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Author Topic: Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories  (Read 90208 times)

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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories
« Reply #15 on: 20-Mar-13, 10:15 AM »
Hawaiian Encounter

When you were young, did you ever have an infatuation with an older and bigger girl? Did you wonder what it would be like if she were to take you down to the ground and sit on your chest with her strong thighs encasing you and firm but pressing on your chest? Those feelings came back as soon as I was in the presence of Kayana. Soon they became quite real.
She opened the door and there stood a gorgeous, dark haired Hawaiian beauty in a white bikini and red gown. Kayana is 6’ tall and weighs 170lbs. She is not ripped like many of the more veteran bodybuilders but she has an intensely feminine and strong build. Her skin is smooth and tan and her face is beautiful with a warm smile. She welcomed me in where she had several mats laid down for our session.
After some very enjoyable small talk (she has a great sense of humor), she asked if I was ready. I stripped down to my gym shorts and said, “as ready as I will be”. Kayana laughed and said, “I won’t torture you too bad”. I replied, “oh please do”. This brought gales of her infectious laughter. She removed her gown and came towards me.
Kayana quickly got one arm around my neck and gripped my left arm. She got her leg behind mine and took me right down to the floor. It was only moments before she had me in a very effective headlock. I am not a weak man and tried to pull her arms off but it wasn’t going to work. She maneuvered behind me, sat down and wrapped her legs around my middle. I tried twisting and turning but it was to no avail. I then attempted to unwrap one of her legs but she then squeezed them even tighter (I was surprised as I thought they were already at maximum). It was obvious that I was trapped. Kayana asked, “do you think you are going to make it out of this?” I realized I wouldn’t and told her, “ok… you got me”. Kayana released me and we both stood.
We faced off and I vowed I would not go down so easily again. We came at each other and wrapped up. Her power is really something else and she bore me backwards, putting me off balance. With a leg behind mine, once again she easily took me down. This time she went right to the leg scissors around my waist. As she faced me, she balanced on her hands with her legs wrapped tightly around me. I managed to get one arm between my torso and her thighs thinking I would be able to pry upwards. This did not work out as planned as I couldn’t get her legs to budge. In fact, it made my predicament worse as I was less mobile. Kayana laughed as I tried to maneuver out.
In one very quick movement, she released her legs and sprang forwards knocking me onto my back. Before I knew it, she had my wrists and she sat her firm but hard on top of my stomach. She easily got my wrists pinned to the floor. I bucked and tried to twist out but there was no way this was going to work. Kayana looked down at me and said, “it looks like you are pretty well grounded”. A few more futile attempts to unseat her and I agreed. She began to taunt me as she asked, “what would you do if I just decided to sit here all day long? I can do it”. I laughed and said, “I suppose you could”. Kayana blurted, “you suppose?” She then used her knees to pin my arms and slid upward so that she was sitting astride my chest.
I used my legs to try to trap her and throw her backwards but instead, she caught them and bent them forward. I was definitely stuck. My legs couldn’t go any further and Kayana let them flop uselessly to the ground. She then slid up a little further so that she was sitting right over my face. She lowered her self down momentarily asking, “now what if I sat here all day long?” This time I said, “I know that you could”. Her move was completely dominating and there was little I could do about it. She then moved back and sat down hard onto my chest again. Kayana laughed and said, “I can do just about anything I want”.
This is pretty much how our match went the entire time. The few times that I felt like I was gaining a measure of control, she would simply move in such a way that I did not expect and easily get out of whatever I was trying. Kayana is very strong and has an extremely effective sense of leverage. Time and time again I would find myself in something such as an unbreakable headlock, scissors or pinned down where she would taunt me.
It was truly an exciting encounter and now I know just what it is like to be overcome by the bigger, sexy girl that we all dreamed about.

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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories
« Reply #16 on: 20-Mar-13, 10:41 AM »
Mom's Big Legs

Janice smiled as she felt her son's eyes boring a hole into her thick ass from the hallway. The bodacious and muscular 50-year-old divorcee was doing her afternoon's aerobics in front of the TV in a tight, white leotard top over a very sexy, lacy open-front bodice, bending and stretching and exposing thick pads of her luscious ass, and she knew Mark was watching. She always knew he was watching.

She heard the unmistakable squish-squish sound of Mark jacking his huge cock, and her pussy went wet while she bent over more, her big, hard ass hanging out of the tight leotard. Mark had a cock even bigger than her ex-husband's; she'd spied him in the shower, when even limp his dong hung halfway to his knees. And he "accidentally" walked in on him one time during his many jack-off sessions, gasping in shock not at what he was doing but that he was doing it with both hands and the top of his monster meat was still clearing both pumping hands before he quickly covered himself in his sheets, Janice merely giggling and walking out of the room.

It was the same thing every day when Mark got home, and locked himself in his room to do his homework, Janice coming home a couple hours later, throwing dinner on the stove and then hitting the floor to do aerobics. She was incredibly well built for a woman her age, she knew it and loved it, and this day was running her hands over her massive legs, the thick beefy quads of her pulsating thighs and down over the chiseled flesh of her calves. As she bent over, from between her legs she caught just a bit of Mark's madly pumping hand as he clung to the shadows, convinced his mom couldn't see him. Her pussy tingled at the thought of her big- cocked son whacking off to the sight of her athletic body.

"Enough's enough," Janice said to herself, straightening up to shut off the TV. "Today's the day."

She walked toward the hallway and heard Mark hurridley retreat to his room, slamming the door. She calmly opened it and watched him cowering under the sheets. Walking toward the bed, she sat on it and put a hand on his trembling shoulder.

"Mark, I know what you're doing, I know you stand in the hallway and beat your dick as you watch Mommy work out every day," she said, trying to suppress a giggle. "It's OK, let's talk about it."

Mark looked at her through wet eyes, his lower lip trembling.

"Mom,'re just..."

"What, Mark, I'm what?"

"Beautiful!" he blurted. "And so big, strong..and m.m."

"Muscular?" Janice finished. "You like Mommy's big muscles?"

"Yes, Mommy, I love your big muscles!"

There, it was out in the open - and so was Mark's enormous pecker when Janice reached to hug him and the blankets fell away. Mark recoiled in horror and pulled the sheet over his lower body, exposing the muscular top half of him. As a football player at high school, Mark was blessed with a rugged, hard body, part of which was surely inherited from his mom, a long-time physical fitness freak with a remarkably big, muscular body for a woman of 50.

"Mark, don't be shy, I've seen your cock before, when you were little.and NOT so little," she teased, tweaking his hard right nipple playfully. "I'm flattered I make you hard.and to compliment you, you're MUCH bigger than your father."

Mark laughed nervously and still kept the sheet tight over his lap.

"But here's the deal, my little boy," she said, crossing a sexy leg and leaning on it, looking at him. "No more jacking off, from now on, you want to whack it, you whack it in front of me, as I work out. I wanna see you jack your dick, I want to see you shoot your hot cum. You got that?"

Mark's jaw dropped, his face reddened.

" way, Mom, you've gotta be kidding, there's no way I could..I could do that," he said distastefully.

"Well, here's the thing then," she growled, standing up, hands on hips and thrusting out one big, muscular leg for him to stare at as she stared at him. "We wrestle. We wrestle right now and if you win, you can whack back in the shadows as always, or not at all, for all I care. But I win.that big piece of meat is mine to do with what I want, and if I want to see you stroke yourself in front of me, you WILL stroke yourself in front of me!"

Mark looked in horror at his mother, and then busted out laughing. "Mom, you're kidding me, right? I mean, I work out all the time, too, I'm on the football team, baseball.C'mon, you may be big and strong."

".and beautiful," Janice interjected.

".and beautiful," he said. "But c'mon, wrestle?"

"Be in the living room in five minutes," she growled, leaving the room. "And put on some shorts, I wouldn't want to be stepping on that sweet meat while we're rasslin'. I think you're underestimating your old mother, sonny boy, I used to kick your father's ass all the time!"

Janice went to the living room, slipped on a pair of sexy white shoes and peeled off her leotard, standing in the open-fronted bodice that totally revealed her gigantic, hard titties, cut high on the sides to allow her big, bountiful buttcheeks to hang out. She pulled on the long sleeves of the sexy top and waited for her son, who soon emerged shyly in a pair of gym trunks, his eyes bugging out at the sight of her muscular boobs. Janice licked her lips and walked up to him, putting one hand on his hard chest, the other cupping his big dick through his shorts. He jumped back.

"Mom, c'mon, play fair," he said, slapping her hand away.

"Let's rock, babycakes," she hissed, backing away. "Your ass - and that dick - are mine!!"

She wasted no time, jumping him and securing a tight headlock and getting behind him to bulldog him to the floor.

Janice worked the hold on tightly, her forearm digging into his throat, choking him. He fought her, grabbed the arm, but couldn't budge it. Gagging, he steadied himself as his mother jerked and pulled the hold harder now, really powering into it and snapping his head.

"Give up yet?" she hissed into his ear, biting it. "I hope not, haven't had a chance to work Mommy's big legs on you yet!!"

Janice yanked him harder, knocking his legs out from under him and they crashed to the floor, Mark under his mom as she worked the headlock on tighter. She spread her big legs and pressed her hot pussy into the hard bulge of his muscular teen- boy butt, growling as she did.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels nice, your ass on my pussy, sonny boy," she hissed into his ear as he gagged from the pressure of her muscular arm choking him. "Feels reaaaaaaaaal nice.."

"" Mark gagged, pulling at the lace-covered forearm digging mercilessly into his throat.

"No way, son, no fucking way," Janice growled. "You like watching Mommy work out? You like watching THIS wrestling workout? Huh?"

She powered the headlock on until he was nearly out, his face crimson from the squeeze of her strong arm, then she let him flop to the floor, sitting on his back and madly humping her hot cunny against his hard ass. She was nearly cumming now, pumping her thick butt hard on him, but he bridged up a bit trying to fight her off.

"Dammit, Mom, stop it.please." he begged, spreading his legs to throw off the constant humping of his horny mother.

"Damn you!" she growled, grabbing his wrists and spinning him around to snap on a harsh grapevine. "I was gonna cum, you little shit! Now stay still and LET MOMMY CUM!!"

Mark struggled against his mom's hands as they pinned his to the exercise mats in the living room and he hunched his hips up trying to toss her off, but it only excited his mother more as she rode the grapevine down on him hard, punching it and using the thick, hollowed-out halves of her succulent ass to power it down. Mark's knee and hip joints were burning from the pain of his mother's relentless grapevine, her gigantic tits only inches from his heaving face. He turned his head away to avoid the incestuous feelings building in his loins as against his will, his cock stiffened and brushed his mom's pussy.

"You fucking whore!" she yelled down into his face as she battered his middle with her cunt. "I feel that big dick on me, don't tell ME you don't love getting beaten up by your mother!!"

Mark fought it but Janice was relentless, powering the grapevine harder and snapping her hips brutally hard on his crotch, nearly tearing out his knee joints in doing it. Again she neared orgasm and again Mark succeeded in breaking her concentration by nearly throwing her off his bucking form.

"You little prick!" she screamed, flipping him over and rolling him back into her legs for a brutal bodyscissors, her white leather shoes locking up in front of his belly. "Now you'll pay! IN MOMMY'S LEGS!!!"

Janice bore down hard and Mark screamed. She howled, leaning back and using just her legs, letting go of his neck with her arms, pushing against his shoulder with one hand to position him perfectly in the deadly clamp of her punishing gams. Her knees locked around his lower ribs, taking them to the breaking point "Mommmmmmmmmmmmm.." Mark screamed, almost unable to breathe in the leggy vice of his mother's hugely muscled legs. "Pleeeeeeeeeeease."

Janice put her head back and tore into him harder before pulling at his hair, tilting his head back and shouting into his face.

"Feel Mommy's BIG NASTY LEGS scissoring you, little boy? Huh? You feel my bodyscissors about to crush you in two, you little fucking shit!!!" she screamed. "You gonna whack that dick for mommy every day as she works out? Huh? Is that dick MINE yet!!!"

He balked at answering so Janice redoubled her efforts - and snapped four ribs in rapid succession, having a miniature orgasm as she felt his bones bend and yield to her crushing thighs. Mark screamed in agony, Janice in a cummy clamp of leg, before finally letting him go. He rolled away, sobbing, holding his sides. Janice sat back, laughing. His freedom didn't last long.

She lashed out with her long legs and snared his head, pulling him back into her mammoth thighs for a crushing straight headscissors. He grimaced in pain just before Janice set the big thighs into full scissoring fury.

"M.mommy.please, not this, please.your legs too strong...please, please, PLEASE!!" he yelled.

