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Author Topic: How to post videos  (Read 159 times)

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How to post videos
« on: 04-Jul-21, 05:25 PM »
Hello Squeeze Queens community,

In this topic I will talk about how to make a very clean and organized video post

1) Upload your videos on a host with easy utility and good upload and download speed, I recommend MediaFire (, it is great for uploading and downloading videos with good internet connection speed. You can also view the amount of downloads made on your videos and if you are Premium users you can password your files to access the download;

2) Download Thumbnails Videos Maker software ( ) to extract video footage into photo thumbnails. Save in specific folders for you to find easily. You can also use image hosts, I recommend ImageBam ( ), so they don't take up space on your hard drive or SSD;

3) If you upload the images straight from your computer to the forum, use the "Attachments and other options", below the field where you post the content of your topic. But if you are going to upload an image in the text field of the topic, use the link of the image that you uploaded in the image host by the tool "Insert Image" and put the image link;

4) On the host where you uploaded the videos, copy the download link and paste it into the topic text field. If you have entered a protection password, enter the password in the topic and publish it each time you change the password.

Note: If you use MediaFire to host your videos, you will be able to see the amount of downloads made, so you can find out what types of videos the forum public likes so that in the future you will know which types of videos will earn you more karma, improving your reputation of forum content contributor
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