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Author Topic: Any advice on mixed fighting more physical videos?  (Read 3211 times)

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I've been browsing the c4s website and found a few sites I absolutely love.

there is a japanese brutal facebusting site, and the guys get smashed
sh3fights, and all their other websites, their latest cassidy video is unreal, she basically punches his lights out into a wall.
bbeauties sometimes have some good vids.

But does anyone know of any sites that I haven't mentioned, I've been disappointed on c4s over the years, lots of bs talk about videos being real, when they're fake. I'm into the absolute destruction of the guy, and especially if the female is really tall and much bigger than the smaller skinny guy. GG have awesome wrestlers that fit that description, but they're quite tame. I'd love to see that 6'4 chick on svixens and she also does a video with j ninja. But it would be nice to see her unleash her full power and anger on a much smaller guy.