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A Woman Scorned

Started by trouler, 17-Jun-14, 03:57 PM

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Martin and Johanna were a couple once. They met through a common acquaintance and started to hang out more and more. Soon, the hanging out turned into dating and they found themselves in a relationship. They were together for some time but then parted. As it often is when relationships break apart, there were some hurt feelings. Johanna panicked and refused to believe that she was being dumped. Martin tried to hide his emotions and seemed rather cold. They had an argument. Johanna tried to win him back but Martin was unmovable in his decision. This made her very angry. She was very upset so she left him with a lust for vengeance. Johanna wanted him to suffer because of this. She was going to make sure he did.

Some weeks past and it so happened that Johanna and Martin bumped into each other from time to time. Every time they did, they were both mostly reserved and the chill could be felt by people around them. So finally came a day when they attended the same party, none of them knowing the other was there. When they did realize this, they tried to act mature not to ruin the party for their friends. However, they avoided each other at all costs. This worked good at first but when the alcohol kept flowing, it soon became apparent to everyone that they had an unresolved conflict. It started with trash talk and ended with yelling. Johanna threatened to beat the crap out of Martin which killed the mood at the place. The others found it best to continue their party at a club. Martin, however, was not in the mood for dancing and stayed behind alone, or at least he thought he was.

Martin went into the now empty living room and sat down in the sofa. He tried not to think of his ex; it was hard enough with the alcohol making the room spin. He wasn't particular resistant to the effects of alcohol and his senses were a little clouded by numbness. All of a sudden he heard steps coming his way, from heels by the sound of it. He stood up ready to explain that he was in no mood to leave and to ask if it was possible to stay the night, but it wasn't the host who stood in the doorway. It was Johanna. She was wearing a party dress this evening, showing off a great deal of cleavage. Martin was stunned at first, but then he knew she had come to make him regret ever crossing her path. He could see it in her eyes; they were burning.

Martin and Johanna were of equal height and weight, but Johanna was a martial arts instructor and a black belt. Martin had also been drinking a little too aggressively this evening. All together it seems that he was going to have his ass handed to him by his ex if a fight broke out.

"What are you doing here", he asked.

"I was enjoying the party before you ruined it, and now I'll ruin you", Johanna told him threateningly and moved towards him slowly.

"Let it be, I was hurt too you know", he tried. "Don't start a fight here."

"I told you I'd come for you", she said.

Martin backed away from his oncoming hostile ex.

"I am going to crush you and make you beg for mercy", she continued. "And then I'll really hurt you."

As she finished her sentence Johanna lunged herself against him. Martin wasn't ready for this and stumbled backwards into a sofa. They both fell over it and landed in the seat, Johanna on top of him. Martin's world spun because of the combination of sudden motion and alcohol but he was aware that Johanna was trying to mount him. Raising his knees and pushing away with his arms, Martin managed to get Johanna off of him. Johanna, though, weren't nearly as drunk and easily regained her balance before Martin could stand up. She jumped against him, sprawling with her arms and legs, and landed heavily on his lap. Martin tried to coop with this move but not before Johanna put her legs around him and her hands on his throat.

"I'll fuckin choke you!", she screamed and wrapped her long legs around his waist and squeezed him.

Choking him simultaneously as scissoring him made an effective combination and Martin was in trouble almost immediately. His arms were free though, so he managed to break her hold on his throat. Her legs, however, continued to squeeze his ribs and kidneys causing a lot of discomfort and pain.

"I got you now! I'll squeeze you apart.", Johanna said to him through clenched teeth.

"Never, you crazy bitch!", Martin responded and tried to break her scissor hold.

It wouldn't make him submit or knock him out, but it was greatly exhausting. Johanna laughed at his attempts to free himself and squeezed even harder. Martin could feel she had been working out since they were together and he had to move his hands to try to bend her legs apart, but Johanna instantaneously took advantage of this and put her hands in his face, trying to seal his income of air. Martin grabbed her wrists again and forced her hands away from his mouth and nose, but he lost some precious oxygen during this. Johanna just squeezed him hard again, causing him to moan in pain, but he knew that she would only try to strangle or smother him if he let her hands go. On the other hand, he was fighting a losing battle at the moment.

"Beg me for mercy and apologize for dumping me asshole!", Johanna demanded.

