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Author Topic: Joanna vs Reece - A Mixed Wrestling Story  (Read 2545 times)

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Joanna vs Reece - A Mixed Wrestling Story
« on: 31-Aug-21, 04:30 AM »
This is my first attempt at writing a short story... let me know your feedback and if should continue writing! Note: The story is entirely fictional.

"Are you sure you want to wrestle me?", I asked Joanna, a bit sarcastically. "I'm not going to hold back just because you're a woman." My condescending tone hit right where I thought it would have, but Joanna's response was far from my expectation: "Let us see, we might have to end the match early because one of us will not be able to bear the humi..." As she spoke this, my mind got diverted from her speech and wandered off into its own thoughts. Did she believe that she had no chance again me, like I thought too? On the other hand...

Was she kidding me? There was no way I was going to be the loser unless it was a handicap match in her favour. I mean come on, I was 25, in the prime of my life and a regular gym goer - a neat 190 pounds with an enviable muscle mass. Joanna, my girlfriend and my opponent, was not only three years younger and a good 60 pounds lighter but I'll be shocked to hear if she's ever seen the inside of a gym. She's one of those who only relied on dieting to stay in shape.

Back from my mind commentary: "...a deal is a deal and no one can back out at the last minute." I cut her short and got straight to the point: "When and where?" She sensed the curtness and replied, "At my place, 9 pm tonight."

I was excited and confident. Yes she was scrappy, but on size and strength I was in the clear lead. My arms were easily three times her puny limbs and our lower body strength was not even comparable. How in the world could she think that she had any chance?

I reached her apartment a quarter to nine and found large mats lying in the newly created space she'd made by moving furniture around. I'd spent the day in the gym - doing extra sets of push ups and pull ups for tonight. I was wearing a loose t-shirt and beach shorts, and thus was shocked to find her wearing a sensual, two-piece swim suit.

She thrust a pair of scarlet speedos in my face and ordered me to change my clothes. A bit annoyed, I anyway went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, pumping my muscles. "She's gonna get a lesson tonight", I wondered.

While it was difficult for me to concentrate on anything other than her dress and the womanly curves which that revealed, I thought that my enormous bulge and muscles would distract her as well. "Rules: Best of three falls, no dirty tricks", she added. With that, both of us stepped onto the mats, sizing our respective opponents.

She put up her hands in a classic test of strength. What a mistake, I thought. I was able to easily bring her to the knees and as I was about to pin her with a cocky smile on my face, she immediately leapt up and got out of my grip.

If she wanted to delay her inevitable defeat, who was I to question that. I tried to bear hug her, and was almost successful until she got me in a headlock. "Nice move", I complimented her. "The best is about to come", she boasted.

She squeezed her thighs around my waist and I'll have to admit that that was my weakest part. I was more of a arms, shoulders and chest guy, with lower body being my target in other days. She squeezed like hell and my strength was sapping away as water from a broken tank.

I did not expect to be in this position. She was much-much stronger than she looks, and just as I was thinking that, "tired already, big guy?" she taunted me. How dare she? Once I was out of this hold, I'll show her what I am made of.

However that was not to be. She easily got on top of me in a schoolgirl position, pinning my biceps with her knees. I had read about this move, and know that it is one of the most difficult positions to get out of, if applied properly. And she applied it as if she was learning this technique since the age of 5.

I panicked and tried to buck her off. However, my energy reserve was drying up. "So the unthinkable has happened, hasn't it", she started to chide me in. "The macho bodybuilder pinned by his petite girlfriend. Tell you what, forget the rules, I'll declare you the winner if you can get out this hold. I'll be the winner otherwise!"

I tried and tried but couldn't buck her off. My body twisted like it was in a storm but apparently that was not enough to unseat her. And then she went for the ultimate humiliation - open handed slaps across my face which were not that hard but embarrassing for a tough guy like me to be dished out by a woman almost half my size.

"Hey - no strikes were allowed!" I screamed. She did not pretend to listen to me and continued my humiliation leaving me red faced in the end with her more than a dozen slaps. I shocked, embarrassed, humiliated and humbled by my own tiny girlfriend.

Like all men, I thought her first win was a fluke and we've had five rematches. She won four, and one was a draw. Talk about being in-charge of the relationship! My seemingly invincible position of the alpha before we had our first match was stripped off and no prizes for guessing who wears the pants now...