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Started by Zeus, 17-Oct-12, 05:55 AM

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Welcome to - a home of every true fan of female and mixed wrestling!

Squeeze Queens is a place made by life-long fans of strong dominant sexy female species, ones that outwrestle, squeeze and pin you down until you're helpless and at their mercy.

Wrestling fans from all corners of the world are welcomed to share and discuss everything and anything wrestling related.. pictures, stories, videos, personal experiences, news from the wrestling industry, etc.

We are a specialized niche board, ie we do not cater to a general female domination. Forum main themes and topics are:

  • Mixed Wrestling & Fighting
  • Female Wrestling & Fighting
  • Facesitting (at least somewhat forced)

If you like any of those, you've come to the right place!

Please take a moment to read threads in this section before posting, a lot of info and answers can be found here. We hope you enjoy your stay and become an active part of the community!

Note: no underage material is allowed anywhere in the forum - we have adopted strict 18yr+ policy to abide with all the laws and make your browsing experience here a safe one.


To all new unregistered visitors:

In order to see and access Video sections and to be able to participate, please register and login.

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