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Movie scene

Started by conda, 27-Jun-21, 11:32 AM

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Just thought I'd share my favorite made up hit women scene I'd like to see.It starts with the male victim in a locked room. Sheena and Liz Lightspeed come in wearing short blouses ,short skirts ,and high heel sandals.They proceed to tear into him, getting him down and into all sorts of scissors. During the action, they lose their shoes. After a couple of minutes, Sheena traps him in her ankle scissor around his neck and applies the pressure. He frantically tries to tap out, but then Liz grabs his wrists, sits down and plants her bare feet over his nose and mouth and presses down. With his head securely trapped, Sheena does her spin and multiplies the pressure on his neck.After 10 seconds or so, he stops thrashing and 10 seconds later they release him. Whether Sheena's scissor broke his neck  or Liz's feet smothered him, we don't know. He is eliminated. End scene
That would be my favorite scene. Any comments?

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