Janice laughed - and snapped her legs out straight, tightening her gripping thighs, the sheer bulk of them doubling in size as she put the headscissors on, full bore. Mark screamed in agony as his mother destroyed him in her big legs. She sat up in a half sit-up and smiled down at the sight of her big legs gobbling up his moaning skull.

"Hey, pretty boy, you don't look so pretty now, your face all red and pained and shit!!" Janice smiled down at him. "I should get some pictures of this, pass it around to your football buddies and your girlfriends. But you'll be outta action for awhile, what with the busted ribs - and being grounded!"

Mark bucked up at that, but Janice just relocked her ankles and vibrated her scissoring, gigantic thighs on her son's head until he quieted down. She leaned over to speak to him.

"What part don't you get, son?" she asked. "The grounding? The not playing football for awhile? Or the part where I OWN your big dick to do what I want with it?"

Mark couldn't fight anymore, his breathing was labored from the busted ribs his mother's legs had given him, and his skull throbbed with pain from her massive thighs being scissored around it. He couldn't fight back anymore, he knew she'd won. He panted, trying to talk, but his sides burned, his ears packed full of thigh meat so he couldn't even hear himself talk. Janice squeezed harder.

"I know, I know, you wanna say, 'you win, Mom', right?" she asked, and watched as Mark waved his hands helplessly, making a thumbs-up sign to indicate she was right, she'd won. "Atta boy."

She let go the scissors and Mark breathed more quietly now. Janice stood over her boy, smiling. He watched in horror as she straddled his face, then sat on it, hard, leaning over him now and clamping his head up her ass and in her thighs for a gruesomely painful reverse facescissors, 69 style.

"You just lay there and enjoy this, lover boy," she growled, pulling at his pants and freeing his monstrous trouser snake. "I'll use your face - and this!"

Janice opened wide and inhaled his mammoth prick into her madly sucking mouth, all the while letting her big thighs chew at his neck and head and pull his moaning face deeper into her huge, muscular ass.

She humped his face harder and harder, the moistness of her insatiable cunt wetting him, coating him in her musky aroma. Her big tits now embraced his huge dick as she booby-fucked him, lapping at the tip of his gigantic prick stem as her warm tit meat stroked him.

"Almost there, baby..almost there."

She leaned up on her hands now, letting her huge tits fall around his monstrous cock as she came and came hard, squeezing him in her scissors so hard his head felt like it were splitting in two. His hands pried at the gigantic scissoring mass of her big thighs but couldn't budge the iron limbs which were etched in silky steel

"Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming.." Janice roared, humping her cunny against his chest now as the sheer scissoring bulk of her huge thighs pushed his head away from her sweaty ass.

She squeezed Mark so hard he passed out cold, and she kept squeezing until her orgasm abated a full minute later. Stopping to catch her breath, she let him go and slowly sat up on his chest, facing his face. She reached back and stroked his still-hard prick that stuck out the leg of his shorts until he came around, and then stroked him harder.

"Give it up, little boy, cum for Mommy's hand, all over mommy's hand." she hissed, looking back at her pumping fist.

Mark couldn't fight it and turned away, shamefully, as he felt his orgasm build, finally exploding in a geyser of boy cream all over his mother's plunging hand. Janice growled as she worked the handjob harder, wringing every drop of goo from his pulsating prong, wiping her hand clean on his thigh. She turned to face him, now humping her tireless pussy against his cock, which she stuffed back inside his gym shorts.

"You gonna be Mommy's good wittle boy from now on, Marky honey," she hissed, snapping out a mini-orgasm as Mark lolled helplessly under his mother's muscular form.

"Y..yes, Mommy.."

"You a slave to Mommy's big legs from now on, honey?"

"Yes..yes, Mommy..," he sobbed.

She shifted, putting her knees up on his arms, sitting dominantly on her beaten and cum-stained son.

"Damn right," she hissed, pulling aside the cloth of her brief top and settling her neatly trimmed cunny on her son's crying face. "Time for another workout right now."

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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories
« Reply #17 on: 22-Mar-13, 03:55 PM »
Scissored at the Office

Dave called his girlfriend Donna at work. The couple, both in their 40s and divorced, had hit it off right from the beginning, sharing common interests like biking, tennis and working out. Donna was a short, thick blonde with a hard, muscular body for a woman her age. Her legs turned heads wherever she walked, especially her thickly packed calves, and it made Dave proud.

But this day on the phone, Donna sounded odd. She seemed to be concentrating on something and was rather detached, so Dave thought.

"Hon, you OK?" he asked. "You sound funny."

"Yeah...I'm fine," she said in a near grunt.

Then she heard a man's voice, more like a pained moan. He was begging. Dave's heart raced, he didn't know what was happening.

"Donna...please....I'm won't happen...again...," the man's voice said plaintively.

"Damn right it won't because next time, you'll end up with a concussion, asshole," Donna snapped, holding her hand over the phone but not enough that Dave couldn't hear.

"Donna, what the FUCK is going on?" he demanded.

Silence. Donna did not like being talked to that way.

"David, I'll tell you what's going on, but not because you demand to know, but because it's something you probably will experience, and sooner than later, given your attitude," she said icily. "I have a coworker, an underling with no brains and little talent for the job, it seems, locked securely between my thighs in a crushing headscissor hold. I'm punishing him with my legs, the way I punish people who don't produce - and now in YOUR case, people who are rude to me."

Dave was shocked, stunned into silence. He stammered.

" mean you have a man's face in...your pussy?"

"No, asshole, I have him facing away from me," she said calmly. "He's under my desk, facing away from me, and I'm in my chair, headscissoring him. Tell you what, Mr. Curiosity, you're only a few blocks away, come over and see for yourself."

She hung up. Angry now at the thought of another man between his girlfriend's legs, no matter which was he was facing, Dave raced out of the building over to Donna's office. He didn't bother to knock and went right in.

Her desk faced the door and from the front of it extended a pair of man's legs, in suit pants. They were twitching and jerking, spasming as if the host body were in the throes of a painful death. Donna sat calmly behind the desk, talking on the phone as she leaned back in her chair.

"Yes, those reports will be done by mid-afternoon, Mr. Collins, I assure you," she said calmly, looking at Dave with a stern look, her short blonde hair pulled back in a tight bun. "I have, uh, someone doing the legwork on them right now."

She hung up and sat, hands folded across her chest. The man's legs trembled and Dave heard him grunt. Incensed, he stormed over to look down at Donna's lap and sure enough, she had her amazingly thick thighs latched around the guy's head, so tightly he was turning purple. Donna smiled at Dave with a dominant sneer and squeezed harder, causing the guy to moan more loudly.

"I think you get the message, don't you Peter?" she said, still glaring at Dave but talking to the man scissored in her plump thighs. "Now be a dear and finish those reports...after you take something for that headache."

Donna unlocked her legs and Peter slumped to the floor. She sighed and reached down to pull him up by the hair, making him stand and get himself together before sending him on his way. Dave watched the whole thing, angry and unable to say anything.

"" was all he could manage.

"Now it's your turn, David," Donna said, walking up to him and unceremoniously ramming her thick thigh up to his balls.

He hit his knees howling in pain. Donna laughed and hiked up her short green business dress on legs uncovered by nylons and stepped forward, trapping his hanging head in a standing reverse headscissors, his agonized gaze forced to watch her bulbous calves as she stood on crossed feet, rocking up and down. Thick wads of fleshy steel bubbled up under her calf flesh as her 30-inch thighs pistoned up and down,vibrating a meaty message onto his scissored skull: Don't fuck with Donna's legs.

"Do you understand how strong I am David, hmmm, do you?" she asked, leaning on his back with her fingertips and pumping the scissors on harder, making stars swim before his eyes as she took him to the point of unconsciousness. "My scissor holds are legendary in my family and my workplace. I guess it's time you found that out."

She let him go momentarily, only to headlock him in a beefy arm. The short blonde danced him to the middle of the room and tossed him to a couch on the other side. Leaping from mid-room, she crashed onto his face - pussy first. He inhaled her musky scent as he felt and watched her thick thighs close around his face. His nose was trapped in the mesh of wet panty as it rubbed her clit through the material.

"Mmmm, Peter was making me horny, it always gets me horny scissoring a man," she hissed, rubbing her pussy on his trapped face. "Good thing you stopped by when you did or I'd have had his cock out by now!"

He squirmed at that bit of news but couldn't get out from under Donna's solid 130 pounds of hard meat as she pumped and grinded her way to a gushing orgasm, the oily moisture of her juices soaking her panty and dripping into Dave's punished mouth. She smiled down at him; he was nearly out from the vicious smother. She slid off and sat on his chest to let him recover, her legs crossed comfortably as she leaned back against the couch. She bounced the top crossed leg over the lower one, the meat along the sides of her shinbone creasing deeply along the muscle line, flaring her calf out to a noticeable degree. Dave came around and stared at Donna in disbelief.

"How long have you been like this?" he asked quietly.

"My whole life, David," she said, looking at her legs, which she now stuck out before her to catch Dave's eyes, popping a stony quad-stiffening pose for him, the muscle in her hunky thighs jammed out in bold relief. "I used to wrestle my sisters all the time, and they showed me how to dominate with my legs. Do you like it, not that it matters?"

Dave shook his head slowly. "No, Donna, I don't...frankly it's a little humiliating."

Donna smiled. "Good, that's JUST the answer I was looking for!!"

Donna hauled Dave to the floor and rudely sat on his face, engulfing it up her hard, hammy ass after pulling up her panty into a thin g-string. Dave fought back but was no match for her scissor-trained legs. She faced his feet and now extended her legs out behind her, reaching back with one hand to grab Dave's hair and shove his nose deep into the crack of her sweaty ass. Ribboning her thighs 'round his ears, she laced her ankles together and put on a fearsome display of scissor power, the bumpy outer edges of her thighs rippling with muscle and bulging wide at the skull squeezed between them. The sheer force of the squeeze popped Dave's face out of Donna's hunching butt, and it was now pure, unadulterated and deadly thigh power that was crushing the will from him.

"You'll see the light, David," she growled back over her shoulder as she held herself off the floor with stiff arms, slamming the scissor on harder still. "And if you don't, you'll really see the light, the ones people who've come back from the dead report seeing! IF I let you come back!!"

Dave screamed but it was cut off by the pincers of Donna's cable-corded inner thigh muscles that sliced in and around his neck, cutting off the blood to his brain and his speech. Stars swam before his eyes and seconds later, he was out cold. But not before seeing a very bright light.

When he came around again, he was lying on the couch. His head pounded, his eyes were fuzzy and his neck was a sharp jolt of pain whenever he moved his head. He heard Donna's groans and painfully turned his head to the side where he saw a pair of legs - a man's - sticking out from Donna's desk again. Only this time, they were facing the other way, meaning the guy's face was in Donna's pussy. And Donna's face was a mask of glowing pleasure, a small smile on her face, a dreamy look in her heavy-lidded eyes. She caught sight of Dave and grinned.

"Mmmmm...I told you scissoring makes me horny," she hissed, looking down at hercrotch. "So I had Peter take a break from those reports to come in here and eat me. If you didn't pass out, this would be you."

Dave made a move to get up but the pounding pressure in his head and blinding pain in his neck forced him to lay still. Donna laughed.

"Don't worry, lover, you'll get used to it," she sighed, leaning back in her chair to let her demanding thighs milk muscularly at Peter's sucking face. "They all do."

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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories
« Reply #18 on: 23-Mar-13, 04:20 PM »
The Ironic Thing

The ironic thing, considering the way I wound up completely beaten and humiliated, is that what first attracted me to Alexis was that she was such a “girly-girl.” Not that she is small or dainty; in fact, she is a good-sized woman, tall and curvy with shapely thighs and just the right amount of flesh on her bones. I mean that she’s “girly” in the sense of always having her make-up perfect, always having her long nails perfectly shaped and painted pink, always making faces and squeaking “Eeewww!” when she sees a spider. And she had been attracted to me, in turn, because I was always a man’s man--fairly tall, strong, wiry and athletic. I was always there to take her in my arms when she was scared or upset, always there to open jars and move furniture, always there to do the man’s work when it needed to be done. When we made love I was always on top; there was never a question of doing things any other way.

Of course, our relationship had a downside. To be frank, she was bossy. She had a tendency to whine or nag or cajole until she got her way. And when she didn’t get her way, she pouted. It seemed to me she was a little immature, and a lot selfish. But so beautiful!

I was surprised, and even hurt, when she left me for Dustin. Dustin of all people…sort of a wuss, I always thought. Nice enough, kind of funny, but smaller and thin. He probably didn’t weigh any more than Alexis herself. She told me he made her feel “important.” Geez! She also mentioned that she had more fun with him, that they did silly things like wrestling around, and that he even let her win. Wrestling around? Letting her win? What a loser! And she left me for him? Good riddance!

