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Women I've Wrestled: 12 Vignettes

Started by headlock111, 07-Feb-21, 01:46 AM

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Below are brief descriptions of the matches. They're in chorological order. In the earliest, I was 23. In the last one, I was 58. Members will see the 12 photos at the end, listing my opponent's name, age, and how we met.

Some matches were serious competition. Some were just playful. Some were completely platonic. Some were utterly sensual, leading to satisfying post-grappling sex.

Each woman was quite different from the rest. Each session was memorable in its own way, as the vignettes below explain.


On the beach.

Age: 18

I struck up a impromptu conversation with Annie on the beach. She accepted my invitation to grapple at the hotel. This best-of-three falls match was by pins in two cases and a submission in the other. I found myself looking up at a teenager 3 inches taller than me and quite ready to grapple competitively.

Annie pinned me twice and the match was decided by a fierce head scissors. I will never forget being submitted between those glorious teen thighs.



Hot teacher from my high school.

Age: 44

This was intense! I was 26 and having a drink at a bar when I saw Ms. Hodges at the other end of the bar. She recognized me, and I came over. I flirted. She liked it. I told about how in high school I'd fantasized about seeing her in the wrestling ring.

"You wanna wrestle?" she asked.

My cock, already hard, trembled in response.

At her apartment, the whole focus by us both was using the wrestling to rev up the sensual intensity even higher. There wasn't a real "winner" to the match, grappling-wise, because we both got so horny during the match that we started fucking like mad right there on her carpet.

She loved it. We were together for about four months after that. A lot of great sex-wrestling during that time. Hmmm, great memories of an older woman ...



Lady next-door

Age: ??

How many teenage boys have peeked secretly out a window to spy on a pretty lady sunbathing at the next house?

That was me in my teen years, watching Jean, our sexy blonde next-door neighbor.

In my 20s, I paid her a visit. We had some great laughs. I told I'd fantasized for years about her putting me in a headlock. She laughed.

"You want me to try it?" she asked.

I did.

One thing led to another, and the next thing you know I'm wrestling with the object of my teenage fantasies on her bed. She loved teasing me by stroking my cock. I licked her gorgeous breasts — she sighed longingly when I licked her erect nipples. Then my hard cock began stimulating her. She purred her delight, rocking me and whispering sex talk in my ears.

She confessed she'd had a middle-aged female fantasy about me getting inside her, hard and excited.

We wound spending eight hours in bed, stopping for breaks and snacks. Jean absolutely worshipped my young cock.

In the years since, on occasion Jean and I happen to visit my Mom at her place at the same time. Jean and I share big smiles: Hidden secrets! (My Mom would faint if she ever found out!)



Little sister, grown up, of an old school friend.

Age: 21

Did you ever have a friend with a little sister, in elementary or middle school, and you always remember them at that age? But then years later you happen to run into them and they're all grown up and totally beautiful and sexy?

That was Maggie, the little sister of my old school pal Will, when I ran into her when I was 28.

She was in a hot bikini, and I flirted. She found my nervousness funny. When I finally asked if she'd wrestle me, she gave me the biggest smile and agreed.

The match was sexy and competitive but purely platonic. Maggie wanted to give me a good time, in terms of sexy body-on-body contact rolling around on the mat. But she'd made clear there would be no sex, of whatever form. I was cool with that.

She was strong and determined! I had to work hard to beat her (pins only).

After she left, I watched the video of our match and brought myself to an explosive climax.

Maggie, you're great!



At a bar.

Age: 27

With these wrestling successes behind me, I kept my pitches going. At the Blue Parrot bar, I started talking with a supremely flirtateous brunette named Vicki, and the grappling candle was lit.

Vicki could have cared less about the wrestling, but the post-grappling sex was some of the most intense ever.



Met at a biker bar.

Age: 54

Talk about a one-sided match! At age 30, I decided to check out a local biker bar to see if I could talk one of those hard-as-nails biker chicks into a session of headlocks and leg scissors. I tried some younger woman and had no luck. But things took off quickly when an older woman named Ruby and I started talking over beers.

