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Julie Squeeze or Safa

Started by revanyo, 12-Apr-13, 07:35 PM

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To those of you who have seen both. Whci one do you think I should see? You should know this will be my first session.


I have heard from my clients who have gone against both is that Safa offers a better session, she is super aggressive and really feisty and much stronger than she looks. I have met both in person, although Julie Squeeze is incredibly beautiful, the feedback that I've heard is that Safa consistently surprises her opponents with how much energy, passion and strength she has.


Safa would probably be more sensual than Julie, but Julie would be more competitive.   


Julie, for her legendary reputation 8)
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I never replied to this post, but I should say that I went with Julie and the session was great for my first one. She was very nice and welcoming and it honestly felt like I had known her for years. And her wrestling was amazing! She knew a ton of holds and beat me with ease. I loved that she was also very "game," once she realized I was a sane person who did'nt have the weight to really hurt her she encouraged me to step up my efforts and our semi-comp turned into comp. With me still losing. OH! And her scissor were top notch, even with a pulled inner quad muscle she was able to apply heavy force in body scissors

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