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picky picky

Started by imafire, 27-May-14, 05:17 PM

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what ruins a clip/scene/hold in a video for you?


Many, many things.
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Too much whining from the victim. tapouts/ignored tapouts instead of screaming is much more enjoyable IMO


its difficult for me to even entail how picky i consider myself because some of my pickiness contradicts itself.

maybe i should call it realistic-ish, somewhere between fantasy and semi competitive. this rules out a lot. 90% or more of competitive videos. 90% of the time or more id prefer no nudity. yes i want to see the woman win if not dominate. i want to see the guy at least feigning trying though.

as mentioned, screaming or too much whining will usually ruin it. music, which is thankfully less than rare these days. some years back utopia had these really bizarre motion scenes with doom music and bone breaking noises. why.

any sense of acting. imo these women can merely open their mouths and say something sexy without any thought. so putting the thought into it tends to ruin it.

i guess essentially i want to feel like i very luckily happened upon a sexy wrestling match and not 'porn' with overt sexuality and catering and formulas.

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