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Started by Ronald_Frump, 10-Jan-14, 04:38 AM

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The text size has got smaller for me this last couple of days. Other forums are normal, so is it just me or has anyone else had this issue? I can't see anywhere in the profile layout to set default text size.
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Nope, no issues here. Weird.


Can't see any changes here either, weird.

All browsers allow to change default text size, some can remember it for a specific site too, try look into that, maybe you pressed some KB shortcut to do that  ;)


You can adjust the size of the text within explore in two ways and as such, should set it back to default if you have a problem.

1 ) Go to View, then Text Size, and set it back to medium

2 ) You can also adjust text size with the ZOOM option, which is located in the bottom right size of explore, it should be set to 100%


Thanks, but strangely its gone back to normal this last few days  :o
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!

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