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Steph Wrestles, Part 2: Nicole, Eileen

Started by headlock111, 06-Mar-21, 10:20 PM

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Part 1 of this story, about how twentysomething Stephanie developed an intense interest in wrestling other women, is here:

Part 3, to come later, will focus on a remarkable wrestler/competitor.




age: fortysomething

I decided to have a session with a seasoned escort and see what sensual dimensions I could add to female-on-female wrestling. I went down to Miami and got together for an extended afternoon session with Nicole, an impressively fit fortysomething blonde. I think she was flattered that, in contrast to her usual work, I was seeking her counsel and expert guidance on matters sexual.

For the first half of the session, Nicole and I wrestled. That was to show Nicole the kind of grappling I do, and also for her to offer points on how to add stimulation to my opponent's body, to heighten the sensual aspect.

I also think, at the start of our grappling, that Nicole wanted to see if I could actually control her on the mat, since she was taller and slightly heavier than me and had such confidence in his well-conditioned body.

I quickly proved to her that her size and fitness didn't stop me at all from controlling the match and dominating her. Early in our grappling, I latched on an arm bar that made her wince. I forced her to her knees. She looked up and complimented me.

"Fuck, girl, you really know your kung fu! You're kicking my ass good!"

The second part of the session, we spent in bed, with the drapes closed and lights low. This was all about woman-on-woman sex. I asked Nicole to open me up to some sensual techniques beyond my experience. She introduced to a variety of them — saving the best for last.

A key part of it involved ... her right index finger.

Sitting up in bed, she stared at the finger. She slowly bent it, then flexed it.

She looked at me. "Ever heard of the New Orleans Special?"

I smiled. "Not familiar with it. It's pretty good, huh?"

She gave a little laugh. "It's all about this finger here. Well, that, and the angle you use for your arm when you do a certain special thing to your female partner. You ready?"


"All right, you lay there and let me do my thing ..." She bent lower and stroked my breasts gently. She kissed me softly. "Now, I put my hand, and that important finger, ... here ..."

"Mmmmm ..." I heaved my chest upward in appreciation. My nipples were so hard and excited ...

"... and then I start to do this with my finger. I ... flex it. I ... constrict it. I ... flex it. I ..."

My chest heaved again. The sensation she was creating was so damn tasty ...

"Oh fuck ..." I moaned. "Mmmmm ..."

"And then I bend my arm at just the right angle and your body feels ... this sensation at the same time ..."

I gave a sharp little cry of delight ... 

She was opening up part of my body just a bit more, a delicious little bit ... Eyes closed, I smiled and stuck out my tongue at the delicious sensation ...

"Fuck yeah ... oh yeah ..."

"Now," Nicole said, "I start to go faster ..."

I gasped. I cocked my hips upward and held them. "Ohhhh! Oh fuck, Nicole ..."

She watched me closely, enjoying my reactions. "Now I speed it up, just a bit, don't wanna rush you ..."

I bucked my hips, drinking in the stimulation, eyes still closed so I could soak up — lap up, savor — every bit of the pleasure. "Yeah ... yeah ... fuck yeah ..."

Nicole continued this for a good while, then she said in her calm teacher mode, "Now, most women should start to get close to orgasm just about now ..."

My hips reached upward hungrily, I grunted — ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh. I could tell I was going to cum.

Really going to cum. In a way I'd never done before.

A sweet wetness was dripping from me down below. This was heaven ...

"Almost there," Nicole said. "So now I go just a bit faster ... "

I licked my lips. This felt so fucking good ...

"and then a bit faster ..."

My head wrenched back: The orgasm was seizing me.

My body quivered, my hips extended upward as far as I could reach.

I throttled the bed, moaning, shuddering, laughing.

I was cumming all over the bed. Cumming all over the room. Exploding in sweet, fucking ecstasy ...

Oh, Nicole, you talented, merciless, pleasure-bitch!


A short while later: I lay on the bed, rubbing my eyes, still in wonder at where I'd been transported and back.

I looked at Nicole, then at my index finger. I flexed it.

"You have got to teach me how to do that."

"Will do — for an extra 300."

"You got it."

"It gotta say, this has been a different one," Nicole said. "Different kind of session. You really know your kung fu shit, girl."

I laughed. I pointed my finger at her. "And you really know the New Orleans Special."



Met her at the beach

age: fiftysomething

In Part 1 I mentioned my trips to the Florida beach to scout for potential female partners. One way to check out a woman's interest is, of course, to talk to them at the bar. That's how I met Eileen. She's a big-boned blonde Amazon in her fifties who's really into hard female wrestling — and also intense female sex.

In some ways my session with Eileen may be the most satisfying I've had to far. Satisfying in the sense that she and I were so different yet so well matched: I was more skilled and far quicker; she was much stronger and (at 6 ft tall and 168 pounds) far larger. And we both were fierce in our desire to win.

In our 32-minute match, we gradually tossed off every shred of clothing and went at the woman-on-woman grappling in primal, grunt-filled fashion. I worked my ass off trying to contain her and finally won with a brutally applied arm bar.

Next: sex! Eileen was as voracious in her sexual appetite as she was in her enthusiasm for wrestling. Making love with a woman that big — and that unapologetically aggressive in bed — was fantastic. But Eileen was the one whose mind was really blown when I told her to lie back and let me introduce her to something special.

The New Orleans Special.

My god, did that get her hot! I almost had to cover her mouth, she began shrieking so loudly with pleasure!

And her orgasm — no exaggeration, it was so volcanic it came close to knocking both of us off the bed!

After that, lying beside me, she purred in post-orgasmic satisfaction. She turned to me and smiled:

"Steph, my gorgeous little wrestler, I want you to know — no question, you are the world's greatest fuck!" 

And then she had me do it again.

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