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Reality Girls Scissors

Started by Realitygirlsscissors, 24-Dec-13, 08:34 PM

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Jenny's Scissor Power: Clear HD

Jenny Abs, with the washboard abs and ultra-powerful lower body, starts Rob in snapping headscissors that make him cry in pain. A figure four, then her hamstring choke digs her powerful leg muscles into his neck. When Jenny kicks him off like garbage, her hamstrings flare with definition. She puts his face into the mat, trapping his neck at her feet, then jacks him up in a rear naked choke camel-clutch style in which he finally begs for his life. She leans back in her leotard, a standing headscissors cranking her victim's neck the wrong way, then again locks on the hamstring choke leaving him no air. She double hand chokes him, pinching off his adam's apple until he begs, which she ignores. She bangs his head into the mat. In her sleeper hold, he tries with everything he has to move her leg that's planted for leverage. It just amuses her. Jenny's leg power is frightening to anyone falling victim to it, and when she locks Rob in a reverse headscissors after putting him down with a rear choke, he barley knows where he is as her glutes, quads and hamstrings increasingly tighten and combine to swallow his head as she pours the leverage on up on the toes of her sneakers. She finishes him in humiliation, cutting off his air with the mere crossing of her ankles as her calves turn him purple. Total domination from Jenny Abs, whose legs and mean streak combine to make her a very dangerous girl. Time: 14:20

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