Well, I wanted to think myself happy to be rid of her, but I really wasn’t. I missed her. Not that I would ever let her know that. As much as I wanted her back, my pride wouldn’t let me stoop to trying to win her away from him.

So it was quite a shock when Dustin himself called me asking for help. I was hesitant to talk to him, but the more he spoke, the more intrigued I was. His story was hard to swallow, and yet as soon as we hung up I was headed out the door to their apartment.

Dustin had told me how they had indeed started wrestling, playfully at first. It was fun foreplay, getting them both excited. To make it more interesting, he said, he had taught her a little about wrestling, and she had learned well. After a few weeks she was holding her own with him, usually avoiding being pinned. And then, amazingly, she had surpassed Dustin’s ability and began to defeat him regularly. He was obviously embarrassed to admit this to me, but his current situation had become unendurable. Alexis no longer wanted to wrestle just as a precursor to making love…now she took satisfaction in beating Dustin at various times of the day, for various reasons. If she had a bad day at work, she took it out on Dustin. If they disagreed about where to go out for dinner, she would wrestle him to submission and physically force him to give in. She had discovered a dominant, sadistic side to her personality. As much as he loved her, he didn’t want to be submissive. Try as he might, he couldn’t win against her in a fight any more.

I asked him what he wanted me to do about it, not sure I wanted to do anything. His story was rather hard to believe--a grown man unable to beat a woman in wrestling or fighting? Moreover, I wasn’t necessarily inclined to help the guy who had stolen my girl and now had problems with her. His request was most interesting. He wanted me to come over this afternoon and hide in his closet and watch; he was sure that she would start a fight with him when she got home from work. In the middle of the fight, he wanted me to jump out and intervene once she had become abusive. He figured that I could overpower her and force her into submission, making her realize what a bitch she had become.

I agreed to Dustin’s strange plea, but not because I planned to help him. Instead, I intended to watch and see if Alexis really did beat him up, then try to win her back to me; how could she prefer to stay with a wimp when she could come back a real man? It was a mean thing to do to Dustin, to not even plan to come to his aid, but the opportunity to use his weakness to get Alexis back was simply too enticing.

So I drove over to their apartment and was hiding in the closet when Alexis came home. She was more beautiful than ever, and just as feminine. Based on Dustin’s description of her newfound brutal streak, I was expecting her to be a little less “girly,” but her lipstick was as perfectly applied as it ever was, even at the end of the day, and her fingernails were still long and brightly painted. She and Dustin talked as she stripped off her clothes, revealing her red bra and panties, and I had to fight hard to resist the urge to jump out right then and ask her to come back to me.

I didn’t have to wait long before their conversation turned negative. She asked him if he had done the dishes, if he had picked up her dry cleaning, if he had done a whole list of errands for her. As soon as she got to a task he had not accomplished, she rose from the chair and stood over him where he sat on the bed. Her back was toward me, her hands on her hips…I had an excellent view of her round rear end, full but not fat, barely contained by her red panties.

“Why didn’t you finish it?” she asked, her voice more a threat than a question.

“I just--“

CRACK! Her slap was sudden and forceful, knocking Dustin off the bed. He started to get up and was met with a knee to his chest. He grunted and coughed. Alexis seized his right wrist and twisted his arm into a hammerlock and forced him face first onto the carpet. They were now facing toward me, only five feet away, and from the cracked closet door I watched in amazement as this very feminine, very beautiful woman straddled a full-grown man and forced his wrist between his shoulder blade. Her round breasts dangled down, hardly held in check by her lacey red bra. He cried out in obvious pain, but she just taunted him. “You’re such a wimp, Dustin. Such a sissy. Can’t even fight off a little ol’ girl, can you?” She pulled his head back by the hair, forcing his neck back at a violent angle. He actually whimpered in his agony. “Is the little girl hurting the big strong man? Poor baby,” she cooed. For his part, Dustin couldn’t even answer; his flailing legs and choked gurgle were the only replies he was capable of.

I couldn’t believe Alexis was doing this. The same woman that had shared my bed, who had always been so docile and doll-like, who came to me for anything requiring strength, was torturing a grown man! Perhaps because of my surprise, or maybe because she was so sexy in only her underwear, I felt myself grow aroused at the sight. I knew I was supposed to jump out right now and rescue Dustin--he was waiting for me to do so. And I had planned to jump out and simply try to win her away from him. Instead I stayed hidden, unable to quit watching the spectacle in front of me.

She didn’t disappoint. Still straddling Dustin, Alexis rammed his face forcefully into the carpet and held it down, digging her long nails into his neck. He squirmed but couldn’t escape, given that she had his arm trapped behind him. Then, rising to her feet, Alexis dragged Dustin up by his hair and started slapping him, hard, across the face, with both her right and left hand. He tried to grasp her wrists to stop her but she twisted out of his grip time and time again. Soon his face was red and swelled. Tears were running down his face, and he could hardly stand. I could tell he wanted to call me to come out of the closet, but he was so beaten that he couldn’t talk coherently.

Finally Alexis let her boyfriend drop to the floor. He lay there panting, crying, a mess. She stood over him, still taunting him for being a wimp. Slowly she sat down on his outstretched right arm, facing his head, and leaned over and grabbed his left wrist and held his left arm out to the side of his body. He feebly struggled but she clearly had him pinned. Holding his one arm secure with her left hand and sitting on his other arm, Alexis began her most brutal torture yet, applying a vicious stomach claw. Her long pink nails probed and pulverized his stomach, causing his whole body to twitch and jump in pain. Every so often she would reach further down and grab his manhood for a quick bit of torture or reach up and twist and pinch one of his nipples; but always she returned to his abdomen for her primary torture. When at last Alexis stood up again, Dustin was only barely conscious. He curled into a fetal ball and wept almost silently. I could only pity him.

My feelings toward Alexis, on the other hand, were mixed. My lust at her beauty and sensuality only increased by seeing this terrifying performance, and yet I had contempt at her callousness. Why had she been so brutal to a guy who seemed basically nice?

She turned around suddenly and gasped when I opened the closet door.

“My God! What are you--I mean…did you see…Oh God!” She stumbled over her words.

“I saw it all. Dustin told me everything,” I said. I looked down at him, still on the floor, completely out of it.

“Why are you here? I don’t understand…”

“I was supposed to help him. But…” I trailed off. Why didn’t I help him?

Alexis was regaining her composure. She looked at my crotch and saw the bulge in my khakis. “You got excited,” she said, “and couldn’t stop watching. Or maybe,” she began, pausing as an idea formulated in her mind, “maybe you were afraid.”


“Yeah, that’s it,” she said, take a step toward me. I stepped back involuntarily and she smiled and pointed a long, polished nail at my chest. “You’re afraid of me, aren’t you? You don’t want to end up like that, do you?” She pointed to the lump of beaten man on the floor, still drooling.

“Actually, I was going to ask you to come back to me. But now, now I don’t think I want you.”

“Want me? You don’t deserve me,” she said. “You’re just a pussy like him.”

I laughed in disbelief. “Come on, Alexis,” I snarled. “You might have figured out how to beat poor Dustin up, but be real. If you tried any of that on me I’d put you in the hospital.”

Instead of answering, she stuck out her jaw and opened her mouth slightly, seductively. Slowly she edged the pink tip of her tongue out and slid it along her beautiful polished lips, a seductive taunt. Seeing that she now had my interest, she held out her hand and motioned me forward, her index finger beckoning me, her long fingernails waving me closer. I took one step, then another, as though being called by a siren. Alexis was so sexy…and she was summoning me.

When I was within three feet of this brunette bombshell, her right foot shot up and out, smashing into my impassioned crotch. I felt a surge of nausea rise in my abdomen and I dropped to my knees, cursing my stupidity. I leaned forward, my face inches from the carpet, and found myself staring at her lovely feet, her toenails as always perfectly manicured.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” she said. “Thought you’d get a little action,” she said in a little girl’s voice. “What a dope you always were.”

Despite my pain, I wasn’t incapacitated, and her taunting spurred me on. I lunged forward and tackled her, wrapping my arms around her shapely legs, knocking her to the ground. We struggled briefly but my strength was too much for her, and second later I was sitting astride her silky stomach, holding both her arms down to the carpet. She bucked and struggled underneath me like a rodeo bronco, her teeth bared, her eyes flashing. I laughed at her efforts.

“Get serious, Alexis. You know I’m a man, an athletic man, and that you’re just a girly-girl. There’s no way you’re getting up. Go ahead and quit squirming before you hurt yourself.” I was enjoying the look of frustration on her face as I spoke.

“Let me up, you bastard,” she screamed.

“Not on your life. What is your problem? What has come over you?”

She stopped squirming and stared at me. Her eyes narrowed and she let out a slow breath. “Somewhere along the line I realized that I didn’t have to get pushed around by you men any more, just because you’re men. I’m tougher and stronger than Dustin, so why shouldn’t I use my power?”

“Well, you’re obviously not tougher and stronger than me, are you? What did I ever do to you?”

“For one thing, you hid in a closet and spied on me and Dustin! That’s pretty darn sleazy!” Alexis paused, panting, and struggled once more in my grasp. She couldn’t break her wrists free so she eventually gave up again and continued speaking. “And for another thing, I guess I’m just still pissed off about our whole relationship. You never listened to me about anything. You just made all the decisions for yourself…and I resent the hell out of that.”

She made me furious talking about our relationship that way, and yet sitting atop her, looking down at her heaving breasts and beautiful, angry face, I became aroused again, even after her having kicked my groin a minute ago. I ground my crotch into her stomach in spite of myself.

“It’s making you hot, isn’t it?” she said, grinning contemptuously. “Beating up a girl. Seeing me beat up Dustin. What a pervert…getting off on this.”

“Don’t give me that,” I said even though I knew she was right. “You’re the one who’s getting off on it. You started this, not me.”

“And I’m going to finish it, too!” she screamed and suddenly broke free from my grasp. I must have loosened my grip, because with a quick jerk and twist of her arms she had freed both her hands and was now clawing at my legs and chest. I tried to grab her again but her arms were a blur of motion as she attacked from beneath me. Somehow she managed to buck up and I lost my balance. We rolled across the carpet and briefly she straddled me until I threw her off again. Before I could pin her again she sprang to her feet and circled behind me. I rose to my knees only to have her wrap her right arm around my throat and squeeze violently. I tried to continue to stand up but she forced me forward, her strong thighs on either side of my back. I reached back to grab one of her legs and she caught my arm, further trapping me.

My size and strength advantage were temporarily nullified by her position, and she knew it. “What’s wrong, lover?” she whispered in my ear. I felt her tongue nuzzling my neck. I clawed at her forearm with my free hand, trying to get some air. “Has the little girly-girl got the big strong man in a teensy bit of twouble?” She stuck her tongue in my ear and I tried to pull away. She giggled malevolently.

Meanwhile I was trying to free my left arm from her grip but instead she secured her control by managing to grab my wrist. Given the leverage she had standing over me, and the fact that I was fighting to breathe, she succeeded in wrenching my arm into a hammerlock. I remembered what she had done to Dustin and began to panic. With her hips she was forcing me down to the carpet, while still strangling me with her right arm. I was only barely supporting my weight and hers with one arm, and I could tell that I couldn’t keep it up much longer.

In desperation I rolled, hoping to force her off and start again from a neutral position. Instead, she let me roll while standing over me, then planted her knees in my solar plexus, forcing the air out of me. I coughed and fought desperately for a breath. Now I found myself in a fetal position, on my side, hoping to suck in air. In my fog I could hear her taunting me, could feel her kicking me in the side, and I glimpsed Dustin, still lying pathetically on the other side of the room. Was I as pathetic as him?

Alexis stood over me. With mocking daintiness, she rolled me to my back and sat hard on my chest. I couldn’t prevent her from planting her knees on my biceps, pinning me painfully exposed underneath her. Her smooth, creamy thighs stretched tauntingly to either side of my face, her round breasts bounced a foot above my eyes. She grinned at me, her makeup still perfect. Once again, she ran her tongue around the rim of her lips, teasing, humiliating. I kicked up, as vainly as Dustin had. Alexis reached back and grabbed both my legs and pushed them forward, folding me in half. Now I was truly helpless. Her pink fingernails bit into my calves as she forced my feet to the carpet above my head. In the midst of the pain, the nausea, the humiliation, I wondered how—and why—such a beautiful woman could beat me so mercilessly.

