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Session Review: Tomiko

Started by BobLaublaw11, 15-Nov-20, 04:16 PM

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Tomiko is an absolutely lovely woman who works as a legit IMDB actress, model, producer and, of course, fetish services provider. I had wanted to session with her for years. Sadly she had to cancel her planned Pittsburgh visit this fall, but happily she instead made it to the D.C. area, still close enough for my travel logistics. She was a total professional from first contact, communicating promptly and frequently as we made plans to meet. As always, I requested a fantasy scissors domination session.

I arrived at her hotel early. As session time neared, she proactively texted to let me know she was stuck for a few minutes trying to flag down a restaurant waiter. Soon she messaged that she was back in the room and ready for me. She answered my knock and opened the door, causing me to go gah-gah seeing her absolutely rock a tiny, very sexy bikini.

Tomiko is just gorgeous with stunning sparkling eyes, a disarming warm smile, and an incredible toned hot body. She is very smart and creative as well, so conversation with her was a pleasure. After chatting for ten minutes or so, she started the timer and we got down to business.

She was extremely gentle with me for much of the session. I loved just talking with and learning about her as she held me lightly but inescapably between her legs. As I'd said in my introductory session-request email, I do like the sensual nature of scissors as much as the scary. But eventually I asked her if she could make me tap. She smiled wide and assured me she could. And she sure did.

Much like my Ava Simone experience, Tomiko positioned me between her thighs and then ever so slowly started to increase the pressure. It fast became intense, and I'm sure she turned my head bright red as I was quickly feeling dizzy and seeing stars. I tapped to survive. She did this for me in a number of positions, and I was seriously impressed with her strength and skill. Her thighs are so deliciously soft and silky, yet they turned to rock hard muscles as she slowly constricted my neck like an anaconda. She said her legs were so well toned from cycling and weights. Her tight squeezes were perfection, heaven on earth.

Tomiko told me she has knocked guys out with her scissor holds but that she doesn't like to do KOs. She seemed intrigued by my descriptions of being knocked out accidentally by both Safa Warda and Mia Annabella. Tomiko is certainly capable of swiftly sending guys to dreamland, but I do respect her safety concerns. We laughed as we concocted wild explanations she could tell the authorities if she actually killed someone.

All too soon, the timer indicated our hour was over, and I asked her to give me one last squeeze. She did so in my favorite frontal position, and I moaned as she applied the increasing power to quickly make me feel faint and panicky. Tomiko definitely earned her taps. She told me she was only squeezing at about 30% pressure. Wow.

Tomiko is a beautiful treasure, a total delight with years of experience, an incredibly strong and sexy body, and a most generous kind personality that seems all too rare in today's world. I highly recommend her and hope to see the incredible Tomiko again soon.

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