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Mixed Wrestling Planet membership issues

Started by Superjobber, 01-May-21, 10:26 PM

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Just a warning to people. Mixed Wrestling Planet has given me know difficulties when it comes to order videos and they offer top-notch content. But for their membership site, after accepting my payment through Verotel, they have not provided me with access to the site. All attempts to login are met with a message that the server is unavailable. Worse yet, they have only responded to my e-mails regarding this problem a single time and have not reached out with any solutions. They have, at least, done better than Verotel, however, who has not responded whatsoever.

Great site, but just be forewarned if you consider signing up. You may run into issues accessing the server and, if my experience is anything to go by, they may not be much help resolving them.


Well that sucks.  They are one of my favorite producers.

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