Being bent in half, with her one-hundred twenty pounds on my chest, I got little air, so by the time she released me I was nearly unconscious due to hypoxia. So when she tied my feet together with my own belt, I couldn’t stop her. When she tied my hands together with her hose, I couldn’t stop her. When she ran her long nails up and down my body, up and down my manhood, all the while daring me to make her stop, I couldn’t. When she wrapped her long fingers around my neck and dared me to stop her from killing me with her bare hands, I couldn’t. I could only cry, salty tears streaming down my face, as she tortured me even worse than she had Dustin, twisting my nipples until they bled, mauling my stomach with her strong fingers and sharp nails, finally bringing me to climax so roughly that it was clear it was for her own pleasure only, none of mine. The last thing I remember before she smothered me unconscious, her warm hand over my mouth and pink fingernails pinching my nose, was the satisfied look on her girly-girl face.

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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories
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Double Scissored Into Jerking Off

I came home from work and noticed my mother-in-law's car was over. Walking inside, I found her and my wife sitting at the kitchen table, laughing like crazy.

"What's so funny ladies?" I smiled, walking over to them.

They got quiet, looked at me, and burst out laughing. I had no clue what was happening, but was starting to get annoyed.

"Anne, what's so funny, c'mon," I asked my pretty wife, who was sitting on this warm day in short shorts, t-shirt and sandals. "Please tell me."

"Well if you must know, I was telling Mom about the time I scissored you into jerking off," Anne said plainly, looking at her mom and giggling. "And told you all the nasties that I'd done, all the time while I was squeezing your head in my legs."

My face went beet red, my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe Annie was telling her Mom about that time she made me put my head in her legs and crushed me, making me stroke my cock while telling me how she made other guys at work come as she squeezed them in her muscular thighs and calves. Obie, my very attractive, whitish-blonde haired 60-year-old mother in law, looked at me and laughed.

"Unbelievable, but I guess maybe not," she said, swinging her own legs out from under the kitchen table as she sat in a rather short summery skirt, her long, creamy white limbs still etched in still somewhat youthful muscle. "Good legs always ran in the family."

"And strong legs too, huh Mom?" Anne laughed. "Tell him, tell him about Daddy, what you used to do to him, before the divorce."

"Uh, maybe he needs to be in a better position to listen, whaddya think?" Obie laughed, looking at Annie.

My wife beamed - and then glared at me.

"On your ass, now, put your head between my mom's thighs, she wants to scissor you as you jack off," Annie growled.

"'ve got to be kidding, Annie, please, you don't..." I stammered.

I never finished. Obie's sneaker clad foot shot out and racked my balls with a brutal toe shot deep to my crotch. I screamed in pain and doubled over, making it easy for my mother-in-law to grab my ears, twist me to a sitting position before her and slam-wrap her thick but hard thighs on my head. She cupped my chin in her hands and pulled back, the inner muscles of her incredibly strong thighs cutting into my neck and leaving my ears free to hear her.

"Well it's like this, sonny boy," she laughed. "Before we were married, I was a gymnast in my high school, had the best legs in town, you could say. I also used to rassle my brothers a lot and always managed to win, as I got older, doing to them pretty much what I'm doing to you now!!"

Obie squeezed hard and I yelped in pain. She let go my chin with her hands and leaned back in her chair, picking up her coffee and sipping it. Annie was howling, she was laughing so hard watching her Mom work me over in her old but unbelievably strong legs.

"Hey, you're forgetting something," Annie said to me, nudging my crotch with her foot. "Whip that out!"

"NO FUCKING WAY..." I started to protest.

"I daughter....gave ORDER!!" Obie growled, accentuating every second word with a thigh-quivering, eye-popping surge of scissor power that nearly knocked me out.

I hurriedly obeyed, slipping my pants down and stroking my amazingly hard cock. Something about the legs in this family, I guess.

"Christ, Annie, that's all you've had all these years?" Obie said in disgust, looking at my pecker. "Shit, no wonder you go after strange cock at work, I don't blame you."

I cringed at the humiliation and Anne's laughter following it - and gamely pounded my pecker in my fist as Obie squeezed and continued her monologue.

"And my husband got his first taste of what you're getting now on our honeymoon," she sighed. "Wedding night, the little dick craps out on me, only fucked me once and rolled over to go to sleep. I straightened his ass out by lacing my thighs around his jaws and taking his face to my pussy."

"No kidding, Mom?" Anne laughed. "You scissored his face into your pussy, all full of his cum?"

"Oh, you bet," Obie hissed, squeezing me harder. "I figured he put it there, dirtied my pussy and all, the least he could do was lick me clean. And he did!!"

My cock twitched, my nuts knotted. It was happening again, just the way it did with Annie.

"Over the years, I can't tell you how many times I knocked that fucker out in neckscissors, headscissors, even bodyscissors," she said. "I busted his ribs on a number of occasions, so much so old Doc Pritchard finally came calling one day while your dad was at work."

"What happened, Mom, what happened?" Annie said, kneeling down now to massage her mother's gorgeous gams as they squeezed me, using one hand to rub her own cunt as she did.

"Well, I was in my early 30s then, just had you and your brother, so I was in pretty good shape," Obie said, now grinding her pussy into the back of my head while Annie massaged her legs, squeezing them in with her hands to put even more pressure on me. "He came in, started giving me some shit about how women shouldn't be beating up their husbands.

"Uh, Doc', I told him, 'Doc, how many housecalls do you make to tell husbands to stop beating their wives, huh, answer me that'," Obie said, crushing me harder as the memory clearly angered her. "he said none. I said 'No shit'!! That's when I let him have it."

"You let Doc Pritchard have it, Ma, you let him have the leg?" Annie cried, leaning over to run her tongue over her mother's muscular thigh.

"Fuck yes, Annie, my girl, I took that old bone man to the carpet in our living room and just laid into him," Obie laughed. "We used to wear garters and nylons in those days, and dresses, workdresses, and next thing you know old Doc Pritchard's got his face buried up my bloomers, his nose caught in my asscrack, and my thighs just crushing his head!! My nylons got wrecked from him pulling at them, trying to get loose!"

"What did you do then, Mom, what then?" Annie asked wide-eyed as Obie's legs grew tighter on my neck.

"I did THIS!!" Obie cried, suddenly taking her locked sneakers that were before me and ramming them repeatedly downward into my balls. "Only I used my hands!!"

Annie roared. "You mean like this?"

And with that, she balled up her fist and pummeled my nuts as I tried to jerk my dick, flattening the meat in her knuckles until I screamed in pain. My dick went limp from the pain.

"Hey, you get that hard again, you hear?" Obie growled, pulverizing me with a renewed scissor burst. "Annie, why don't we double team this sucker?"

"Great idea mom!" Annie said brightly.

Annie laced her long, muscular legs around my guts for a bruising bodyscissors as her mother continued to pummel my head in her thighs. The double scissor was on and I was fucking dying, hanging limply in the legs of a ferocious mother-and-daughter scissoring/ballbusting team. I picked up my dick, which was again hard, and started stroking.

"Tell me more Mom," Annie hissed, facing her mom, moaning and licking her muscular legs.

"Mmmm, Annie, that feels nice," Obie groaned, leaning back in the chair to squeeze me harder. "It turns me on..."

"And you scissoring my husband into jerking off rrrrrrrrrreally turns me on," Annie said in husky voice, running her tongue up the length of Obie's rocky thigh. "Tell me more..."

Obie laughed and continued. "There was the time these legs came in handy, on vacation, the year we went to Yosemite, you remember that?"

"Sure do, I was what, 12 or so?" Annie said, rippling her legs on my guts, looking back to make sure I was still stroking my meat.

"Yup," Obie said, vibrating her thighs harder on me, grinding her cunt on my head through her shorts, to which Annie now added her hand, fingering her mom's quim by reaching up under the short legs. "We'd run out of money, thanks to your idiotic father's misjudgment, and we pulled into this little store out in the middle of nowhere. I went inside, there was this little mousy clerk there..."

"Shit, mom, you're kidding, I remember that!" Annie said, fingering her mom harder now as the memory returned. "You were in there for a good half hour."

"Make that a good CALF hour!" Obie laughed. "Remember those pedal-pusher pants that were in then, that ended at the knee? Well, I had, and still do, some really big calves, all muscle and rocky, and I went into that store and said I was robbing him. HE said 'With what, I don't see no weapon', real cocky like. So I said 'Well here's a weapon, two of 'em!!'

"With that, I pulled that little shit over the counter, bulldogged him to his knees and stepped over him to take him like this, in my calves!"Obie hissed, pushing my head down to her rocky lower limbs, slicing the thick calf meat into my neck. "You shoulda heard him howl!!!"

And howl they heard ME, from the unbelievably painful crunch of my mother-in-law's iron calves. She punched the scissor on hard and stars swam before my eyes. As I almost passed out, my hand involuntarily slipped off my dick. The women noticed, and were not pleased.

"GET IT UP!!!" they both chorused, at the same time powering their respective leglocks into me, Annie's hugely muscled thighs crushing the air from me and squashing my guts, Obie's chiseled calf meat just about separating my head from my shoulders.

They finally let up just enough to let me start beating my dick again. Obie laughed as Annie's hand returned to her cunny under her shorts.

"You know just how to rub me the right way, girl," Obie hissed, taking her daughter's hand out for a second to lick her pussy-wet finger then return it to her cunt.

"Keep talking, Mom, I'm getting so fucking hot, I'm almost cumming by just rubbing my pussy on his side," Annie growled, grinding the scissors on harder, and her pussy into my ribcage.

"Anyway, I got 200 bucks from that guy in the store, I made him open the safe for it," Obie laughed, slowly humping my head in her scissoring gams. "I had the calf-lock on him and made him move to the safe, open it, and give me the works. Saved our vacation, it did, and your daddy never asked a thing about it. Course that night in the hotel, in our room, I 'bout scissored him to death for not bringing enough money to start with."

"So that's why you guys were making so much noise!" Annie squealed. "We thought you must've been fucking!"

"Nope, just scissoring," Obie sighed. "Well, at least I got to cum a few times that night, with his mouth. He never did, but I didn't care."

My cock was about to burst listening to them and watching out of the corner of my pain-wracked eyes as Annie continued to lap at her mother's muscular thighs. Obie continued.

"Then there was the time I was hosting your brother's Scout party, you don't remember that, you were away at Auntie's house, I think,"Obie said. "A couple kids were clearly out of line that night, I kept telling them to be quiet. Well, they didn't, so next thing I had to do was put 'em in line - and my legs!! I took one kid's head high in the thigh, like I have your hubby now, and crushed him in that scissors, and hooked the other little shit's neck in my big calves, and STILL managed to cross my ankles. You shoulda heard those fuckers scream!!"

My nuts were aching, knotted and ready to burst. It wouldn't be much longer, especially now as I heard Annie start to cum, rubbing her cunt on my side as she leaned up to devour her mother's big thighs in her mouth, all the while fingering the old lady's quim with a furious digit dance under her shorts.

"Oh, Annie, that's nice, don't stop...." Obie growled. "Lemme tell you about the day that Daddy finally decided to leave, that'll put you right over the fucking edge..."

And me, too, I figured. I jerked harder, Annie squeezed my guts a little tighter and Obie's relentless thighs scissored my skull more brutally. It wouldn't be long.

"Your daddy comes home one afternoon early, and there I am banging Billy, his best friend, on the bed...while Auntie Mary is sitting on my face!!" Obie groaned. "I'm devouring my sister's pussy, taking Billy's fucking enormous cock in my pussy, and your father's standing there, mouth open, shocked....I looked around your Auntie's gorgeous ass, lapped at her butthole and growled to Daddy, 'What the fuck are YOU looking at, short cock? Stick around, you might learn something!'"

"And we kept fucking, switching positions, taking Billy in my ass and pussy, your aunt's ass and pussy, all the while Daddy's standing there, crying, tears running down his face, not knowing what to do next," Obie hissed.

"So....Goddam, this is soooooooooooooooo good," Annie hissed, furiously fingering her mother's hot cunt as she neared orgasm herself by squeezing me in two. "What happened....tell me...quickly!!"

"Gonna, don't stop fingering my cunt, or licking my big legs, lick 'em, girl, lick the thighs that are destroying your husband's head!!" Obie screamed, totally blasting my skull in her huge thighs.

She kept talking, stopping occasionally to let her orgasm build.

"Then Billy....finally cums in my cunt, with Aunti lapping his nuts...." Obie rasps. "Then Auntie gets up, grabs Daddy by the hair and drags him to my pussy..... 'LOOK AT THAT CREAMPIE!!' Auntie screamed at Daddy. 'LOOKIT ALL THAT NASTY CUM Y OUR BEST FRIEND DUMPED IN YOUR WIFE'S HOT CUNT!!!'"

"Oh, Mommamommamomma..." Annie growled, snapping her legs on me, bending my ribs as her mother's scissors grew tighter as she came.

"And then....Auntie rams Daddy's face to my cunt and screams, 'EAT IT UP!!!'," Obie yelps, scissor-snapping her thighs hard, her hips bucking back and forth as she came on Annie's plunging finger. "And I took Daddy's face so hard in my cunt...made him eat me 'til I came again...and knocked him out FUCKING COLD!!!"

