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Started by kostag1961, 02-Jun-14, 05:54 PM

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Topic: Kostag's HQ Fem Video Thread  -  Was closed this topic here.
In this regard, I have a question: is it not possible to explain why? What language will fall off or hands wither me to write? Why such a bestial attitude? When only the forum began, it was necessary. And now you can go to the dick. Yes? After such a relationship and I did not want to be on this forum.
I hope that common sense will understand my letter. I can hardly speak English.


Я не знал, примыкают этой ситуации мой друг, но парни, управляющие этот форум являются честным и заслуживающим доверия - я прошу вас ждать их ответа, а не судить их строго. Пожалуйста, дайте им шанс объяснить, что происходит.
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!



Ha, sorry Kostya, looks like I hit the wrong button when editing the forum, and locked your topic by mistake while doing some testing earlier today. Apologies, the topic is unlocked now. This has happened to me before, not sure how I did that, lol.


Oh, I'm sorry too! Yesterday I wrote late at night, after the restaurant and was very drunk. Unfortunately the restaurant I could not fight and came home angry. Here and wrote with evil. Now read and was horrified. Unfortunately nothing has changed. My post read a lot of people. I am ashamed of my drunken incontinence.


No worries, at least you have an excuse... I was sober, and still messed up  ;D


lol man this is the most intense fight forum I ever participated :)

:k2: for both of you

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