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Steph Wrestles, Part 1: Many Female Opponents, Including her Mom

Started by headlock111, 06-Mar-21, 10:06 PM

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My private wrestling with other women has a big place in my life. There's a lot I like about it: It's given me physical competition that's pushed me to improve my skill. With some women, it's been a physical turn-out that's led to great woman-on-woman sex. It's helped me meet some impressive women, a few of whom whipped my ass good, and a few of whom were outstanding lovers.

My wrestling experience has been really mixed. I've had some satisfying victories and some painful losses. Big picture, that's good: It's helped me learn and improve my skill and dedication. A few experiences have been nothing short of bizarre. (My session with Nicole are described below.) Some experiences were the opposite — innocuous, silly. That was the case with my brief adult matches against my Mom (it was more of a tease-fest) and with my Grandma (a giggle-fest).

I started exploring wrestling three years ago out of curiosity, when I was 22. Although I'm not some super-athlete, I've always had a fit body, and the idea of the competition has gradually taken hold of me. The post-wrestling sex, for women who are into that, has been great.

I'm not the biggest, strongest or most skilled female grappler, and I still have a lot to learn. But I've grown as a competitor, and I intend to keep at it. Here are vignettes of some of the adult women I've battled over the past three years, including sessions at the Florida beach not far from where I grew up. (Part 2 of this story will talk about two unusual wrestling sessions. Part 3 will focus on a remarkable wrestler/competitor.)

Some descriptions here are brief; others have more detail because I thought you'd be interested. I've tried to describe things as honestly as I can.



My best friend

Age: 22

A year after we graduated from college, I saw a woman describe in a magazine article how she'd taken up private wrestling against other women and it had been a great experience. The more I thought about it, the more that kind of thing seemed right for me.

I read a bit about grappling techniques and watched some genuine amateur wrestling. I also read about standard submission holds. Marie have been best buds since middle school. I kept her in the loop about my interest in wrestling, and she agreed to grapple with me to see how it would go.

I liked it a lot! Marie, at 6 ft in height, is considerably taller than me, and it was tough to try to control her. But it was an encouraging start.

Over the past three years Marie has continued to practice-wrestle with me, and it's really helped me improve.   



High school classmate who made me jealous

age: 23

After my initial wrestling session with Marie, I kept up my grappling studies. I got really serious about it. I watched more videos. Marie and I had several more sessions.

Then an idea planted itself in my brain. Not the nicest idea ever, but once it appeared, I couldn't stop fixating on it:

Now that I was developed my wrestling skill, I was going to challenge Chelsea, my old nemesis from high school, to a private grappling session.

It would be hard for me to list all the ways that Chelsea chapped my ass, year after year, in school. A tall, hot brunette who left the high school boys wobbly in the knees, she acted like the queen of our school. She conned all the teachers with her pretty-girl bullshit. She beat me out in the election for class president. She preened as the school's Homecoming Queen. Worst of all, that egotistical bitch stole my boyfriend, Tom. 

As my post-college interest in wrestling grew, I couldn't stop thinking about locking up with Chelsea on the wrestling mat (she and I were now 23) and releasing my years of frustration through a good ass-kicking of her.

So, I called her and told her about my wrestling interest. To flatter her ego, I said I knew she'd be a tough opponent but that I'd like to wrestle her, even though, I said, I realized I stood little chance of winning. I nearly cheered when she accepted!

And the best part was ... it went exactly as I'd planned! I kicked her ass!

I used half a dozen of the best submission holds I knew, and I had Chelsea — vain, insufferable Chelsea, my nemesis — completely at my mercy!

OMG did that feel good!

I'm going to say it again: I KICKED CHELSEA'S ASS! OH YEAH!!        



age: 48

This was a spontaneous "match," and it did not go at all as I thought it would.

Mom had overheard me talking on the phone with Marie about my wrestling interest. Mom has always liked teasing me in a playful way, and after I got off the phone, she started razzing me.

"So you think you're gonna be a big-time wrestler, huh?" she said, using her teasing voice. "Don't overexpect, Steph."

I gave her a stern look. "You'd be surprised how good I am at wrestling."

"Oh yeah?" Mom said. "Try me. Wrestle me."

I scoffed. "You're an old lady (she was 48), I don't wanna hurt you. I've gotten really good at this."

Now Mom was the one who scoffed. She took off her shirt and pants, standing hands on hips in her bra and panties.

"Come on," she said, grinning. "We'll make it short. First one to pin the other one wins. You're not afraid this old lady will beat you, are you?"

Mom outweighed me by around 30 pounds, but I was sure I could take her. Plus, now I was really pissed off.

"Fine," I said. "You asked for it." I stripped to my sports bra and panties. "One pin, winner take all ..."

The match lasted 7 minutes. Maybe I held back because it was my Mom; I dunno, at least that's my excuse. Anyway, Mom laughed just about the whole time, managing to use her weight to stifle my efforts.

The more she kept laughing, the more pissed off and desperate I became.

