Guy(s) to be avoided by Women Session Wrestlers

Started by ♥αlphα♀, 28-Apr-13, 05:29 PM

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This post is primarily intended to session wrestlers planning a tour in Paris ; I'm sending the link in an Email to every new girl visiting Paris, feel free to do the same and maybe prolong it with info on other agressors elsewhere in the world. It's the least we owe them !

The guy has been reported on other forums and websites like wb270 for a long time now, but with limited info on his ID. I recently met a session girl who was agressed during her tour in Paris, he came under a false name, handed over an empty envelop, and as she opened it jumped on her by surprise, competitive style in a potentially armful way, which she only prevented by not fighting back and threatening to call the police if he didn't leave immediately, which he eventually did but not easily.

How to recognize him :
- Caucasian, 50+, ~5'6" (160-170cm), fairly fit, a tattoo on the right arm.
- Very limited English and Emails hardly making any sense, uses many different Alias.
- Has some experience in jujitsu, trainer for subsidised sport associations.
- At first sight the guy doesn't seem a bad chap but his actions are condemnable just the same.

If worse comes to worst, French Police numbers : 17 from fix, 112 from mobiles.  His ID :
- Name : Daniel Quoniam
- Addr : 82 av Henri Ginoux - 92120 Montrouge
- Mob1 : +33 (0)6 23 87 25 28
- Mob2 : +33 (0)6 72 04 52 82


I think there's some kind of tournament or martial arts team called 'Quoniam Pancrase' over in'd think after his abusive antics all these years even the whispers from the underground session world would've turned him into a pariah, but I suppose France has a different sensibility about abusive men. :-\

He even offered his services via the web: (I heard he was divorced from Wei-Lin...Helen Von Mott observed once the she had all false teeth....curiously her face also looked like a punching bag  ::) )

Daniel Quoniam is available as a professional bodyguard to businessmen, actors, and celebrities who visit Paris. If you wish to have personal protection while you tour beautiful  Paris please call Daniel Quoniam at 06-72-04-52-82 or E-mail him at
Weilin Quoniam with over 30 years martial arts training, black belt in Judo and Jiu jitsu, 6 years in submission wrestling, and a champion kickboxer is also available as your personal bodyguard while visiting Europe. As beautiful and deadly as any of the "Bond" girls - James Bond- Let Weilin escort you safely around Paris. E-mail her at
Daniel gives seminars on all forms of combat throughout Europe. Shown here with his good friend and colleague Bass Rutin second from the right at a seminar in Holland. Daniels' martial arts academies from France regularly compete in tournaments against Holland.

Daniel is proficient in:

Thai Boxing
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


@crushed4life, yes he is a fullofshit blackbelt, "when world stars visit Paris they always pay him a visit in his gym !" and "he is the Owner of 3 gyms" ... which is pretty good for a minimum wage employee at a subsidised local swimming pool of Montrouge municipality : )

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