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My first and true wrestling experience with my gymnast friend

Started by david358358, 15-Jan-22, 10:24 AM

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I want to share a real wrestling story happened to me 15 years ago with a friend of mine and hear your thoughts on how I can recreate this encounter. It will be a long story but it will get better and I promise it is 100% real.
15 years ago I was 22 years old and was traveling abroad for 2 months with 2 male friends and 1 female friend- Nataly. We all knew each other for 6 months previous the trip working abroad together even living in the same flat. Nataly was 21 years old, 1.6 height (5"4) and 55KG (about 122 pounds). She had dark hair, beautiful face, flexible, high arches. She was very much sports girl- former gymnast (9 years) and always active- 3 times a week gym+ 1-2 times running. She had light shaped shoulders and body. Mostly, she had very shaped legs- her calves would show even if she wore long tights. Back then I had a feeling Nataly was attracted to me but (stupidly) I didn't make a move. Anyhow, on our last day of the trip all of us rented a huge house and the 2 guys traveled with us finish packing and prepared to sleep. Me and Nataly stayed up talking in the kitchen and Nataly started talking about her strength (I am pretty sure she brought up the topic). Then she told me she's pretty sure she can beat me in a wrestling match. About an hour later the guys went to sleep and me and Nataly went to 1 room with a big bed to start out a match. She wore a pale blue tracksuit pants and a tight pale blue shirt. She was barefoot.  We decided first one to get 3 taps win.
Before details I must say I could have won easily but gave 70% to fulfill my fantasy and make It more competitive. It was my first time and I felt it was a dream about to come true and I have to max it to the limit. We started on our knees, the second we said go she grabbed my head very fast with her 4 arm squeezing it to her waist. As I try to get out she put one leg across my body trying to take my back (which I let her) and with her foot flexed she controlled my thigh. I was shocked on how fast, skillful and competitive she was. After a sec she crossed her other leg and caught my other thigh with her other foot and with her arms choked me. I felt in heaven- the choke wasn't so painful; her feet were flexed holding my thighs in a way like she's an expert and real close to my penis. After a few seconds I decided to get out so I lifted her hands fast and try to push myself down to get out from her legs. Then the most amazing thing happen- as I pushed her hands up and try to escape down she crossed her legs on my head (my back of the head towards her vagina) and I see her feet crossed. She started squeezing and also pull my chin up with her hands crossed as well! Insane!! It was the most overwhelming and most arousing thing ever happened to me till that day (Smartly, I masturbated a few minutes before we started wrestling scared I will come or get to much of a boner during). Her feet were so sexy arched (black nail polish). As I try to pry her legs from her thighs she actually grabbed my forearms in the triceps and pulled them up so I can't use my arms. I stayed there for like 30-40 sec (could lasted for ever- the pressure was good but not too painful) acting like I try to get out and sway out and then I submitted.  1-0 her. I flattered her saying I'm amazed by her strength and agility and could tell she felt real good about it.
We got again from the knees and again she caught my head with her hands pressuring my head to her waist. Then she again took my back and started choking me while wrapping her legs light around me just to keep me in control. I tried to hold my head down to my chest so she can't place her arms under my chin and choke me and acted like I'm trying to pry her legs and telling her wow your legs are really strong. She took the bait and tightened the grip with her legs and when I tried to pry her legs again she wrapped one leg around my arm. It was so dominant and sexy how natural she reacted to my moves it felt better than any session I had in the years afterward (so far had over 50 sessions with over 25 females). I eventually got out and caught her head in a side choke and managing to submit her quickly. 1-1.
We started again on our knees. I shoot to her leg and she did some king of a sprawl and then she tried to catch my head with her legs but missed. I escaped and then I caught her head again with my hands squeezing it lightly (to not harm her) to my waist while we both lying. She managed to bring her leg up on my head and catch me in a side headscissor for a few seconds, then she try to change the grip to choke me but I escaped and finished in her guard. She squeezed her legs lightly and I tried to catch her left hand with my hands and bend it. I swear that out of no where to defend my move she threw her left leg around and put it under my throat in some sort of Gogoplata (no, she never learned any self-defense, just pure gold instincts) but I felt it's too much humiliated being with my face inch from her foot as sexy as it was and loosing so I tried and succeeded to escape which she reacted to me "nice escape!" (I remember thinking she's so fucking amazing with her moves and the confidence she has to flatter me escaping- it is unreal!). She said: "ok we're to sweaty let's call a draw?" (I actually think she was exhausted and afraid she'll lose because she was competitive) but I wanted to continue forever so I said last fall win and we'll take a break before. We took 3 minutes off and started again. She again grabbed my head in the same side choke, then turned into a headscissor (I let her)- my back of the head towards her vagina and her ankles on my stomach and I thought fuck I can stay here forever but knew she will gas in a minute or 2 (and also I wanted to win) so as she squeezed her legs and grabbed my chin pulling it up with her arms I said: "Nataly?" she replied: "is that a tap?" and I was (and it was the most stupid thing I could have done*): "no, I have a confession I think I can win" and then I escaped, grabbed her arm, bend it real slow to not hurt her and she tapped..
*I am saying it was stupid cause I understand she figured I was playing her and I am guessing it shut her confidence and may be she even felt deceived by me. (Although in the years follow she would wink to me sometimes saying I already got my ass beat once...
PART 2: Me and Nataly until last year:
Until this year We were on and off as friends and in the last 2 years saw each other once or twice a month for a coffee (I am stupid, nothing happened- wrestling or sex wise). Sometimes she would brag about the great shape she's in and how strong her arms and specially legs are now and I was encouraging her and was excited about it myelf. She once let me feel her biceps and twice feel her quads and calves (they are incredible) and we even arm-wrestled once (I won but showed her it was difficult for me).   
Part 3: Today
Today I am married  for a year. Nataly is still single. We haven't been in touch for a few months now (she kind of distanced herself). Yet I keep thinking that if we meet in the right mood she may agree for a wrestle match to showoff her strength.
My 2 worries are:
1.   Will it be creepy to her if I even bring it up almost 15 years later specially when I am married and not in such a strong relationship with her? Will my marriage cause her to refuse my offer immediately?
2.   Will it be considered cheating my wife? (p.s. If it will happen there is no way my wife will find out)

A.   Hope you stayed to the end
B.   Hope you liked the story
C.   Hope you have advices on how to recreate a wrestling experience with her. I would really appreciate any advice given.

Thanks you

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