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Mistress Treasure Review

Started by onlyone26, 04-Sep-13, 08:46 PM

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I'll revise this with more details later. What I will say is that I but off more than I could chew and she was a mean bitch about it. I've never been so panicked in my life. Her scissors were like steel rods squeezing my head. The pain was unbearable and she ignored my tapping. Only after extreme panicking would she let me go. Then she'd smother me or trample me. It was fucking brutal. I'm in so much pain.

OK, so in more detail... I asked Mistress Treasure for a scissoring and facesitting session that would make me cry and panic. This was my first mixed wrestling session so I was a bit nervous. I was texting her a lot. When I showed up at her hotel, she told me I was working her nerves. Immediately I knew that I'd be paying for that. She is short and extremely wide. Her legs are massive. Right before we started I told her I'd be interested in some trampling as well. Ok so now we're ready to start. She's wearing a sports bra and some skimpy bottoms. She grabs the back of my neck and immediately becomes aggressive. She starts with a side neckscissor. Almost immediately I start to tap, except she just starts squeezing harder. Now I'm tapping frantically and she just starts laughing, still not letting up on the scissors. She asked if I wanted to be knocked out, I eeked out a no and she let go. That was the last decision I made for the next hour. She scissored me absolutely senseless. I had absolutely no say in the matter. She stayed in that side scissor for most of the session. Even when she did give me a break, she didn't fully let up. Only enough for me to breath a little bit. One time I made the mistake of trying to pull my head out, she squeezed so hard I thought I was going out. Then she put me in a reverse head scissor. Literally 2 seconds into it, I was screaming and frantically trying to escape so I didn't pass out. That hold scared the shit out of me. Later when she went to apply it again, I didn't lift my head for her. She punched me until I agreed, then the pain came again. She also trampled my face, which was difficult to handle given that she weighs 180 lbs. She told me if I moved and she fell, she'd hurt me more than I could imagine. The facesitting was actually a break from it all. She didn't let me breath much, but it was easier to handle than the scissors. By the end, I actually wanted out. It hurt very badly and I just wanted to catch my breath. She just told me not to be a bitch and take it. She refused to let go no matter how much I tapped, begged, or screamed. She actually went over our time limit just because she enjoyed making me whimper.

I took away a couple things from this session. First being that she could absolutely kill a man in her scissors. I didn't get to feel her front headscissor which I regret but her reverse had me on the verge of blacking out within seconds. She was holding back too, because I asked her not to knock me out. Had she applied full force, no question it would have been lights out. Second thing I took from this was to have a safe word. I desperately wanted out, but she would not let up. I was completely at her mercy and no amount of tapping or begging would convince her I really wanted out. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and it's something I'll always remember, but it did teach me a valuable lesson. I'm still sore a day later and there are broken blood vessels all around my eyes. I look like I was in a serious fight. I'm definitely hooked on scissors now, but I feel that no one will dominate the way she did ever again.


Have you had other sessions?  Would be curious to hear about some of your favorites.


We look forward to hearing the detailed account.......

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I wish she would come to my neck of the woods. I love what you had to say. Sounds like my kind of girl...


It's probably much more fun to read about than participate in. I had a similar session with a girl, I won't name but will say that she is based in Greenhythe next to the Thames. I very much got the feeling that she had not listened to my stated preferences or read the detailed emails I sent her explaining my favourite holds and my limits. She seemed to just go into her set routine, most of which hurt me quite a lot and was definitely not enjoyable. To cap it off she wore a pair of huge brown Bridget Jones knickers which were about as sexy as a head cold. I would advise any newbies to session wrestling to do their research into the session wrestler prior to arranging a meet up, getting it wrong can prove to be an unpleasant, painful and costly mistake!


Very informative posts guys - thanks for this.  I'd love to session with Mistress Treasure lol

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