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Useful browser extensions

Started by Matey, 24-Oct-12, 01:31 PM

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Useful browser extensions

There are several internet browser extensions that I use everyday that help me (mostly to save a lot of time) to be more efficient in browsing and processing all the goodies that forum like this one has to offer.

What's an extension? These are little addons that you can install with just couple of clicks right within your browser than extend capabilities of your internet browser.

note I use Firefox (FF) as my main browser so any extensions I post relate to it. A lot of these are made for Chrome and InternetExplorer (IE) as well. Feel free to share your useful addons (that relate to your experience browsing wrestling sites if possible) and mention your browser.

This is all about saving time and being as efficient as possible. We want to enjoy our fetish to the limit without wasting any unnecessary time along the way  :)


BatchDownload -

This extension allows me to download all the huge image galleries contributors posts with just couple of mouse clicks. It works perfect with imagebam and imagevenue (doesn't seem to work with postimage), and generally works on most any webpage you want to get pictures from fast.

How it works?

I highlight any or all thumbnail pictures that I'm interested in a post and right-click & select 'Build Gallery with All Selected Links'

New tab opens with all these images (full-sized) in a single column, all opened on this single page (note it can take a short moment to open say 100 images all at once if you select a lot)

I right-click anywhere in the page and select "BatchDownload All Images..." BatchDownload window opens where I select where to save all these images (and can customize other details if I want to)

I hit 'Start' and all these images are immediately saved to my hard drive. This all takes just several mouse clicks and couple seconds instead of opening all individual full-sized images one by one and saving again one by one.

Once I have 'em all on my hard drive, I quicky go through 'em and delete any I don't want to keep.

note: to skip downloading any small unwanted pics that the extension might pickup along from image hosting pages, make sure to set the extension to ignore any small-res pics and/or tiny filesized pics

I've been using this extension for couple years and I seriously don't know how I did without it. There are similar batch downloading extensions, some of you may use something similar. Feel free to share what works for you!


Good job, Marty. I was unaware of these!

:TY:   :k1:
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!

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