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Clipstore Previews

Started by Ronald_Frump, 08-Oct-13, 05:58 AM

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I'm not trying to tar everyone with the same brush here.....but IMHO many of these 10 second previews are a waste of time.

I can understand that producers want to give a "taster" rather than what amounts to a "freebie", but what's the point of watching two people staring at each other for 10 seconds, in pre-combat mode? That won't sell videos! In fact it makes me leave the site in disgust and head-off elsewhere.

What it should be, is 10 seconds of the hottest, sexiest action that the clip contains. If producers think that would prevent sales, due to fans wanking over a lo-res preview clip, they need to think again. It would actively encourage a purchase of the full HD clip.

In this economic environment, many fans (myself included) aren't prepared to lash-out on several $15 or so clips per month, unless we can see exactly what we're getting for our money.


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I agree completely, Stewie.  I'd honestly rather see 6-8 pictures than a 10 second clip.  It's usually very hard to get a sense of the action from the 10 seconds that are picked out.  I think it discourages me from buying from new producers -- it's easier for me to keep buying from producers where I already have a sense of what the matches are like and I can trust the descriptions.


Ha ha ha, the idea of clips4sale being remotely competent, good one Stewie! There are many, many things c4s has to do to improve their hosting, from customer service to site navigation not ripped from the 90s. 

Thankfully many producers, such as HTM, have websites that host a minute plus previews.
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Quote from: gh122 on 08-Oct-13, 04:59 PM
such as HTM,

WTF is that? Some kind of hormone treatment for menopausal women?  <:W:>
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C4S previews are a big joke. Lots of them don't even have any previews at all, and the ones that do, are just plain silly. It is impossible, or very hard to tell what you are going to get, if you decide to pay the already pretty steep price. They are not getting my money.

Many of the monthly subscription oriented sites have much better previews (clips and pictures). Scissor Vixens and Foxes, Female and Mixed Wrestling Zone, Lady Fist, or Fighting Dolls, are just a few examples.


I've even seen C4S previews in which you only saw the introduction of the company. Wohoo!

If there are previews the companies are best of putting some scenes together, not spoiling too much but showing what's going on in the video.


The previews for c4s videos can be a little tough to work with at times.  Producers are given the basic choice of a 10-second glimpse from either the very start of the video, 10 seconds in, 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 into the video.  Sometimes the choices are just not very indicative of the video as a whole, which is unfortunate.

c4s does seem to have an option to select the preview more exactly, but I personally have never gotten that feature to actually work.  I have experimented with putting a 10-second selection at the very start of the clip and choosing that as the preview, but I never did this more than once.  Another option is to use animated gifs as the product cover image, though too many of these can slow down the store page.  Also, there's the use of "extended previews" hosted on a streaming video site, for when the c4s previews just don't show enough to give customers a real feel for the video.


Yeah if you're like me, you like to open a few tabs open at once. The worst thing they did at c4s was include gif images. Its impossible to have 100 entries open at once. Everytime I do, my memory goes stupid over 2gb.

I try to keep to 50 entries at a time, but still its a horrendous website, as if filtering through the bullshit clip stores wasn't enough.  I've also found that if you try to open say 5 tabs at once, it freezes the connection to the site, and it takes some time to get that speed back up.

Onto the 10second previews, some are good, some are horrible. They need to show me why I should buy the video, or promote a 30 second video on their website. I've literally seen 10second previews show nothing, and they select the most appealing thumbnail to sell the video, with a bullshit description. I've been caught out so many times, with lies in the description, and not enough of an idea on the content of the video. GG are getting bad, because they're doing this and its pissing me off, because they make you pay to see the previews on their website. Not only that, i get the impression that their videos are tame. But if they showed a preview, it might help sell the clip. I'm not getting sucked in again.

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