"Looks like somebody's not as strong as she thinks," Mom teased as we tussled on our knees in the living room.

After a good deal of this back and forth in our mother/daughter muscle battle, Mom somehow managed to force me on my back on the living room carpet.

Grinning, she prepared to pin me.

I admit it — I freaked. It was so embarrassing! I'd studied wrestling for months and now, at age 23, my middle-aged Mom — laughing! — was whipping my ass at grappling.

"Mommmmmmmm!" I wailed as Mom pushed down confidently on me.

She was so fucking heavy! I tried and tried, but I couldn't budge her! I grunted and struggled underneath her thick middle-aged body — that made Mom giggle even louder. She secured my arms firmly: I was stymied good.

And now the pin:

"One ... two ... three!!!!" Mom called out.

She stood up and looked down at me, hands on hip, triumphant.

"And the old lady wins!" she said.

My eyes were watering, I was so freaked and upset.

I looked up at her and choked out my feeble protest:

"This is the worst day of my life!"



two sorority girls

age: 20

OK, everybody hits setbacks in life but you move on, right? So I did. My upset at Mom didn't last too long anyway. I kept on studying wrestling, practicing with Marie, and honing my skill.

One weekend I went back to my old college campus and visited my sorority. When I visited my old room, I saw two current sorority girls, Trisha and Kelly, wrestling in bikinis.

Trish was notably fit (a former gymnast, I later found out). Kelly was a cute party girl.

"Hey, you want me to show you some moves?" I told them. "I know how to wrestle. I'll show you."

They stopped and looked up at me. I was only three years older than them, but they smirked, acting as if I was an old woman.

"Sure," Trisha said. Her eyes showed her skepticism.

"Yeah," Kelly said smugly. "Show us what you got, Alumni."

I stripped to my bra and panties. Kelly and I went at it first. This was super-easy: Kelly knew absolutely nothing about grappling, and I dominated her confidently for the entire 6 minutes we grappled. At one point I applied an especially forceful crossface. She whimpered pitifully.

When I was done with her, her smugness had evaporated. She was glad to be done with me. She slinked off to a corner of the room. 

Then it was me against Trisha. This was a very different matchup. Trisha didn't know any actual wrestling technique, but she was strong and fit as hell. I struggled to control her. Kelly's smugness returned as she saw my frustration.

"Come on, Trish — kick her ass!" Kelly said.

As my and Trisha's bodies struggled on the floor, our eyes met. I could see from her confident expression what she was thinking: I'm a lot tougher than you thought, aren't I? I'm gonna kick your alumni ass!

In the end, I managed to position Trisha on her stomach, lift her right leg and apply a pressure hold on her knee joint. When the pain began to bite, Trisha at first resisted. I was impressed at how much she could take. But I increased the pressure, and she yelped and cried out:


"Dammit," Kelly said.

I'd won, but it was a close-run thing. I was still learning as a grappler.




age: 42

This match, which came out of nowhere, opened up a new dimension for me. It involves Darci, who's now one of my closest friend and a regular wrestling partner.

I'd known Darci for years. She was a longtime friend of my Mom and lived in our neighborhood. One day a few years ago Mom mentioned in passing to her about my wrestling interest. That night, Darci gave me a call.

I'll cut to the chase: Darci found me very sexy, and the idea of our wrestling really turned her on. She's been married (to a man) for years, but she secretly has had a thing for other women's bodies.

Once she began fantasizing about being with me, she couldn't get it out of her mind.

We got together for a wrestling session, and it quickly turned into hot sex.

Really hot sex.

It was my first woman-on-woman sexual experience. Darci was so enthusiastic, and so loving, that it turned out to be really special.

Jesus, I will never forget her first orgasm that night! The word for it was joyful. Supremely happy.

We've been close friends ever since, and we get together, when we can, for grappling. And for, well, you know ... the other stuff. 



My cousin

age: 21

I already told you about Chelsea. You know, the one whose guts I hate. Well, Sabrina, in her own way, comes in a close second on the list.

Sabrina, one of my cousins on my Mom's side of the family, may be most infuriating person I know. She's two years younger than me, but as long as I've known her, she's seemed superior to me in every way. Smarter, more accomplished, living in a much bigger city, with tons more money and opportunity. And she's lorded that over me ever since we were elementary-school kids. 

When she and her parents visited us two years ago (I was 23 and Sabrina was 21), I managed to set up a clandestine, private wrestling match with Sabrina.

I'm not going to say much about the match, though. That's because, somehow, some fucking way, Sabrina — who I'll admit has a strong, lean body — managed to stifle my best wrestling moves for most of the match. She even got the first pin!

I finally won, near exhaustion, after more than 40 minutes on the mat. When I pinned her at the end to win, even then she managed to piss me off.

As I stood up and looked down at her, she smirked. 

"I really made you work for it, didn't I?" she said. Then she laughed — that smug Sabrina laugh of hers I've heard my whole life.




age: sixtysomething

Yes, I wrestled my Grandma. In bikinis.

