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Author Topic: Women almost won Men's overall competition in Bodybuilding !!!  (Read 7624 times)

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In the UKBFF qualifier held at Midlands, UK, Silvana Imbrogno a female bodybuilder was so good that she was invited to compete at the Men's overall competition. According to the report by Flex Magazine she could have won it too  :o

Thank heavens they did not let her compete against men her own weight otherwise she would have creamed them  ;D

Can Anyone tell me if this the 1st time something like this has happened or has this been previously heard off.

Just imagine men tanned and oiled in their smallest bottoms being outmuscled by a female publicly. Most would quite bodybuilding if that happened  ;)

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love it!  8)  K+
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a dream co
me true :) :P

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This is incredible! The men are bigger but when you see a professional female bodybuilder like this side by side with the men you realize just how much more perfect, beautiful, and superior the female sex is to the male!!! Perfection in strength, grace and symmetry.