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Sessionist Movie

Started by desertgoodguy, 26-Feb-13, 10:10 AM

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Last fall there was a lot of chatter about a movie called the Sessionist about a session wrestler

Have checked around an have not seen anything new about it

Has anypne heard more about it?


All I know is that the movie shall be released this year (although I guess it was supposed to be done by 2011).

Francesca Zappitelli plays a supporting role. The writer is Devora Gray aka. Scarlett Devine and I read somewhere that Jessica Blackmore is in this movie... maybe even the main actress. Oh and according to imdb it had a budget of approx. 625.000$. Overall I have no 100% secure info.

For those who haven't heard about it yet:


Has anyone watched this movie and does anyone know about more movies based on mixed wrestling?


I wasn't aware of any of these movies. Thanks for the heads-up

Karma for the links....  ;D
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Every couple of years I search for a download of highway amazon. No luck so far. I suppose I could just order but its hard to believe the site is still fulfilling orders. I just searched it again - apparently it's attracted the attention of a few unremarkable academics working in critical theory.

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