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Started by Hanz VanDerKill, 28-Sep-13, 05:23 PM

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Hanz VanDerKill

Sable 5'7 165lbs vs Hanz 6'1 180lbs

This past weekend I got to have a match against the very awesome, very powerful Sable from London. With her classical dance background she definitely had one of the most unique wrestling styles I've ever encountered. She is known as the most competitive wrestler at the London Wrestling Studio. She has killer legs and a true competitor's spirit. Very challenging, very closely matched mixed wrestling! She is not to be missed if you ever get the chance!

More on wrestling with Sable from my Blog:

Hanz VanDerKill

Mistress Kara 5'7'' 155lbs vs Hanz 6'1 180lbs

From this past weekend's NYC wrestling event I was lucky enough to get two matches against two VERY tough grapplers! This is my match with Mistress Kara. I've been curious about her for ages ever since she popped up on Academy Wrestling and Ultimate Surrender. Besides being very skilled she appeared to be amazingly strong! I found out first hand that she is every bit as strong as she looks! Also one of the most personable, nicest, engaging people you'd ever hope to meet. A session with her is a total 10 I'm sure of it. She's the perfect blend of grappling skill and raw power. Especially her CRUSHING leg scissors.

Hanz VanDerKill

Venom 5'5'' 132lbs vs Hanz 6'1'' 180lbs

My second match from the recent big NYC wrestling event against Venom!  This girl is so skilled and so tough on the mats it's comes as such a shock because she's has such a sweet and nice personality.  I have to say I was severely outclassed in this one and I really hope I get the chance to take another shot at her and do better!  For those who enjoy a bit of a slaughter in front of a live audience though.... have at it! ;)

Hanz VanDerKill

This is a past match that has been up for some time:

Ultima 5'8 145lbs vs Hanz 6'1 180lbs

Match preview:

I was asked in another forum whatever happened to Ultima?  The question prompted me to try and reach out to her.  Ultima is a natural athlete with alot of heart and a ton of strength!  She was a totally unexpected lucky find.  We first did a pro style vid for someone else and then squared off for this mixed competitive match.  Although she doesn't have a ton of experience I don't think I've ever met anyone with the sheer determination of Ultima.  She put all her strength and all her energy into this match.  So much in fact that there were tears at times from her sheer refusal to go less than 100%.  While I had the edge in endurance and experience I definitely found myself shocked by her strength and athleticism!  Despite a heated competitive match, we were both fond of eachother by the end.  It's hard not to respect someone who goes so hard like that.

I'm happy to say I did hear back from Ultima today and she's up for more wrestling videos. :)  So we are trying to set up a rematch in November.  In addition we are thinking of other things to try.  What kinds of matches and holds would you like to see Ultima in?  Either winning or losing?  More Ultima coming in November! :)


Finally a store with really competitive mixed wrestling with women with true skills. Earlier I thought this is one of those craps that mention competitive and do same old semi competitive stuff. But extended previews on youtube changed my mind completely. Clips4sale previews suck We don't get  any idea about the match from that. This is my favorite type of mixed wrestling. Skilled man and a skilled woman  battle it out by giving there best to be victorious over his/her opponent. I'm buying soon after my exams.

Hanz VanDerKill

Happy to hear you are liking the extended previews!  I'll keep doing them then.  In fact you post inspired me to go back and do an extended preview for a match that I could never get the 10 second preview to work properly anyways. This match I did with Shauna Ryanne is really great I think! And Shauna is just amazing!  I could sing her praises all day long about how fun and how strong she is!  But until now there really haven't been good previews of it out there.  So hope you enjoy!  thanks for your post and the feedback! :)  Also big thumbs up on the Luzia AVI!  One of my all time favs who I sadly never got to face.

Shauna vs Hanz (mid 2012):

Free match preview!

Link to full match:


Yes we missed it too, you go against luzia and get your ass kicked. You vs Shauna one looks like a nail biter too. I hope you made use of your huge height difference to kick her ass.

Meantime, I couldn't wait till my exams are over, so bought you vs Ultima one, damn that is a good one. Did you made her cry in that 1st submission, cos she screamed like crying and soon you stopped filming. Wow amazing stuff man.

I saw you vs kara one. I'll buy that after the exam, hopefully. She is one of my favorites along with Suzie and Tia from Hungary. And check this Alice out I haven't seen her wrestling but she offers fully comp sessions and has a good physique.

Finally after DWW is gone you , TC wrestling and Femwrestle are giving us some real competitive stuff. Thanks for that and keep going.

Hanz VanDerKill

Mahea 5'5 130lbs vs Hanz 6'1 180lbs

Just before this weekend I got to meet up with the very awesome Mahea, who I first met in another match for DoomMaidens. A lot of you I'm sure know all about her but for those that don't, she is a Pro MMA fighter who has been doing BJJ for about three years. She's a natural athlete, super fit and very very strong! Her style is definitely more deliberate and measured, applying constant body pressure while strategizing an opening to reverse or go for submissions. She's really fun to wrestle. It was actually fairly cold in the new studio we were shooting in but that didn't affect us for long at all as we sweated it up and gave it our all!  Long strenuous falls, very evenly contested match.  Submissions on both sides!

Extended Preview:

Hanz VanDerKill

Toned Tommi 5'3 137lbs vs Hanz 6'1 175lbs

This month I got another shot at Toned Tommi. After she steamrolled me on our first match I was eager to improve and to see if I could shock her.  This match was definitely more competitive than our first but she is still such a strong and skilled grappler!  Smart and tough!  Fans of earnest mixed competitive wrestling where both are trying to win should enjoy this one. Both of us were able to score points!  Definitely one of the strongest, most talented grapplers I've ever had the opportunity to face!

Extended Preview here:

Hanz VanDerKill

Maggy Pie 5'0 110lbs vs Hanz 6'1 180lbs

This past Sunday I mixed it up with Maggy from Ohio.  I must admit I was surprised at how much fight this little 5'0 tiny grappler has in her!  She is tenacious, aggressive, strong and smart!  Veve Lane in particular who was off camera spectating got a real charge out of the energies colliding in this match!  Hope to get a preview together ASAP.  In the meantime you can buy the match from the link above!

Also check out the mention in Veve Lane's blog here:

Hanz VanDerKill

Got to wrestle Rachel DD again on Friday. :) This girl has such a feisty competitive energy! So much fun to tangle with. She always gives it her all no matter how steep the challenge. Also with both of us being pretty long and flexible we got into some really interesting almost contortionist-like locks! Check it out!

Also I'm slowly adding other matches I fell behind on and have not previously released so stay tuned!

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