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How the search works

Started by Matey, 08-Apr-13, 10:24 AM

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To avoid reposts, always run a quick search before posting your video. Best bet is to run a wrestler name and/or a video name/title (and/or a filename), ie. Maria, or Hazy Vision for example.

That of course expects of posters to add that info to their posts in the 1st place, as they should.

Search function is on default set up to be section relevant.

If you run the search while you are in the "Female Wrestling & Fighting" board, it will only perform that search inside that section.

Similarly, if you are inside a topic, and use the search from there, it will only search that single topic.

To run a search on the whole forum (on all the sections you have access to anyway), make sure you're on the main index page.

Update Edit:

You can now choose from anywhere in the board which part of the SQ forum you want to search:

This topic - only search the topic you are in at the moment of your search
This board - only search the board you are in at the moment of your search
Entire forum - search the whole forum (only the boards you have access to anyway)

Should you ever need an even more specialized and detailed search, hit the Search button in the top menu.


Quote from: Marty on 08-Apr-13, 10:24 AM

Search function is currently set up to be section relevant.

That's good. It means you don't have to select a sub-forum using an "Advanced Search" function. You merely search the relevant board.

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