The women went nuts, squeezing me blind as all three of us came, my wife against my side, in the process snapping two of my ribs, Obie on her daughter's finger, cracking her headscissors on my so hard it dislocated my jaw, and me spraying cum all over Obie's big legs, Annie's hand and my own face. Five minutes later, by the time their orgasms finally died down, about four and a half minutes later than my own, I was unconscious. But not for long. As they recovered, they brought me around by Annie rubbing her cummy fingers all over my face and nose.

"Smell that," she hissed, putting her oily digits into my nose. "Smell momma's hot cunny cum...."

I had to obey, then licked her finger's clean of not only her mother's cum, but my own. My face was laced with spunk, as were Obie's now gently squeezing thighs. She grabbed my ears and moved my face around to the sides, ordering me to clean up the mess I made. Finally, she released me, as did Annie, and I slumped to the floor.

"Mom, that was the hottest..." Annie hissed, hugging her mom, the two women cupping each other's butts.

"Why don't we, uh, give my kid sister a call, have her come on over," Obie said with a sly smile and a look my way. "I like reminiscing this way."

Annie laughed and got the phone. What a fucking family.

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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories
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Marilyn: She dominates me...quite graphically...

I have rarely felt helpless in my life. Not like this, anyway. The word "helpless" barely begins to explain the situation. In the most basic sense, I was helpless in that I could only slightly move my limbs and could not get off my back, could not get off the floor, could not break free from her grasp, could not escape the pain Marilyn was so casually inflicting. I was further helpless in that my penis was aroused, against my will, and she knew it; her gentle and not-so-gentle touch kept my manhood at her mercy, obeying her will and
not my own. "Humiliation" is a more apt term to describe my situation.

A man should not be in this position. Bigger than she is, stronger than she is, younger than she is, I ought be have been able to overpower her. I ought to have been straddling her chest, looking down into her eyes and seeing her fear and frustration and embarrassment...not the other way around. I should never have let myself be physically overpowered by a middle-aged woman. Hearing her laughter as I bucked and squirmed in vain beneath her, unable to dislodge her as she sat like a queen on her throne, I felt my eyes begin to water again.

Out of energy to struggle any more, I looked up at her, not believing the picture of my conqueror. Marilyn's chestnut hair was still stylishly coiffed. Her lipstick shone on her full lips. She looked like she could be in a business meeting, except that she was wearing only her underwear. Her lacy black bra hammocked her small breasts. Freckles dappled her shoulders and chest. Her arms were thin but sinewy; her triceps, so often flabby on women her age, were lean and stretched taught as her arms were extended down. I couldn't see her hands at the moments, as they were grasping my wrists and pinning my arms tightly to the floor, but I knew her fingers were long and elegant, and I knew that the nails digging into my skin her manicured and painted the color of red wine. I couldn't see her legs, but I could feel them wrapped around my own. Her narrow feet were hooked inside my knees, and she was spreading my legs apart like an octopus opening a shell.

Marilyn's low voice was proper, calm, feminine, haughty. "Do you give up now?" She punctuated her question with a tensing of her legs, causing me to yelp involuntarily. I didn't answer. She smirked at my silence, and at my obvious defeat. When she released my wrists and legs, I continued to lie still beneath her: she had drained me of my strength. Marilyn slid her slim rear end up to my chest and spread her knees to the side, placing one shin on each of my arms on the insides of my elbows, pinning me to the floor. "Do you give up?" Still, I didn't answer. I couldn't bring myself to admit it.

Marilyn smiled broadly, showing her white teeth. Leaning back, she reaching behind her and grasped my penis with her right hand. I squirmed ineffectually as she began massaging me, first gently and then more roughly. I could only flail my legs as she brought me
closer and closer to climax. Before I came, Marilyn climbed off my chest and rolled me over to my stomach. Twisting my right arm into a hammerlock, she demanded that I get on my knees. I complied. She reached around and resumed her masturbation of me, her long fingers and long nails both scratching and teasing me. Marilyn whispered into my ear, her voice breathy and sexy and dominant. "I own you, little boy. Never disobey me again." I tried to pull away but she twisted my arm tighter and jerked my penis faster and harder. Soon I climaxed, powerfully and painfully.

Marilyn walked in front of me and jerked my head up by the hair. My eyes were level with her sinewy thighs. "Clean this off," she
demanded, thrusting her hand into my face, forcing me to lick my own cum off her fingers. I tried to pull away but she held me tightly.
I couldn't believe I was doing this. When she was satisfied, Marilyn released my hair and drove a knee into my chest, knocking me to the floor. Standing over me, she removed her last two articles of clothing, her panties and bra, and then again straddled my chest. I tried to push her off but she easily pushed my arms back to the floor and then once again placed her shins across my elbows. Digging her nails into my cheeks, she forced me to look up at her. "It's time for you to satisfy me," she said, smiling. "If you don't satisfy me, I will really make you suffer."

I wasn't sure what she meant at first, but when she began scooting forward I realized her plan. As she lowered her vagina onto my face and tried desperately to wiggle out from underneath her, to throw her off, to bridge up with my legs, something, anything to escape. But Marilyn seized my wrists again and drove all her weight onto my face and rode me like a bull-rider. At first I tried to fight it, refusing to give in to her. Soon, though, I tired and realized that I had no choice. I began to lick her warm, salty pussy.

Beneath her, with her thighs wrapped around my head, I could hear nothing, and I could see little but her flat, freckled stomach. As my tongue found a rhythm she began thrusting in time with me, and I thought she would crush my skull. I occasionally tried to escape but her grasp on my wrists was too strong. I realized she was enjoying this, that I was indeed pleasuring her, and the magnitude of it all descended upon I was, a grown man, a strong man, held captive beneath her and forced to be her slave, literally, unable to free myself from her feminine grasp. I cried and cried as I licked, her wetness and my tears and our sweat all running together.

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Another fine story, thanks and Karma given.

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Mrs. V's Legs

Elizabeth Veldin lingered by the bay window of her house one early summer morning waiting. There was a new landscaping service she'd contracted with to mow her lawn, and this day a new stud was supposed to show up, a college boy hired for the summer. She hoped he would be what she needed. He was. Around 8:30, the kid lumbered into the yard in a beat-up pickup truck, hauling the mower off the back and onto her lawn. Elizabeth smiled, and her pussy wettened. The kid was about 20, blonde, smooth skinned and built like a college athlete she supposed he was. He peeled off his tight t-shirt and she moaned, his chiseled and muscular torso already gleaming with sweat. In the front of his baggy shorts, she detected a noticeable bulge.

"He'll do fine," she said to herself, then patting her muscular thighs, added, "you ready, girls?'

Elizabeth was single, 45 years old, with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and a body honed by years of weightlifting, aerobics, working out and wrestling. She stood 5-9 and weighed a stone-hard 130 pounds, most of that in her long, ruggedly lean legs. Tanned and limber, they bulged with noticeable but not overpowering muscle. Thickish calves bulged from above her slender ankles, her hamstrings were sinewy and lean, her quads etched with just the right amount of muscle tone. She'd get comments on her legs all the time. And she certainly knew what they could do. She let the boy work his way to the back before she went to her large deck in a stunning white bikini to sun herself - and lead him on. She stretched in the sun, noticing him noticing her, the young boy nervously watching when he didn't think she'd see, eyes wide as she once bent over to lay a towel on the chaise lounge, those hamstrings stretched taut and inviting. She turned to lay down and smiled at him, shooting him a wave and then telling him to cut the engine for a moment.

"You don't mind if I lay out awhile do you young man?" she called, eyes hidden behind dark glasses as she eyeballed his sweaty, muscular frame.

"Not at all, ma'am, you're the boss," he smiled back, somewhat nervously.

"Yes, yes I am the boss, aren't I?" she laughed. "You may call me Mrs. V. What's your name, young man?"

"Bobby," he said, trying not to look at her but unable to avert his eyes.

"OK, Bobby, keep cutting my lawn," she sighed. "I may ask you in a bit to oil up my back and my legs, would that be OK?"

Bobby gulped and hunched over a little Elizabeth giggled, knowing the kid was growing wood in his baggy shorts.

He nodded and hurried along his job, cutting the lawn in long strips, watching her intently when he thought she'd dozed off. But she hadn't. She daydreamed about her thighs wrapped around his sucking face. And then it was time. She stood and motioned for him to stop mowing and come up on the deck, turning to straighten out her towel, those steely hamstrings roped up in the back of her thighs, her ass completely exposed in her tiny bikini bottom. She heard him on the stairs as she lay on her belly.

"Don't be shy, young man," she said sternly, holding up a bottle of suntan oil. "Now be a dear and get Mrs. V. all wet, would you?"

She heard him gulp as he stepped beside her taking the bottle and squirting it on her long, fairly well muscled back. He knelt and kneaded her flesh, supple and hot, caressing the muscles as his large hands worked the oil in. She liked large hands, it bode well.

"Now my legs, Robert," she said formally. "Start with my calves and work your way up to my thighs."

"Yes," he said.

"Yes, Mrs. V.," she corrected.

"Yes,....Mrs. V.," he added.

Her cunt tingled the second his big fingers started massaging her muscular calves and she had a mini orgasm by the time the boy reached her thighs, his strong hands relaxing and tensing the muscles there all at once. He kneaded her rock-hard hamstrings and his fingers brushed the cup of her mounded ass. She heard him moan and then he stood up.

She turned to face him, his hands nervously before him.

"I didn't say stop, did I Robert?" she asked sternly, looking him up and down from over her sunglasses which she held slightly away from her face. "I think my ass needs attention, don't you? You don't see any tan lines, right? That's because I tan my ass, and now I want you to oil it up. Got it?"

"Yes....Mrs. V.," he groaned.

He knelt again and for five minutes, greased and massaged Elizabeth's taut but supple ass, his cock in full flower now as she had another tiny orgasm under his ministrations.

"I really gotta finish, Mrs. V., I have other houses today," he said nervously, standing to turn away.

"Turn around, young man," she said, sitting up.

Slowly he did, hands before him.

"Drop 'em," she growled.

He obeyed and sure enough the front of his baggy shorts tented with the magnificent pole inside. She smiled appreciatively.

"You're going to satisfy me with your cock, stud, but first my thighs need some attention," she hissed. "Kneel here and put your face in my crotch, I want to squeeze you in my legs."

"Mrs. V., please," he stammered. "I'm a v....I don't want....please, don't..."

She roared. "You're a VIRGIN! You're what, 20?" "Twenty-one," he said softly. "I'm just waiting for the right girl, that's all."

"You've found her," Elizabeth moaned, reaching for Bobby's belt and whipping it off in one stroke. "Now on your fucking knees or I'll report you to your boss!"

He looked nervously around and Elizabeth impatiently thrust a naked foot into his crotch, banging into his bloated balls, forcing him to his knees where she easily captured him in a front facescissors, her thighs slamming shut around his ears, her long calves locked up and resting on his sweaty back, his nose and mouth pinned to the moist heat of her crotch. She leaned up and looked down at him, pulling aside the tiny fabric covering her pussy.

"I imagine you've never eaten cunt before, but you'll learn - the HARD way!" she said, thundering her thighs on his face so hard he cried out in pain. "Now lick me, boy, lick me good and I might not knock you out in my scissor grip!"

The kid did a good job under pressure, she thought, as her thighs tightened on his face and she felt his tongue lance her wet, hairy mound, tickling her clit and then making long, broad strokes up and down her very juicy lips. Her legs quivered as she squeezed, grinding out orgasm after orgasm against his trapped and red face. She ignored his painful moans and scissored him to an endless stream of cums, drenching his face. When she finally let him go, he was nearly out from the crush.

"Very good, young man," she cooed, sitting back and slipping out of her top and bottom. "Now, let's see what you have!"

She pulled down his shorts with one stroke and gasped. The kid was boasting 10 inches if he had an inch, a thick, veiny prick with a huge, gorgeous cap.

"My, my, my, where have you been my whole life, stud?" she laughed, caressing his massive balls with one hand as she encircled the girth of his big dong with the other, stroking gently. "Ever have a woman touch your cock before?"

"No, Mrs. V.," he said nervously, eyes shut as he fought the feeling.

"Then you've never had one do THIS, right?"

She leaned forward and gave him the first blowjob of his life, pursing her lips and slipping it inside, sucking him to the balls in one stroke, then bobbing back and forth, gripping the base tightly to keep him from cumming.

"You wanna blow your wad, right, I know you do," she growled, taking her mouth off to rub the thick head all over her face, leaving a slime trail of precum. "When did you last jack off? Tell me!"

"Last....last week..." he moaned, looking through incredulous eyes down into her sultry blue ones.

