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Kathy Gifford from London

Started by Squeezebox, 20-Jun-13, 01:49 AM

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I have been infatuated with Kathy for almost a decade. I find her very attractive, and that she can outwrestle and subdue most people just puts her off the charts. Has anyone sessioned with her?

How much does it cost for a session, and what can I expect? I am not very skilled at wrestling and not that strong. I am a man btw. To be honest, I would like some sensuality but I don't expect it beyond her wearing a bikini and gloating over how much stronger she is than me.

I am not from London so if anyone can recommend some cheap (but not nasty) places to stay, that would really help.



I wrestled her a few years ago; she is an extremely nice and friendly girl, technically speaking the very best!! Her knowledge of BJJ is astonishing, she is very very athletic.
Our session was kind of semi-competitive; maybe she is not into sensual session, but having her body wrapped around you like a python is an experience not to be missed.
She is very "technical", that is she tends to gain her submissions through BJJ leverages and choke holds rather than "traditional" scissors and so on. Mind you, she made me give up with a body triangle, I had never imagined a woman could squeeze so tight with that hold (and I have very strong abs!).
All in all, very recommended if you want to live an experience with a woman who could tear you to pieces if she wanted to (mind you, she is VERY respectful of your limits.....but careful what you wish for....LOL)


I had a couple of sessions with her a few years ago ,she is very strong and a fantastic grappler. However it seems as if she has retired ,neither her website nor her phone is working.

Fresh P

I texted Kathy last week and confirmed she has retired.
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