risk, I'll let you know."

"Okay, brace yourself, babe," Alexa said tightening again. "Maeve's in med school here," she explained, "which means she knows what she's talking about. I hope. Push through. I know you can. Here, have some of these."

Alexa put her chest back in my face. That got me through the next minute, until Maeve called time for a break. This time, when Alexa dismounted me, my legs where so stuck in the spread open position I had to use my arms to help slide them back together.

"How ya doing, tough guy," Maeve said.

"Great. Except, I don't think I can move. Maybe I need some ice?"


"No, ice, wait-"

And suddenly Maeve was sitting on my face. "So now that he's totally defenseless," Maeve said "I think we're in a good place to play a game called pain and pleasure."

"What's that," I heard Parwin say from atop her man.

"Basically, when I call out 'pain' me and Alexa are both gonna overwhelm our guy with lots of little painful sensations - slapping, scratching, biting, pinching." Maeve demonstrated each on my helpless body underneath her, she explained. "And we're gonna keep going until I call out 'pleasure.' Then we're gonna switch to pleasurable sensations - stroking, kissing, massaging."

At "massaging" Maeve started massaging my cock and I couldn't help moaning into her ass.

"Of course, I might also call "anything goes" and then we can do all of the above, plus tickling, groping, and whatever else we think of. Maybe this."

At "this" Maeve pulled my legs up until I was folded up, and spanked my ass a few times. "Play along with us" Maeve said to Parwin. It's great for finding their sensitive spots, and building their pain tolerance, so they can become durable toys. And personally, I've found it seems to break even the most rigid guys if you keep on it long enough. Alright, ready? Pain!"

I know it was only Maeve and Alexa attacking me but it felt like more than four hands somehow, slapping the meat of my inner thighs. reaching under my shirt to pull on my chest hair, pinching the skin on scrotum, it truly was overwhelming, and even though I didn't want to resist my two beautiful masters, I involuntarily shot my hands out defensively. I regretted it instantly, when I felt Maeve start bending one of my fingers back.

"Hands down," she said.

I complied. I don't know how much longer it went on, but it felt like at least a good five minutes, before she finally said "pleasure."

And suddenly, all my muscles untensed. Maeve got off my face, and put my head in her lap, stroking my hair, while Alexa kissed her way up my body, starting from the feet. She lingered around my crotch, pulling my boxers down to expose my dick, which still, even after all this, rose to salute her. She got within an inch of kissing it when Maeve said "pain," any they were back to punishing me. Maeve rolled me over so my face was in her crotch, and clamped her legs around me, while Alexa spanked me.

"Hey, while you're there, why don't you thank my big sister for all her help," Alexa said.

"I'm still working on him," Maeve said.

"You deserve a break and so does he," Alexa said. "Besides, I want to help Parwin and her big sis."

Maeve sighed then unclamped my face, to my great relief.

"Alright, if you insist," she said, pulling down her camo pants and panties. "Come on, newbie. Let's see what you've really got."

I put my tongue inside of Maeve and licked like my life depended on it, motivated by horniness and fear and a burning need to please her. Her soft moans of pleasure mixed with the giggles of Parwin and Alexa as they toyed with Parwin's man, and the whimpers of him, and half the other men in the room. I'd never felt more sure I was in the right place in my life.

Maeve's orgasm was a quiet gasp, and when it was done she rolled me over, and then pulled me up onto her lap to watch Alexa and Parwin toy with Parwin's guy. I couldn't tell if he was exhausted at this point, but he seemed to be slowly softening, as they pinched and flicked him, slapped him, messaged him, caressed him, all with smiles beaming down at him.

"Alright, that's one hour of training complete" I heard Jasmine say. "Let's take a break, hydrate, come back in five. Seven hours left to go."

Seven fucking hours!? I had no idea how I was going to make it through, But I looked at Alexa, and I knew I'd find a way.

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