"Are you crazy, you stupid fat ass?", he answered.

"You did not just call me that!", she exclaimed.

Martin used the moment of weakness his taunt had created and with quite a lot of effort, he let go of Johanna's wrists and pushed her backwards at the same time as he dug his feet into the carpet and stood up. This caused Johanna to fall backwards onto the floor, losing her scissor hold. Martin not only escaped her, he had the positional advantage now. This is where Martin could have used his momentum to escape, but the sudden confidence boost he gained from his last move, or maybe lack of judgement, made him stay and fight it out. Not the smartest move maybe, but alcohol sometimes make people more valiant. He approached the rising Johanna and rocked her with a heavy tackle in the side, sending her across the room and unto the floor again.

"Who's a bitch now, fat ass?" he taunted her again.

Johanna was getting angrier by the second. Not only had she trouble beating Martin, he whipped her too, and he was intoxicated. She stood up and faced him.

"You'll pay for that", she said, kicked her heels off and charged him again.

Johanna grabbed him across the waist and pushed him back unto the sofa seat. Martin wasn't up for repeating what had happened the first time so he tried to bend down and lift her away from him. This proved to be a bad idea as he came down and found himself unable to muster the strength to lift his opponent. Johanna had a too tight hold of him, and now he was in a very vulnerable position. She capitalized on this at once and trapped his head between her soft thighs. As soon as Martin felt her legs locking around his neck, he knew he was in a lot of trouble. Johanna gave him a hard squeeze and the oxygen to his brain were effectively cut off. This dazed him long enough for Johanna to maneuver into an even better position; lying down in the seat of the sofa with Martin's head locked in a reverse head scissor. From there she controlled all of his body.

"It seems like you are going to be mine at last", she taunted him now, eager to dish out some punishment.

Martin tried to respond but another powerful squeeze from Johanna made him unable to say anything. She laughed as she heard his abrupt silencing and continued to put on pressure. Martin grabbed her thighs but couldn't really muster any defense. He was in a really bad place; he was at her mercy.

Johanna continued to alternate between holding him locked in the hold and squeezing him for a while, so that she knew for sure that she was safe to reposition. She let him go and quickly climbed on top of him. There she stretched out once more and grabbed his head, pulling it between her thighs again.

"Thought I was done with you? Oh, no. Have a closer look at my fat ass will you.", she said.

Martin couldn't really avoid it having his head pulled up so far between her legs that he was beneath her dress. From there the torture continued. Martin would see her ass cheeks contract and feel the pressure increase on his throat. This continued until he was at the verge of unconsciousness and then she allowed him to regain a little of his senses before repeating. Johanna did this some times before letting him go. She became aware of that she was becoming sexually aroused by this. Having tortured her hated ex really got her going, so she decided to turn things up a notch.

She turned around, so that she faced him and grabbed his head violently.

"Know why I love this dress? Because it allows me to put my tits in your fuckin' face", she answered her own question before Martin could realize what was happening.

He wasn't ready for her bold move. Johanna's tits were not larger than a standard B-cup and when she pulled his arms beneath her legs so that he couldn't use them to defend himself he knew he was in for something extra. Extra cruel that is.


Having secured his arms, Johanna leant forward so that his face was pressed against her chest between her boobs and then she pushed her tits together around his face with her arms, still clasping his head with her hands. Martin didn't take any pleasure from this as he knew that this crazy lady would smother him out cold if he didn't escape. He tried to push away but found himself too exhausted to power out. He tried to power his arms away from in under her legs but found that she was in a too good position to be moved. Nothing he could muster allowed him any air. Finally he started clawing desperately at her and even though he did some small scratches, the lack of oxygen was having an effect on him. He tried to gasp for air but received none. His head was held steady as in a vise. The feeling of warm, sweaty tit flesh was the last thing he was aware of before darkness engulfed him.

Johanna let him go when his struggle had stopped and his arms hung motionless. She looked down upon him. He was out cold. She had knocked him out with a breast smother. She was feeling good; she had got her revenge, but she also felt more aroused then before. Doing this to him had really turned her on. Quickly she stood up, shivering with excitement. Johanna let her dress drop to the ground, and soon she was completely undressed. Meanwhile, Martin was regaining his consciousness; he tried to sit up but Johanna moved swiftly to him and pressed him down again. Her naked body was soon on top of him one more time and he found himself being trapped in a school girl pin. Johanna waited for him to realize what was happening before she put her hands over his mouth and nose, smothering him.

