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Author Topic: Session Review: The Art of Lexi  (Read 2642 times)

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Session Review: The Art of Lexi
« on: 29-Dec-20, 03:05 PM »
2020 has been an interesting year for us all. Iíve been blessed, though, to enjoy a number of great sessions despite the virus madness. But after my one very expensive and not-so-great one, I had decided to only engage established session celebrities. Then one day, I discovered an irresistible new provider on SessionGirls. She looked and sounded too good to be true, but I couldnít resist booking a session when I saw she was visiting Pittsburgh.

Lexi is a stunningly lovely woman from New Orleans, and I do mean lovely in every way. She is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous from head to toes with the most hypnotizing green eyes and an irresistible warm smile. I donít think Iíve ever seen a more attractive muscular woman, not bodybuilder grotesque but the perfect combination of extreme fitness and sexiness. I was surprised when she revealed that her fitness regime is bodyweight and yoga work at home. Itís certainly effective.

We did suffer a location miscommunication that caused me to be 30 minutes late for our appointment. My bad for not checking my discreet email before departing my hotel. But Lexi was kindly able to accommodate the situation, and I thoroughly enjoyed my hour with her.

I had requested my usual fantasy scissors domination session, and Lexi was eager to provide it. She worked hard the entire time, squeezing me in a variety of positions with those to-die-for legs. Her expressions alternated between that breathtaking beautiful smile and then serious looks of sheer determination to punish me exactly as I wanted. Her legs are so shapely and silky soft, yet so perfectly muscular and full of lethal power. I loved the feeling of having them wrapped around my head and neck, and I moaned as she applied intense pressure to turn my face beet red and make it hard to breathe. I loved every second of this sweet torture.

Lexi is a super smart and most interesting woman, and we enjoyed talking while she squeezed me, at least when her thighs werenít making me deaf by tightly pressing my ears closed. She said sheís only been doing sessions for a few months after her gym training job was affected by the COVID lockdowns. She told me she really enjoys this new work, that she is fiercely competitive and doesnít like to lose, and that she truly enjoys the people she meets and making our fantasy domination wishes come true. Lexi is extraordinarily charming, fun and engaging, and I donít think anyone could fake that heart-melting smile. I believe she had almost as much fun as I did.

Lexi is the real deal, a strikingly beautiful dream girl who is well on her way to becoming a session superstar. Trust me; donít miss an opportunity to engage with her. She will absolutely make your dreams come true. Days later, Iím still smiling as I remember our amazing time together, and I canít wait to see her again.
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