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Author Topic: Bliss vs Ellie  (Read 4579 times)

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Bliss vs Ellie
« on: 14-Apr-14, 05:22 PM »

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Bliss vs Ellie
« Reply #1 on: 18-Aug-19, 07:20 AM »
I love the photos of Bliss vs. Ellie you posted and especially Bliss.  She is a fabulous wrestler and did quite a job on Ellie.  Bliss is very strong and also took apart this white girl Lucretia who was a lot bigger than her.  I'm posting a few photos of that and want to include more soon.  Didn't know what to expect when rooting for Lucreitia but it kind of becomes expected when it's black vs white.  Bliss had quite an assortment of pins, locks and scissors to hand out and had Lucreitia mostly baffled throughout. 

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