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Wrestling Fans Keep your fingers crossed (IOC decision)

Started by sheehan333, 22-May-13, 09:24 AM

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IOC is meeting on 29th of May to decide if wrestling will continue to be an olympic sports in 2020. Wrestling will have to fight against seven other sports (Squash, wakeboarding, rock climbing, Wushu, speed skating, softball and Karate) to win its berth for the Olympics.

Some proposed changes which may take place are 2 three min rounds instead of 3 two min rounds and cumulative points system instead of best of 2 rounds. Also number of competitors to be reduced 16/weight class and halving the number of officials thereby limiting size. Eliminating one weight class each in Men's freestyle and Greco Roman in favour of two more for freestyle women. (between 50-74, female heavyweight division desperatly needs to go higher why restrict to 74 kg only  >:(  )

Some unconfirmed rumours suggest that female competitors may even get hello kitty shorts instead of singlets as their costume.

So in conclusion wrestling fans keep your fingers crossed and contribute as much as you can to keep wrestling an olympic sports. Participate in every web poll on this issue and let IOC know if there is support for this sport or not.

Best Wishes to FILA for 29th May :)



Wrestling has made it to the list of final three sports (Squash & Softball/baseball) from which one will be selected for the 2020 olympics  :)

Final voting to be held in September. Squash seems to be the biggest challenge  :-\

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