Tutorial: How to upload pics via an online Image-Host

Started by Ronald_Frump, 19-Oct-12, 04:11 PM

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This tutorial will give simple instructions on how you can upload your pics directly to an online Image-Host database. You then copy & paste the script, containing the raw-data of your uploaded pics, directly into the main body of your post here at SqueezeQueens.com.

This method offers several advantages over using the Attachment feature:

1) It is quicker
2) You are NOT limited to 10 pics per post
3) The image thumbnails are displayed in block-format, rather than in a column
4) You can go up to 10MB per file size
5) You can store each group of images you upload into a separate Gallery
6) Online storage frees-up space on your hard-drive
7) Storing images off-site, puts less of a load on the SqueezeQueens.com server CPU.

Registering is free.

IMHO the Attachment feature is best reserved for uploading a Video Preview Thumbnail

I joined imagebam.com, so these instructions are based on my experience of that site, as a Registered User. I'm sure all these Image-Hosts are similar


Go to imagebam.com, register (optional) and log in.

01) Select Multi-Upload in the menu bar at the top (this normally displays as a default)
02) Scroll down below the empty box and click Select Files. Now it asks you for the the image location on your PC.
03) Click on the image you want (you can highlight multiple pics at this stage).
04) Click "Open" and the pic information of the selected image(s) appears in the box on the upload page. If you want to delete a pic from the list, there's a little trash can symbol to the right of each pic info,  which deletes that particular image from the list.
05) Repeat the above until you've finished creating your pic list.
06) Go to the Select Type option, immediately below and select either Adult or Family, depending on the content of your pics. I choose Adult for either Nudity OR Graphic Violence.
07) I leave the Thumbnail Options as default.
08) I leave the Gallery Options as Create a new Gallery (default) so that whatever I upload at any given time is in a separate gallery from what I've uploaded previously. 
09) Click Upload Now! and a progress bar displays, until all the pics are uploaded.
10) When the upload is completed, a new page appears. Go to the top left-hand box, titled All at once:BB-Code and highlight, then copy all the script in that box.
11) I then return to my post at SqueezeQueens.com and simply paste the script info below whatever message I've written.
No need to select "insert-hyperlink"
. Just paste that box of pic info script directly into the main body of your post.

Preview your post and if it looks right, make the post. If I've made any mistakes re. these instructions, please feel free to point out my errors!  ;D

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!




what program do I use to capture pics from a video to make a mutli-photo preview?


Quote from: alexi1492 on 19-Oct-12, 09:07 PM
what program do I use to capture pics from a video to make a mutli-photo preview?

New tutorial:


Download links at the bottom.
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Imagebam vs Imagevenue

I noticed Imagebam sticks in more adult ads whenever 'Adult content' is clicked on when uploading than Imagevenue does.

Imagevenue also seems to be more loose on what constitutes 'Adult content':

Quote from: Imagevenue Rulesimages that contain nudity need to be marked clearly by selecting 'not safe for work' field

^ so pretty much unless the girl is nude, on Imagevenue I use 'Family safe'. There are almost no ads then.

Imagebam seems more strict:

Quote from: Imagebam RulesFamily Safe:
Photos that do NOT contain nudity, intense violence, excessive gore, sexual content and strong language. If photos are improperly marked as safe for work they will be deleted.

Adult Content:
Images containing nudity or mature subject mater.

Therefore I personally recommend using Imagevenue as our n.1 choice, so those users not using ad-blocking addons like Adblock don't have to see so many ads.
Only disadvantage I can see is that Imagevenue allows jpeg format only (not png, gif).



Cool. I'll switch and save imagebam just for gifs.
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!

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