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Use of torrents

Started by theclueless, 31-Mar-13, 12:34 PM

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I think torrents is an extremely easy mode of download. i think we should incorporate torrents as well on this website as a recognized mode of download.

What say guys?


TBH I'd rather see the forum grow in other areas like discussions than to look for more ways to share videos.

Torrents are not for everyone, an average Joe doesn't know how to set it correctly, open router ports etc.
Direct downloading is just easier and doesn't implicate you legally in most countries unlike torrents where you need to distribute the material yourself (seed) too in order for it to work. Add to that a number of ISP's that ban the use of torrents, I know mine amended their rules recently.

I think you can get your daily dose of wanking material served via current methods of D/L'ing quite easily  :Pol:


The other thing is the risk of viruses. If you're into torrents, you probably know where to pick up the latest site-rips etc. anyway. TBH, I don't know of many fetish/porn forums that use them. Some filehosts can be a pain in the ass, because of speed limitations and waiting times, but the use of proxies can get around most issues. Also, there are a few hyper-fast hosts popping up, such as mega/gamefront/sendmyway.....not all global-friendly, but a step in the right direction.
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Simplicity is the answer.
A hoster's death, a new coming back.
This will always be so.
Everyone has somewhere an access type (Premium) or not.
Give nothing for nothing in the world.
When you downloading a file can not, because countries problems
Just ask whether a reup is possible to a different hoster.
Most people are so nice.
Would I ever, the zuferlässigsten - best - fastest - most anonymous -
simplest hosters choose.
With Depositfiles,, Turbobit (not for USA) and Rapidgator, I have good experiences.

;) ;D :) :o :D


Prefer regular downloads.

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