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[Help] Removing WMV DRM

Started by malderat, 13-Aug-13, 10:56 PM

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anyone knows how to get this viewership restriction/protection off of some of the wrestling videos?



HI guys,

I have a whole bunch of Crush Wrestling videos that are protected by DRM.
If anyone has a way to remove it (I have active and working logins) I will upload and post here.

I have tried the top 2 converters but both fail.



I think TuneBite might work but you need to pay for it.


Ok I tried an older version of tunebites and its working. Very Slow process.

If anyone wants a video let me know :)


I'm having the same problem with a video that I bought from CrushWrestling. My fault really as they warn you to test run a video. If the license doesn't download then you can't play it. Bought this Sydney/Sheila vs Leeroy video and have never been able to watch it. When I try to convert is with basic Audial Tunebite 10 it just freezes and says playback error.


so, tunebite did work. and a simple google search "tunebite torrent" turns up healthy links, keys included.


Tunebite works, but as i remember, this software decrease video quality. Because tunebite is based on screen capture technology.
I use to use fairuse4wm and it never fails. But it was years ago when i last time used this software. Last time....if i remember correctly, i converted one video for a guy, who is also member here (HQ approved....i believe). Joan Wise video. In april 2009. He gave me his username and pass....i downloaded video together with the licence, converted video to lifetime no-drm version and sended video to him.

I still remember....fairuse4wm keeps original video quality, converting takes only few seconds, but also you have to have blackbox-keys.txt file.... in the same folder as fairuse4wm software.

And then you have to change default wm-player settings. But i forgot how. Searched tutorials whole afternoon, but didn't found them.
Just use google.


Purchased a month membership for but I forgot I needed windows media player to play the videos. So the videos won't play, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the licensing removed from these videos so they can be uploaded and downloaded. If anyone knows, send me a private message.



Btw....i forgot to mention. DRM is nasty, because if you .....for example cach a virus, windows crashes...etc and you must format your HDD. After formating you won't be able to watch the movies that you paid for them. Because licence is gone.

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