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Author Topic: Taboo: Muscle Worship on National Geographic  (Read 5995 times)

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Taboo: Muscle Worship on National Geographic
« on: 25-Feb-13, 01:08 PM »
here the commercial of the video

The first time this episode was transmitted was in October or Novermber 2012. I dont find any download file on the web  ;D Anyone have it?
The episode is based on male worship muscolar girl (Jennifer Scarpetta and Megan Abshire) There are also some mixed wrestling matches.

I'm surprised that I dont find anything, nobody recorded this episode?

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Taboo: Muscle Worship on National Geographic
« Reply #1 on: 28-Feb-13, 05:39 PM »
I spent some time looking around on National Geographic's website, the episode aired in Season 9 episode 11.  The title is called "extreme bodies", and there's a few torrent links on it.  It was a bit hard to find the right episode since National Geographic's website doesn't include the muscular females part in the summary.  Hope this helps.