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Commonwealth medalist pins her male opponent

Started by sheehan333, 20-Jan-13, 04:35 AM

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This is from a traditional contest where all the wrestlers were male. The only female to participate did not have a another competitor from her gender to compete against. So she extended an open challenge to any male wrestler to face her (matches generally happen by challenge in this type of competition). No body accepted the challenge cause loosing to a woman would have been a great dishonour. So in the evening she repeated her challenge with special emphasis on prickling the male ego. So the guy on the photo accepted and was pinned within four minutes (point system is generally not in place here you either pin and win or it is declared a draw).

PS: The winner is a commonwealth medalist at 63 kgs and it is a bout between two accomplished wrestlers man and woman and not between young trainees as is the case in many mixed bouts


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