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who is this girl? youtube clip inc.

Started by jojodancer, 08-Jun-13, 03:16 PM

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That's from one of my all-time favorite videos.  It's Flamingo MW37 Suzie vs Ken.  As far as I can tell, Suzie only did a couple videos, including an excellent hard-fought FF match against Ziggy (also Flamingo).  She's a very good wrestler and very sexy.


Thanks maverick! I will see what I can find. Pretty vintage video I would assume.


She was a session wrestler years ago, under the name "Pearl" on the wb site. Retired maybe a decade ago from sessions, at least from wb's site. As I recall she offered semi-comp sessions.

*edit: I see she called herself 'Sapphire' on wb back in 2000 (pretty sure she started using "Pearl") here is the archived listing:

Sapphire (aka Susie)
Stats: 5-0 125 pounds 
Location: South Florida 
Specialities: wrestling (fantasy and light to semi-competitive) 
Lifts:  Contact Info
Phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Additional Information
Exotic female into fantasy, light to semi-competitivewrestling.  Has made videos for Flamingo as Susie

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