"Then we'll make this one quick," she said, releasing the grip on his dick and feeling his cum burst up the back of it as she left her fingers loose around it. "You'll stay hard for more!"

The first splash caught her by surprise, a thick ropy load that bathed her face, followed by others she quickly ingested in her mouth, swallowing the biggest load she'd ever coaxed from a cock. Thick rivers jetting into her belly as she gulped him down, the cum on her face dripping in a gooey rivulet to her heaving, sweaty tits. She popped him out of her mouth and used her fingers to scoop up his goop and rub it into her boobs and neck and face.

"Ah, the cum fountain of youth!" she growled, sucking her fingers clean. "Nothing like it for eliminating wrinkles!"

Bobby waved back and forth on his feet, tired from the exertion. Elizabeth quickly spun him around and sat him before her, taking him in a headscissors from behind, her iron thighs crushing his head, those long calves snaked together around his still hard prick. She squeezed both heads.

"You like Mrs. V's legs on your head, Bobby, do ya?" she hissed, and the boy nodded. "You like Mrs. V's calves on your cock? It's the pain and pleasure thing, my young stud, I give you pain..." With that she arched her back and shot all she had into the scissors, making the boy scream. "...and pleasure," she said, settling back down to milk his wet cock in her sweaty calves. "Now cum again for Mrs. V's calves, stud. And I might let you fuck me."

She knew she would, but loved the dominance she so easily exerted over him now as she worked her muscular calves up and down on his trapped cock, the big head slipping in and out of the sweaty grip of her lower legs. It took a bit longer this time, but soon enough, Bobby went stiff and groaned, a thick wand of spew jetting into the air and splashing back down on Elizabeth's clutching calves, lining her shiny shins with obscene white stripes of his seed.

"Rub it in, stud, like you did the suntan oil," she growled, letting him go and turning him around.

Bobby moaned, totally submissive now as he worked his load into Elizabeth's long, dark, muscular legs, every inch shining by the time he got through. She spread her legs and pulled him toward her, his cock poised at the edge of her dripping love tunnel.

"In you go," she growled, pulling him inside her to the balls, the kid screaming with pleasure - and then pain as she put the legs to his sides. "Pain and pleasure, Bobby, the pleasure of your first fuck, the pain of your first fucking BODYSCISSORS!!"

She rode him hard, flexing and unflexing her long, muscular thighs, working him in and out, making him last. She fucked him blind and scissored him hard for 30 solid minutes until they both were coated in sweat. She finally coaxed his load from him, a smaller but still sizeable load she felt scorch her womb as he plunged it in and out, finally coming to rest against her, her thighs holding him tightly.

"Mrs. V....that was....." he panted.

"Yes, yes, I know, I know," she smiled, patting his head as it lay on her heaving tits. "Now, get back to work - and when you're done, come inside for a little bit extra."

He finished the lawn in record time, hauling inside the house when he was done. The screams of pain and pleasure followed long into the hot afternoon.

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Ass Ambush

You are laying on the couch, watching TV. I come in behind you, silently, wearing only short white socks and sneakers, having stripped down to them after coming back from exercise class.

I'm hot, sweaty, pungently ripe. Your head is near the arm of the couch and I quickly grab it to pull it back over the arm, at the same time stepping over it and placing my muscular thighs to your ears.

You have been taken completely by surprise and can see nothing but the magnificent swell of my firm, round ass, and feel nothing but the intense crush of my pulsating thigh muscles on your ears.

I somehow cross my feet and stand on one, punishing you in my scissors grip, taking evil delight in the screams boiling within my hot sex as the vibrations swell in your throat and churn their way up inside me.

I smile and moan, putting my head back to increase the insane scissor pressure on your head. Reaching back with my hands, I spread my meaty asscheeks, the sweaty pucker of my derriere's delicate entrance winks at your terrorized face.

I let up the scissors ever so slightly to chew your head up even tighter in my clinching thighs, further and further until your mouth is brushing the wispy wet curls of my pussy, your nose pushing at my asshole.

I relax my thighs and then tense them, relax, tense, relax tense, slowly hunching my lush hips back and forth, using your face, stroking myself over it, from clit to buttcrack, your nose then your lips pleasing me as I move on you, never letting up the tight scissor squeeze of these thighs, never letting you lose very close up sight of this hungry ass wiping over your entire face.

I speed up to a blur, my hips snapping back and forth, the fleshy meat of my rump thundering at first then hammering to a sudden stony stop on your face, eating it inside me, before resuming its pounding rhythm.

My hips and this sweet, suffocating ass are in total, ceaseless motion, consuming your head, devouring your face which is now nothing but a plaything for me, a low, constant and pained moan growling from your battered lips.

And then I stop and stand stockstill, grinding you brutally hard in my thighs and pulsing my pussy on your face as I drench you in an endless, fluid orgasm. I cum over and over and squeeze harder and harder and by the time I am done, so are you...out like a light in my scissored embrace.

When you come to, all you see is this ass, right on your face. I am squatting on it as you lay on the floor now, the sweaty ring of my hole on your nose. I spread my cheeks wide and your nose enters me. You balk, I laugh.

"Smell my asshole and live," I growl back over my shoulder.

"It's that simple. I want to hear you sniff, a big, deep sniff. I just worked out for two hours in the gym. This is your reward. Now do what you're told or you'll think that last headscissors I had you in was a walk in the park. I'll squeeze it next time until it cracks, then I'll stick the whole thing in my ass. Now, do what you're told and SMELL my ASSHOLE!!"

You have no choice and take a huge sniff of my gamey butt. The humiliation outweighs all else. I laugh and settle on your face harder, taking your nose entirely into my spongy, lovely bottom, now bouncing up and down, snapping my hips, rising and falling, fucking myself in the ass with your nose for 10 minutes as I play with myself to another sopping cum, the nectar of my efforts sluicing down my pussy to drip into your mouth. You drink me.

"Now lick my asshole," I growl down to you.

"Use that tongue and clean my sweaty ass."

Again, you obey, slicing your long tongue as deep as you can into my bottom as I spread my cheeks widely in my strong hands. Your mouth is wide open, your lips crushed against my rump, your teeth flush with my cheek walls as you flutter your tongue in and out rapidly of my insatiable asshole.

And again I finger myself to a shuddering orgasm until my entire butt clenches and chews at your face, sucking you in its smothering grip and you pass out...

You awaken after having been knocked out, destroyed, nearly erased under the magnificent abuse of my delicious derriere. Again, I am on your face, but in a less painful manner; I am leaning forward, taking my weight off your lips and mouth, my sweet pussy and demanding asshole inches from your face.

Velvet heat envelops your cock and you realize I am sucking you, bringing you back to the living with my unique brand of resuscitation.

"Welcome back, slave boy," I growl, taking my mouth from your cock with a plop and slowly jacking the 7 thick inches with my strong hand.

"I'll be needing this." With that, I not-so-gently nip at the head of your dick with a sharp bite, making you yelp.

I laugh evilly and slide it back into my mouth. You cannot believe anyone can be this good at sucking cock, but I am beyond good, far beyond, as I slip my hand around your balls and squeeze the entire package up toward my vacuuming mouth, giving the right amount of pain with pleasure to mix them up in perfect consort.

Just when you think it can't get any better, or more decidedly unique, I surprise you again.

"I want you to cum, but not all at once," I say, again popping my mouth from your swollen cock to continue the exquisite handjob.

"I want you to start to cum and stop, in my mouth, and then I'm going to kiss you, wet and deep."

You try to protest but my feathery light yet firm pumping motion is too much. You want to obey me badly, right now.

"Then you're going to fuck me, and cum again, inside me," I continue.

"And then you will eat me, eat up all your juices, and then you will perhaps fuck my ass, if you are lucky. Do you see the pattern developing here, slave boy? Are you ready to obey me or do my thighs have to scissor you again, does my ass have to knock you out once more?"

"I...I...willl...obey..." you mumble, delirious from what I am doing.

I moan and put my mouth back on your leaking cock and within a minute, you feel a monumental orgasm swell in your nuts. I sense it and stop the hand motion and just leave my mouth attached to your cock, gripping the base of your dick very tightly. One, two and then three huge eruptions bubble from deep within you and fill my still mouth with your hot cum - and then it stops.

Your cock, still rock hard in my hand, stays stiff and aching for more release. Quickly, I spin around and sink my steaming pussy on your dick, skewering myself with it, taking every hard inch inside me, up to your balls.

I lean over you on strong arms and smile, closed mouthed. A trail of sperm leaks from each corner of my mouth as I slowly descend on you and our faces meet. My lips part and I unload on you, opening your sweet lips and thrusting my cum-coated tongue into your mouth, the full salty wetness of yourself spilling in with it.

The level of sensitivity in your pounding cock increases 10 fold as I french kiss you with wild abandon, using your spunk as a lubricant, running my insanely long tongue around in your mouth, churning the load within.

You kiss back hard, even hornier than before, anxious to taste your juices in my sucking mouth, wringing my tongue in your lips, sucking it like it were a small, wet cock, hungry for the sweetness it holds.

And your cock grows harder still in the violently tight recesses of my incredible pussy, the muscles milking it as I orgasm again and again.

"Now my pussy," I hiss into your mouth as we fence with our comey tongues.

"Fill my pussy with your cum..."

Seconds later, you I do as I feel another three bursts of nut grinding spunk boil out of you and up inside of me. I clamp down hard with these pussy muscles, though, and shut off the flow.

Sitting up, I smile down at you and put my hands on your chest to push up and off of you.

"Here comes the cum," I growl.

"Open up!"

You anxiously await as I quickly slide off your cock and up your belly and chest to eagerly plop my nasty, dripping pussy on your mouth, completely enveloping it in your hot, wet lips. My tasty hole is instantly flooded with your spunk and it fills your mouth as I force out the entire load, giving you the swallow-or-drown option.

You go for the former, anxious to taste yourself fresh from the repository of my beautiful pussy. You gulp and surp yourself out of me and begin lapping at my clit, nibbling, biting, sucking, until I cum with a slap of my muscular thighs against your face.

I reach behind you to grab your amazingly still-stiff cock, jerking it, smiling at you. I slide backwards.

"I want you in my ass," I growl, spinning around to show you that tasty backside.

"I want your cum inside my asshole."

My ass, wet from your cum and still drenched from the soaking you'd given it with your mouth, tightly accomodates your cock as I sit on it, absorbing every thick inch. Your eyes widen as you are treated to the sight of my fantastic ass devouring your prick.

I rise on my haunches, flexing the muscles in my delicious rump, as I ride your cock powered by the creased muscles in my powerful thighs and rippling calves. You run your hands from my white socks over every hard-lined muscle and to the pumping flex of my gorgeous fanny as I fuck you fucking me.

"You won't last long," I hiss back over my creamy shoulder. "They never do..." And I'm right. Though you've just cum twice, you cum again, as much as I'll let you , anyway, a scorcher right into my hungry asshole, thick rivers of your nutsauce creaming inside me.

When I pull off you, you see a nasty plug of white inside the tasty rim of my ass. You lick your lips and wait. Seconds later, your face is encompassed in the thick hams of my sweaty, sinful ass, my hands spreading the meat wide. Your cum is in your mouth again.

"Lick the cum from my asshole, slave boy," I roar.

"Eat that spunk outta me now!!"

I don't have to tell you twice, nor once, really, as you jam your tongue as far up my cumey asshole as you can, gobbling up every sweet drop of your ball fluid.

I gyrate that hunky rump on your face, screwing your mouth with my anxious asshole, ensuring you get every drop. With my hand, I jerk your cock back to if life could ever leave a cock with me around it.

"Mmmm, I want to see the last of this myself, I want you to spurt for me, slave lover, cum all over my hand," I whisper, leaning down to kiss your sore prick.

"Here, let me give you something to think about while you my thighs on your throat!!" With that, I fall to the side and take you in a neckscissors, the crook of my knee hard on your throat.

I fold up my lower legs now and engulf you in a modified figure-four of sorts, my thick calves crushing one side of your face and forcing the other side into the hard width of my smooth, deadly hamstrings.

Your entire head is engulfed in my powerful legs and I work the scissors on hard while I jack you off, the socked calves grinding you, the thick, muscular thighs squeezing you, and my knees choking you. But your cock is ever at attention in my pumping fist as I lean on the other arm, a smile on my face, watching it happen.

And in a few moments, it does. You cannot possibly give me a whole load now, not after three nut-wrenching shots in less than an hour, but you still give me plenty, a thick river of spunk that oozes out of your boiling cockhead and sheets down over my pumping hand, creaming my fingers as I continue jacking you off.

You see none of this as I involuntarily tighten my deadly scissor lock on your entire head and just as you finish cuming, you pass out cold, done in by my deliciously lethal lower body yet again. I smile as I wipe my hand clean on your face still locked up and red in the vice grip of my scissors.