It didn't last long, but ever since, Grandma Jean has had a big hoot about it.

Grandma Jean had heard from Mom about my wrestling interest, and one day when Grandma and I were alone, she challenged me to wrestle. Nothing serious, just brief, playful tussling, she said.

So, it was on: twentysomething granddaughter against sixtysomething grandma.

Grandma Jean is no slouch. Although she's no muscle woman, she's taken great care of her body — she's a fit senior hotty!

On the wrestling mat, Grandma and I locked hands. Her round arms and shoulders were a contrast to my lean, more defined arms.

She tightened her fingers against mine in preparation for our test of strength. She giggled in anticipation.

"Oh my!" she said. She was having fun.

I gave a countdown: "Ready ... set ... go!"

We began: Our arms tensed and trembled.

"Oo!" Grandma said. "Oo-oooo! You're strong, Stephanie. Oh my!" Her cute round retired-lady muscles were trying their best to match my young muscles. But I was winning.

I pressed hard with downward pressure. Grandma grunted — ugh ... ugh-ugh ... ugh ...

She was really trying to keep up with me: For a brief time, we were going at it seriously, woman against woman, body against body.

I was winning. I was forcing her down ...

"Goodness," she said in a strained voice. Her round, womanly arms trembled. "Oh my, what a strong girl ... Oh my ..."

I kept exerting my muscles: hands, arms, shoulders, back. Grandma grunted some more: ugh ... ugh-ugh ...

My dominance was bending her body lower ...

Then she pulled a fast one: She let go of my hands and tackled me in an incredible burst of energy.

We began tussling, and this was the most surprising part: Every time I thought I had her set up for a pin, she escaped! Every time! It was crazy! You'd have thought we were doing oil wrestling, I had so much trouble holding onto her.

So, it was a draw.

Grandma Jean, you are super-awesome!



session wrestler

age: fortysomething

I had reached the point where I wanted to raise my skill to a much higher level. As part of that effort, I decided to seek out a seasoned session wrestler, a skilled veteran grappler whom I could confide in and seek counsel.

Margo was my choice. Based in LA, she's a kick-ass stunt woman and co-owner of a series of gyms. Not least, she's a grappling master and session wrestler.

In an email exchange with her, I explained my background, and she was totally supportive. Two months later, I flew into Los Angeles and we got together.

It was one of the greatest experiences ever for me! We wrestled at her house, and as a grappler she was absolutely extraordinary! She complimented me on some of my moves, but overall the match was an exercise in her domination and skill. I loved it! She explained all kinds of things, and even when my paid-for time had expired, she continued with explanations, on her own time, that she wanted me to absorb.

Margo's body to be super-hot, and beforehand I'd wondered if there would be any sexual connection between us. But when she got together and she was so supportive and serious, and I was so deep into learning from her, the vibe was totally platonic. That's cool. Margo is great.

After I got back to Florida, I appreciate that Margo still makes time for me, via personal messaging, to answer additional questions I have.

It's hard to express how much I admire her and how grateful I am toward her. 

Margo is my mentor, my guide. She's my inspiration.

You go, girl!!



Met her at a hotel

age: thirtysomething

My LA visit to Margo boosted my confidence. Back home in Florida, I decided to try something new: I started going to the beach near where I grew up and seeing what opportunities arose for spontaneous grappling sessions with other women.

Not surprisingly, I wasn't always successful in finding women amenable to wrestling me. That was the case one Tuesday. But then that night, sitting in the hotel lobby, I struck up a conversation with Ingrid, a businesswoman visiting from the Netherlands. I eventually brought up my wrestling interest, and the more I talked about it, the more intrigued Ingrid became. She got really excited, licking her lips lustfully, when I described intense woman-on-woman grappling. Especially when done nude-style.

"Show me ... show me!" she said, her eyes alight. "Let's go to my room right now!"

Fifteen minutes later, our naked bodies were entwined in her room in an intense grappling session. On the bed, I had her attractive thirtysomething body squeezed between my thighs while I fondled one of her breasts.

She was so excited, she could hardly catch her breath.

"Oh! Ohhh!" she moaned. "More, Stephanie — more, please!"

I squeezed harder. She moaned her encouragement, rubbing her body against mine excitedly. 

"Yes ... yessss!"

Over the course of the evening, she achieved six delicious orgasms. After catching her breath, she couldn't stop thanking me — and then asked for more.

The experience proved to be an awakening for her. Back home in the Netherlands, she shared her enthusiasm for woman-on-woman wrestling, and private female grappling took off like made in much of Europe. Ingrid touted my wrestling skills to other women, and before long I was leading Zoom sessions on the subject with groups of European women.

Sometimes the sessions would get disrupted when some of the women would spontaneously decide to strip and lock their bodies together in intense, boisterous nude wrestling. It's a good feeling to know that I'm bringing such progress to the wider world.

Part 2 continues the story. It is here:

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