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Author Topic: Why Contribute with Unpublished Videos?  (Read 232 times)

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Why Contribute with Unpublished Videos?
« on: 17-Jul-21, 04:48 PM »
Many here, like me, have visited other Mixed Wrestling forums and we always see the same videos posted. So why should we publish unreleased videos here?

Answer: When we publish videos that don't exist in any other forum, Squeeze Queens becomes a prominent forum, because here will be videos that have never been published elsewhere. So your publication, it can be a new video, a classic and rare video, you can publish it. This encourages people to visit the forum and also contribute, consequently increasing the amount of videos and making the forum much more attractive.

Do your part, contribute some video from your collection!
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Why Contribute with Unpublished Videos?
« Reply #1 on: 17-Jul-21, 09:50 PM »
Well said...

I we could all give a  little, we would all gain so much more!