"Rest up," I say, finally unlocking my legs. "And recharge. I'm not quite done with you yet..."

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Intern-al Damage

Pam was our office intern one spring, and until summer rolled around, I scarcely gave her a second look. I mean, she was a nice kid and all (I say kid...she was 25 or so, but I'm 45, so to me, she's a kid), but not all that hot looking. She had a fairly decent face, nothing special, wild brown hair and a nice smile, but she always wore baggy clothes so I couldn't really get a handle on what her figure was like. And besides, in the '90s politically correct office atmosphere, even if a girl has a drop-dead gorgeous body, woe be you and your company's liability insurance should you dare take notice.

Then the weather got warm and Pam shattered my existence. It's that simple. I came in one day and saw her sitting at her desk in a sleeveless t-top, and around her legs she had the sweater she always left around the office. The air-conditioning had kicked in and it was always chilly in there when that happened.

I sat across from her at my desk, and when she reached over for something on hers, she popped this insanely sexy triceps shot, a nice dent in the back of her upper arm that showed she'd been working out. My eyes widened and my cock gave a little tug in my pants when she reached under the desk for something and the biceps of that arm rolled under her tight, white skin. And I actually let out a little animal sound and my dick went into full alert when she lifted up the sweater to scratch one of the most muscular calves I've ever seen in my life.

I couldn't believe me eyes, as she lowered the sweater over that leg. This was a woman who just had a baby six months before, in better shape than most woman at any time in their lives. It got worse as the weather got warmer and she took to wearing those sleeveless tops, and especially these little short skirts that showed off her incredible legs. Pam had always told me she was a top track star in high school and still loved to run, and it showed.

Her legs were white (she never tanned, she said, afraid of the cancer risk), creamy and ruggedly muscled, thick balls of meat rippling above slender ankles and these long, lean and downright dangerous looking thighs that were always etched in muscle, on top, at the sides, in the back, even if she was just sitting there doing nothing. She had a hard-lined tomboy's body, is the best way to describe it. She'd walk around with this ungainly, almost manly gait, that was not at all feminine, a wide-legged sort of walk that on her, was incredibly sexy.

One day it got to me in a big way as she sat talking on the phone, playing with her hair with one hand, the muscles in her biceps bulging, the sinew in her forearm flowing sexily under her tight skin. She had her right leg crossed over the left, pushing her already short denim skirt up higher on her thick thighs, a crevice of muscular separation running down the side.

And as she was bouncing that top leg off the bottom, she'd curl her toes on the bottom foot, rocking up her calf meat above the short white sock she wore. She was driving me fucking stark raving mad, and I had to say something. During a break in the cafeteria later, I had my chance as we both stood near the back wall, away from everyone else.

"Pam, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but for a woman who just had a baby a few months ago, you look incredible," I said admiringly. "I mean it, whatever you're doing to stay in shape, keep doing it."

Pam smiled a wide smile. She liked the compliment, I could tell. She thanked me, as I expected. But what she said next I never expected in a million years.

"Yeah, my legs are getting back to the way they were before," she said, rolling her right foot up on its toes, popping a calf flex that rolled up the muscle on that sexy white lower leg. "Of course, Roger my husband isn't all that nuts about it, since his neck was just about healed from the last time we wrestled."

My cock twitched. I had to pursue this.

"Wr...wrestled?" I asked. "You and Roger wrestle? Seriously?"

Pam smiled, that wide, innocent smile.

"Yeah, we wrestle.... well I wrestle, mostly Roger suffers," she said, rocking that calf in an almost subconscious rhythm.

"Suffers, how?" I asked. I had no idea, but the curiosity was killing me.

"IN my headscissors," she said matter of factly. "I have killer legs."

I found it hard to breathe. And I found it just plain hard: My cock swooped up high and hard in my pants and I had to bend over a bit to hide it.

"Killer legs?" I asked. "Headscissors? I'm not sure I follow."

"It's simple, really," Pam said by way of casual explanation of how she nearly decapitates her husband every time she wrestles him. "I have very strong legs, and when you use your legs to squeeze someone's head, it's a headscissors, you use your legs like scissors. Well, my headscissors really hurt Roger, sometimes I knock him out. I can't help it, I'm very competitive and kinda get carried away."

I was dumbfounded. Here was this young woman, very athletic to be sure, but looking all the world like a rather average young mother, telling me how she knocks her husband out in her legs.

"And...he lets you?"

"Well, no, not really, but he has no choice I just like to rassle around, you know what I mean," she said, flashing that wide smile at me.

"Trouble is, I hurt his neck and that keeps us from wrestling. Well not really, I still get him in bodyscissors, but then again, I bust his ribs every so often. I guess I don't know when to stop sometimes!"

My head was reeling.

"Poor Roger," I said, my mouth dry. "So what do you do if you can't beat him up?"

Pam blushed and she looked away, then answered, "Well, sometimes I wrestle his friends, but even they don't like it anymore."

I looked down at those legs. Pammy saw me and laughed. "Hey, watch this," she said with a smile. "Guys seem to get a kick out of it."

She thrust her right leg out, which hiked up her short skirt even higher on her amazingly thick thigh. Then in a move that damn near made me cum in my pants, Pam started a violent wobble of the slab of muscle that was her quad, slapping it from side to side and then rocking the entire vibrating mass to a sudden snapping stop, punching a hard flex with such intensity, the force of soft tissue turning to stone actually created a distinct snapping sound as the muscle caused what can only be described as a miniature sonic boom. Her thigh thundered to a bulging stop.

"Funny huh?" she said, hands on hips, as she repeated the move with the other leg. "Roger calls it 'Pammy's thigh-quivering dance of death'! Isn't that a riot?"

She saw my open-mouthed stare and smiled. "They all get that way...I guess you're a leg man, huh?"

I couldn't answer, just nod, and stare at those legs. Pammy bit her lip as if debating whether to continue, then did: "Uh, would you maybe...tell me if I'm out of line, but would you maybe, like to, um, wrestle with me?"

My eyes bugged wide, going from her legs to her face, to her legs and up again. "I think I would...I'm not sure...I guess so....shit, Pammy, those legs..."

She smiled.

"Come on over around 7," she said, walking away on the bounce of her rocky calves. "And don't eat too much, I'd hate to squeeze it out of you."

I was at her house at 6:30. She laughed as Roger answered the door in a neck brace and walking with a limp. He shook his head at me.

"I can't believe you agreed to do this, I'm warning you, it won't be pretty," he said. "But come on in. No one believes her - or me - until it's too late."

Pammy was still dressed the way she was at the office and laughed as she stood before me doing the quivering thigh dance for me again. I whimpered. Roger sighed.

"Let's go, you two...or rather, let's go, Pammy," he said, leading the way to the basement.

There was a wide open area lined with mats in the cellar, and a makeshift wrestling ring built there. It was Roger who built it - at Pammy's request, she said, a few years ago. She climbed inside and beckoned me to follow.

"Gotta warn you, Paul, I, uh, might get carried away when I'm winning," she said innocently, looking at my confused face. "It's just that, well, beating up guys makes me...."

"Horny, it makes her horny," Roger said from the side. "She may end up using you for her own pleasure. She hopes you don't mind."

"Well, I don't, but do you?" I asked him.

He pointed to his neck and said, "What choice do I have?"

I was seriously reconsidering my options when suddenly I laying flat on my back on the mats, courtesy of a flying drop kick from Pammy. As I struggled to sit up, she vaulted over behind me and wasted no time in latching those thick thighs to my ears, pulling me back to embrace my face with a thunderous headscissors. She leaned up on her hands and yelled out a loud, "YEAH!" as she throbbed her thighs into my captured skull.

"Give up??" she screamed, the words I could barely make out so full of thigh were my ears. "Submit???"

I tried to talk but the inner pincers of Pammy's gripping thighs corded around the sides of my neck and pushed my windpipe close. I couldn't speak, couldn't whine, couldn't scream, couldn't beg for mercy - and she knew it. She lowered her butt to the mats and then rammed them up again, tearing her muscular thighs into my skull. Up and down she went, rippling her scissors on tighter and tighter until I felt the plates of my cranium grind against each other. My hands foolishly pawed at the socked juncture of her steely calves and then slipped away as I felt my consciousness leave me; Pammy had scissored me unconscious.

When I awoke, my ribs were burning. I looked down and saw those socked calves locked again, this time at my crotch, as Pam sat behind me encircling my lower ribs in her thighs for a brutal bodyscissors. She leaned back on her hands and punched down the hold. I felt my ribs bend to the breaking point.

"Please....P...Pam.....stop...I...give..." I stammered and then could say no more as my breath left me on the next clutching crush of Pammy's iron limbs.

Roger watched from the side of the ring, a glazed look on his face: "I warned you, but would you listen? No."

Then the sharp pain of breaking bone rocketed through my sides as Pammy scissored her way to snapping one rib, then another. I screamed in pain, which only made it hurt worse. I couldn't believe this sweet young mother - with legs of steel - was doing this to me, a co-worker, actually her superior, since she was only an intern. She nearly busted a third rib, when she finally released me and I slumped forward in agony. But not for long.

"I always forget to work my calves when I wrestle," she said as calmly as if she'd said she forgot her shopping list on the way to the store. "Let's try this."

She stood and got me to my knees, straddling my hanging head in those iron calves. She stepped over my neck and let them clutch it from the sides, my face sticking out the backs of her legs. I fell to my stomach to try pulling my head out of that hunky lower leg vice but Pammy thickened up. I grabbed the meaty muscle of her calves and tried to yank them apart, but only felt the girth of those amazing pipes get bigger and harder in my hands. I pulled at her socks and she laughed. Then the pain increased 10 fold as she not wound one foot around the other to complete the scissored connection, rippling her calves even harder into the crushed membranes of my neck. My voice squeaked out of me in unintelligible gibberish.

"Oh, man, you're fucked now," Roger said, grimacing at the sight. "It's bad enough when she locks the ankles in a headscissors, your head is all that way away from where they're joined. But in the calves, man, your fucking neck is just inches away from ground zero, where she locks 'em together and really puts on the pressure."

He wasn't telling me anything I couldn't feel. The pain was incredible as Pammy's insanely muscular calves tore into my neck, taking me to the brink of sleep. When I finally did go under, I found out later, she didn't stop squeezing and had instead bent her legs slightly and then snapped back up straight to punish me with a half dozen thundering calf ripples, my unconscious body twitching like a rag doll caught in a blender. It's a wonder I didn't die, Roger wondered later. So did I.

This time when I awoke, I was face down on the mat - and in Pammy's pantied pussy. She was right, beating men did make her horny, and this was really throwing me off, this usually prim and proper girl around my office now undulating her slim hips and ramming her meaty thighs off my ears in a grinding scissor embrace as she rubbed her pussy into my nose and mouth.

"Yeah, baby, mmmmmmmm....that's it, that's it, Pammy's gonna cum soon, all over your mouth!" she screamed, now pulling her panties aside to wash my face in the hairy wetness of her pulsating pussy. "MAKE ME CUMMMMMM!!!!"

I tried to slip my tongue out inside her, but the scissor was too tight, the grinding girth of her thighs actually pulling my tongue away. But that didn't matter, what was fueling her orgasm engine wasn't me eating her anyway, it was her brutalizing my face with the sweaty mulch of her pussy. Pammy ground her way to one thigh-throbbing, head-splitting orgasm, cascading her cummy cunt wash down my throat and locking up her calves above my back to pour on the involuntary pressure of her titanic cum crusade. I didn't get to see, or feel, her finish. I'd passed out again by then.

Waking up this time, I was treated to the sight of Pammy's creamy white ass, muscular hollows on the sides of each cheek, inches from my face, my nose trapped in the clammy vice of her pulsating butt meat. She'd taken me in a reverse facescissors, 69 style, and was opening and closing the vice of her thighs on my head, chewing me up her ass higher each time. Down at her end, she was tugging at my soft cock which didn't stay soft for long once I'd come around. The pain of her scissors notwithstanding, the pleasure her hand and soon her velvety mouth was giving my cock overrode all agony sensors and my prick ballooned to its proud full length. Pammy moaned around it, sucking it deep in her throat, before pulling off and slowly jacking me off in one hand, squeezing my nutsack in the other. Using both hands, she was milking me.

"Fuck, Pammy, that's sooooo good," I croaked from the continually quivering mass of thighs and ass that was masticating my face and head. "Don't stop..."

"Oh, I won't, not for a long, long time," she hissed. "Right Roger?"


My question was answered a minute later when Pammy's constant stroking and occasional nibbling of my cock head resulted in a monstrous load corkscrewing up from my toes and out of my mind, a ball-busting explosion of cum that Pammy with moaning mouth swallowed greedily.