Ruby was interested — very, very interested. She was ultra-serious about the wrestling. Outweighing me by more than 20 pounds, she gave me an out-and-out beatdown. She's the only woman who's given me a body slam (knocking the wind right out of me).

Ruby put me through a 40-minute torture session. Her facial expression stayed ultra-serious the whole time. She wasn't playful, she wasn't angry, she wasn't sexually into it. It was about concentrated focus on one woman totally asserting physical domination over a man.

When it was clear she wasn't interested in sex, while she had me in a merciless leg scissors, I begged her to jerk me off. Which she did. My cock was so grateful!




Age: 32

After that spectacular but humbling wrestling session with big Ruby, I needed something far more mellow the next time around. At work, I really liked Chris, a pretty blonde. And she was my age.

One day in the company cafeteria, she and I were having lunch and I brought up the topic of sexy wrestling. She found the concept quite odd, but she agreed to try it.

I was in love! We had the most satisfying time together — first, playful fun-wrestling, eventually stripping each other of our clothes, and then awesome, loving, giving sex.

I should have asked Chris to marry me. She's fantastic. But I didn't try hard enough in the relationship, she found another guy, and she's moved to another state. I am so fucking stupid for losing her!

Chris, you're the greatest!



My favorite teacher in high school.

age: ??

I was lucky that on the rebound from Chris, it wasn't long before I got together for wrestling — and great sex! — with my favorite teacher from high school, Ms. Lanning. In all, we had five wrestling-sex sessions in a month's time. What a fantastic body she had, and her enthusiasm couldn't have been greater.

This was some first-rate sensual stuff: We both were super-horny while wrestling naked, which made the follow-up sex all the more spectacular.

After our fifth session, I wound up with two black eyes — not from Ms. Lanning but from her husband, who followed her to my apartment and beat the shit out of me.

Bye, Ms. Lanning, you were super-awesome!



volleyball player

Age: 24

Jesus, how do you wrestle a woman's who stands 6 ft, 3 inches tall?

Not that it wasn't fun. It was great fun: Her strong, agile, unimaginably large body on top of mine, easily controlling me, dominating me, submitting me.

I'd met Megan at a photo shoot of present and former volleyball players at my university. I made small talk with her, one thing led to another.

It was just a one-time thing, wrestling-focus, platonic, but very satisfying.

After all these years, the memory remains vivid of that huge, gorgeous woman on top of me, asking, "Do you give?" A woman in control. God, so fucking sexy!



My cousin

Age: 40

Is it technically incest if you wrestle your cousin? Probably not. Is technically incest if you wrestle your cousin and then screw her beautiful BBW body, bringing you both to earth-shaking orgasms the night after you'd both attended a wedding of one of your other cousins?

Whatever the answer to that one, I can say firmly that I am now a fervent fan of cousin-wrestling. Ellen, if you're ever in town again, let's hook up, you're fantastic!



Met her in a parking lot

Age: ??

After all these years, it's common for me to look at a strange woman and think, "Boy, it would be fun to wrestle her."

On an out-of-town business trip, I was wowed in seeing a shapely mature blonde walk to her car. We struck up a conversation. We both could see our mutual attraction.

Forty minutes later, we were in her apartment, wrestling in our underwear and panting like crazed animals. It might have been the most sensuous of all my wrestling session. She called herself "Margaret." I'm still not sure that was her real name. What I do know is that she's an absolute wrestling tiger and a voracious sex fiend.

Best sex I ever had? Could be. For sure, it was the wildest.

I'll never see you again, Margaret. But I drink a toast to you, you wild-eyed sex goddess!



My wife

Age: 58

Can you believe it — after all I've described, I finally got married!

Helen has a lovely body. When we wrestle as a couple in late middle age, it's just what it needs to be: Nothing super-spectacular, just lovingly sensual. I get her arm behind her back, she goes, "I give! I give!" I slip my cock inside her and we become one.

I love to see my wife cum. Her mouth opens wide, she lifts up her beautiful breasts, and she makes the sexiest, kittenish moaning.

At this point in life, it doesn't get any better than that.

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