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How to join / split wrestling movies

Started by orange_fizzy, 12-Apr-14, 11:17 AM

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Howdy Dudes :o

Looking to join movie files together to form a single file but require some FREE software then good news, simply click the link below and start joining ::)

FREE Video Joining Software!
Download:  link removed -  google 'free video joiner'. More info below

The Things I Do For The Human Race!


Fizzy, since this is a .exe (executable programme) can you give us some background on its source/developer.

My advice to anyone with limited computer knowledge - DO NOT OPEN/RUN UNKNOWN .EXE FILES.
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Stewie Griffin

I totally agree with your advice regarding running (EXE) files on your computer, without scanning them first for virus infections. However, I have been using this software myself for over a year and it works perfect and YES, it has been scanned with the latest version of AVG.

So all is well in the land of milk, honey, and dancin monkeys ::)


Appreciate you trying to be helpful, orange_fizzy, however it's best we don't allow (new members especially) directly posting any EXE files. Link removed (simple google search for 'free video joiner' returns many hits from official sites). Also note one's mileage will vary as quoted below.

Quote from: shahaj23 on 14-Apr-14, 12:15 PM
Hi Orange, took your advise and joined 4 clips which totaled to less than 200MB. But the joined single video is 640+ MB. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

Basic info on joining or splitting video files:

Typically one would want to combine several clip parts to combine into full movie (part 1+part 2). In such cases both parts are usually the same format and should be always joined using direct method without any re-encoding / recompressing if possible. The end result is then the same quality/format video as the single parts and its filesize simply equals of that of all single parts combined.

Same goes for splitting (your favorite) scene(s) from a complete movie. Always try going with the software that allows direct-stream cutting without re-encoding. It takes no time to cut this way, and the split scene(s) is the same format/quality as the original source.

Google "video joiner no re encoding" / "video splitter no re encoding" for such software. There are many, both paid and free. I'm not doing much cutting/joining anymore and what I need Avidemux can do for me, but back on Windows XP I used and recommended Boilsoft Video Splitter and Boilsoft Video Joiner which were dead easy to use. Links can be found on software forums.

Note: If video you want to share on the forum was produced in parts, post it in parts (in its original form).


I like to do my sinning in the malware free environment of a Linux VM  :Pol:

I quite like Kdenlive to not only splice videos, but cut out crap bits (arm bar? get thee behind me MMA pollutant!) and render to different formats.

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