"UNNNNNNGHHHHH!!!!" I screamed out in one low moan both from the pleasure of the orgasm of my life and the pain that was coursing through my jaws and skull as Pammy thickened down her vibrating thigh meat to punish and pleasure me all at once. It seemed like I was cumming for a full minute before my ass finally flopped back to the mat, a cramp in each butt cheek from holding them off the ground for so long. I waited patiently for Pammy to stop stroking my cock. She didn't.

"Uh, Pammy..." I moaned from the meaty embrace of her thighs and ass, which she was now hunching down hard on my face, my nose locked inside the milking membrane of her asshole, my lips talking right into her cunt. "I'm done...please...stop..."

"You told me NOT to stop, remember?" she laughed, sucking the head of my cock in her mouth, causing a brutal tickling sensation that any man who's shot his load well knows. "Well, I'm not."

I saw Roger standing there shrugging. "She won't stop, either, not until you cum as much as she can take."

I screamed. Pammy tightened up. She stroked harder. Miraculously, my cock stayed hard and a good feeling returned. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. Roger read my mind and shook his head.

"Trust me, after the next one, you'll be begging for her to stop," he sighed. "It won't help."

He was right. About five minutes of Pammy's lovingly sucking mouth and tirelessly pumping hand coaxed load number two from my overworked cock knob, and after she gobbled it all down, she smacked her lips and went back for more. By maintaining a firm grip on my dick base, she kept it up and fairly hard, which I never thought possible at my age and especially after two such thoroughly ball-draining blowjobs that she'd just given me. But Pammy worked my prick like a pro, her entire body slippery with sweat, but not slippery enough for me to slip my head out of the endless headscissor she held me in. My hands mauled her ass, pulling at her muscular cheeks, feeling silky wet steel in my fingers, and all it accomplished was putting my nose even deeper inside her sweat-ringed asshole. I tried to go soft, thought all manner of non-sexual thoughts, but my mind couldn't help but return to Pammy Present as she milked a third load from me and amazingly, a fourth and fifth.

And after two and one half hours of being locked in my little office intern's thick-thighed embrace and giving up seven loads, she finally let me go and rolled off, shaking the cramps from her thighs. I couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't see. My jaws were locked up tight from 150 minutes of constant scissors and ass pressure. By the time I could finally sit up, I had to lay down again, the shooting pain in my neck forcing me back to the mats.

Pammy laughed and straddled my chest with her strong legs, that short skirt riding up on her sweaty, well-used thighs. She leaned over and whipped the neck brace off a grimacing Roger and fit it around my neck, smiling.

"Since it looks like you're gonna be my new squeeze toy, you may as well get to use this," she said, hands on hips. "At least until I find a new toy!" There's a lot of guys in my office, I thought to myself as Pammy slid up to cover my moaning face in the hammy hamstrings on the backs of those plank-hard thighs. I hoped she'd find one pretty damn soon.

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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories
« Reply #25 on: 21-May-13, 03:53 PM »
The rapists punishment

The guards walked ahead of the chained convict, a 24 year old man convicted of
raping a woman. Egyptian rulers punished convicts by throwing them into arenas
with a pack of malnourished Hyena's or Lions. The event today was an
experiment; the rape convict had little idea of what was in store for him as
he walked to the execution ground. Egypt had been training several women as
gladiators that were handpicked by senior officials of Pharaoh, height and
bone structure being the criteria in the selection process. There were 9
female gladiators being trained, at different levels of skills. Latifah was
tall for a woman at 5'11" and had strong arms though most of her fellow
trainees shrugged her off as a fat, shy, soft-spoken woman. She looked every
bit her 36 years of age, carrying more than ample pounds on her body pushing
240 lbs. Her long robe-like gown covered most of her body, except her
forearms, her hips big and round. The arms were power packed, lined with
muscles just below the thick layer of fat but what most people missed was the
bone crushing thunder in her legs. Hidden from view under the robe, Latifah's
thighs measured over 30" in circumference, her calves 18" of muscles. Others
dismissed her feminine build as weak, rather suitable to fulfill household
chores, rather than be involved in blood sports. Her trainer, Ningmashi
thought differently, his attention drawn to her sturdy, hefty body. He was
impressed by how easily she crushed an apple in her fist; and how easily she
bent and twisted a metallic rod, a feat he felt most men were incapable of. He
was sure that training her with wrestling skills could decapitate opponents in
seconds but Ningmashi was excited to see her use raw unskilled power against a
male opponent. Latifah was chosen for today's event for this reason, her
opponent a slimly built rapist who appeared to be tired from several months of
rigorous imprisonment. While the officials scoffed at the idea, Ningmashi
insisted using a female gladiator to punish the male rape convict was a
fitting resolution to the crime.

The arena was an open round circle, 45 feet in diameter surrounded by seating
arrangements for men and women. The capacity crowd of 500 waited eagerly for
the event, the prospect of a female gladiator and a convict involved in a
"fight until death" scenario was too attractive to ignore. Most were skeptical
of the outcome after Ningmashi refused providing weapons for the fight,
bringing it down to a no rules, hand-to-hand physical combat. The pandemonium
increased with the sight of the chained convict walking inside the arena. He
looked up, all around at the people watching, his face emotionless unaware
that he was being pitted against a woman. His lean body looked weak from the 3
months of imprisonment, his shoulders hunched sagging his 5'7" frame. The
guards quickly unchained him and left him in the centre awaiting his fate. He
figured the woman entering the arena was probably an animal trainer, dressed
in an all black robe. When the crowd erupted in cheers, he looked confused,
unable to understand the sudden surge of interest from the audience. He saw
the woman lock the door behind her and walk over to him. The sudden impact on
the left side of his face came quick surprising him. He felt his face hit the
ground as the dust rose around him. Quickly on his feet, he stepped back
further away from his attacker, bewildered at the sudden aggression and the
force of the slap while the crowd around him grew noisy. They circled briefly
in the centre; when he lunged forward, Latifah grabbed his hair in one hand as
she delivered another blow to the convicts face, his lips split from the
impact. What ensued was a monumental struggle between the two, the convict
attempting to wrench her hands off his scalp, succeeding and losing a tuft
hair in the process. Their hands wrestled for control over each other, pushing
and slapping each other. In the moments that he caught her by her arms, he
found tremendous force weakening his grip as Latifah broke away and lunged
back at his face and neck. Her strong hands quickly caught him by the throat,
slapping and punching his face with the free hand. He felt his head spin with
each blow to his face while his hands struggled to break her choking grip on
his neck. Latifah lost touch with her environment, all she saw was a rapist at
the other end of her arm while her right hand bludgeoned his face into a messy
pulp. The loud noise in the arena was deafening, the crowd ecstatic at the way
Latifah was pummeling the convict. When he broke free, he ran his hands over
his face only to discover streaks of blood from his broken nose and split

He fought valiantly and aggressively, this woman he realized, was not
ordinary. The ease with which she plied his grip open was unbelievable; he'd
never expected the woman to be this strong. For the next half hour, Latifah
followed the convict all around the arena as he backed away each time she
progressed further. In one aggressive strike, he lunged for her neck while his
hand punched into her soft belly. He saw her grimace momentarily but felt her
powerful hand grip one of his wrists while her other hand smashed into his
solar plexus repeatedly. He felt more blows land on his face as ribbons of
blood sprayed on the sand. His legs weakened as he struggled to wrench his
wrists free from her iron-like grip. The blows hit his mid section again and
his legs immediately gave way as he fell down on his knees, exhausted and
dazed. He looked up at Latifah, his eyes swollen and partly shut; he felt her
hands grab hard at his scalp behind his head. His hands felt weak as they
clung loosely on her hips attempting to push her away. Latifah opened her
large palm and smashed it down with devastating force, flat on his face,
shattering the cartilage on his nose. The pain was excruciating but the
mauling continued; this time, Latifah held his head down with both hands and
drew up her knee, smashing it right into his face, blow after blow, as Latifah
repeatedly hit him. She felt her body shake with every hit, his head shook
violently in her hands as her fingers stayed rooted deep inside his scalp. It
was evident that the convict was powerless against Latifah's superior physical
strength, his body succumbing to her blows as his hands now hung loosely by
his sides. She stopped and let him sit on the ground while trying catching her
breath; she was sweating profusely from the exertion of chasing the convict
around the arena and wrestling him down. Latifah had prevailed and overpowered
him with a stiffly fought half hour struggle under the hot, humid conditions.
She watched his shattered nose bleeding profusely and then she decided to
finish him off.

In a change of tactic, Latifah came up behind the sitting opponent and pulled
his head back until he was facing the sky, then offering a rare glimpse to the
audience, she lifted her gown until the middle of her thighs. To everyone's
amusement, Latifah lifted her right leg and brought it over the convicts neck
until she stood with his neck trapped between her thick, white thighs that
exuded power and great strength. He felt the soft flesh of her thighs around
his neck, her ample buttocks covered under the gown inches away from his nose.
The pain was immediate as her quads pressed together crushing down on his
neck. With renewed energy and resistance, the convict fought back, clawing at
her partially exposed thighs, trying to pull his head out of the killer
embrace. To maintain her balance while the convict struggled, Latifah bent
down and crossed her arms across his chest, while doubling the power of her
scissor. He struggled to stand on his feet but Latifah's colossal body needed
a Herculean effort to move, forcing him to stay seated on the ground. In
mortal fear, he tried to get her to lose balance but the 240 lbs of fat and
muscle felt stone heavy on his already weakening body. His hands tried to pry
her legs apart in a futile attempt; her legs were clearly way too powerful for
his hands, no matter how much he tried. In desperate attempts, the convict
struggled in a frenzy of panic but Latifah maintained the powerful force of
her scissors around his neck, refusing to let go, her thighs swelling to
enormous proportions virtually engulfing his face. "Ahhhhhh....uhhhhh" a
painful, muffled plea escaped his lips as his life was slowly but surely
slipping away. Latifah held him down for the next few minutes, applying
sporadic jerks as her thighs clamped down on his neck. She felt his resistance
weaken gradually as his moans resembled a dying animal. She stood upright,
releasing her embrace on his ribcage and chest maintaining her balance and
slowly prepared to apply the most devastating force yet, one that would seal
the convicts fate once and for all. Crossing her legs at her ankles, Latifah
leveraged her muscular thighs together with bone-crushing strength, Ningmashi
watched as Latifah crushed the convict between her legs knowing that it was
only a matter of time now. Then in one sudden jerk, she stretched her legs,
crossing her ankles firmly. Her hands rested on her hips as she powered down
with all her might, this time she held the pressure for longer.
"Uhhhh...uhhh...glll..." muffled cries emanated from between her legs, the
convict's face caught vicious grip that could kill him in seconds. His hands
clawed at her thighs in one last attempt, he lost control of his bladder as
his brain began to shut down. The audience gasped as the convicts face
disappeared inside Latifah's gown under her mammoth thighs and hips. Latifah
crushed the mans face like a watermelon, his struggles ended almost
immediately as his hands fell loose by his sides signaling defeat. His face
not visible anymore, sunk between her tree trunk thighs, except for the back
of his head. He gave up as his nervous system ran amok, the dying neurons in
his brain flashing past memories...Latifah watched as his body calmed down,
his legs jerked and twitched as his life slipped away.

The audience watched aghast in bewilderment, the realization sinking in that a
powerfully built woman could as easily kill a man with little or no fighting
skills. They watched Latifah standing as she continued crossing her legs at
the ankles, applying enormous force on her half dead opponent. The brutal
force caused extensive damage to the convict's brain tissue as his skull
filled up blood from multiple hemorrhages, his lungs collapsed from lack of
air. His sense of perception had deteriorated very quickly as the supply of
blood to his brain was shut out, his head felt like it were caught in some
vice. He heard a faint crack in his jaw and somewhere in his skull before he
lost consciousness. Latifah felt the sudden loss of resistance between her
legs as the convicts jaws disintegrated under enormous pressure amidst soft
cracking sounds. Latifah held the dying man captive for the next few minutes
under the crushing power of her thighs, ensuring she had stifled out the last
bit of life from the convict's body. She finally released her grip as his
lifeless body dropped to the ground, his eyes bloodshot and face deep blue
from asphyxia, she saw blood oozing from his mouth, ears, eyes and nostrils.
Ningmashi watched as Latifah bent over to finish off the execution, she
grabbed the dead man's scalp and lifted his head until his body was sitting,
she then placed a palm below his chin and executed a brutal twist that snapped
his neck with a faint crack. Latifah pushed his body down until it fell with a
thud and walked away from the arena; satisfied she had demolished a criminal
with finesse. The ease with which she killed the man led to bewilderment and
shock, Ningmashi felt satisfied watching her finish off the criminal
reinforcing his beliefs. Clasping his hands together, he watched as Latifah
exited the arena, he had plans..more plans for her.

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