"Welcome back, darling. I don't think you have had enough yet", she said. "I am going to give you a really special treatment. Even though this is turning me on, it is nothing compared to having you choking between my tits."

She released her smother hold and let him breathe a short while before carefully aiming her right boob into his face, trying to cover his airways. Martin shook his head from side to side and Johanna followed with her perky tits, nipples hard as steel. She was like a cat playing with a mouse. Martin had no chance of escape, his struggling only served to continue his punishment. Johanna giggled and decided it was time to smother him out once more. She grabbed both her tits and pressed them all over his face. The sexual tension this built up in her was unexplainable. Martin's eyes, the only part of his face visible beneath her soft boobs, slowly became glanced. She laughed a sexy and erotic laughter as he went out again. She pressed her tits in his face a little longer just to be sure. It would be such a disappointment is he was barely playing possum. He wasn't.

When Martin came alive a second time, he too was naked. Also, he had been gagged with some clothes. Johanna was sitting in front of him, waiting for his revival.

"Now I am going to show you pain", she exclaimed and grabbed his balls with one hand and began tightening her grip. It was very painful but Martin didn't dare to resist; she could as well crush his balls completely. Johanna leant in close to his ear and whispered:

"Do you feel sorry now? Cause I don't. I am rather happy with the recent events between us."

Martin tried to scream but any sound was muffled by the clothes stuck in his mouth. Johanna let her grip go and watched him collapse on the floor. She giggled and spread his legs, and then she gave him a sharp kick in the groin, making sure she hit his balls.

Martin rolled over, nausea coming over him like a veil. His body wasn't answering his mind anymore. The smothering and pain had made him unable to move. Johanna easily made him sit up against the sofa. She took the fabric out of his mouth and tilted his head backwards against the seat.

"It is time to beg for mercy now. Beg me, come on! BEG ME!", she ordered.

Before Martin could respond, Johanna stood up spreading her legs and quickly sat down on his face. Her naked pussy covered his mouth, so it was impossible for him to answer her. Slowly, she grinded her way up his face and soon her wet pussy engulfed his nose as well, filling him with her scent and wet juices, but more importantly, smothering him once again.

"Think I forgot you called me a fat ass? You will pay for that. I ain't gonna stop until you beg me for mercy."

Martin tried his best. His words where drenched and his effort only served to pleasure his dominatrix. Johanna was wildly enjoying this. Her weight on his head was too much for him to lift off and, in his condition, no struggle would be effective. He just tried to beg her for mercy. The more he tried, the more he failed. The same panic as in the earlier smothers awoken within him. His mind told him he needed to breathe, his lungs ached, and he was starting to gulp for air involuntarily. This effectively made him eat his ex-girlfriend's pussy involuntarily; Johanna loved it. She gyrated her hips on his face and came. She was screaming out her pleasure, pulling his head up against her pussy at the same time. She ground his face deep within her and when she was done, Martin was passed out again. This time she missed when he went out.

All though she had smothered him out three times already, Johanna wasn't done with Martin. She slapped his face until he recovered from his little nap and started coughing. She watched him interested as he tried to breathe in at the same time he coughed. She dragged him onto the floor and lowered her ass upon his face again.

"Still haven't begged me for mercy, Martin. This time, you will have to say you're sorry for calling me a fat ass too. Or else you are going to suffer another smothering humiliation sending you to dreamland."

Johanna thought that the reverse face sit was perfect for this as he was forced to look up her ass crack, reinforcing that he should be apologizing to her ass. Making this cocky man apologize to her ass must be very humiliating Johanna thought. She wanted to humiliate him too, so it was perfect. Martin quickly forgot his honor and tried to ask of forgiveness. He tried to inhale so that he could scream out mercy and sorry but he only got more pussy. When he was almost gone, Johanna raised her bottom and allowed him to breathe. Naturally, his survival instincts had taken control over his bodily functions hindering him from doing anything else than breathe, especially speak.

"Ah, aren't we forgetting something?" Johanna said in a matron like manner.

She sat down on his face again. Tears were filling Martin's eyes, making his vision of Johanna's ass crack blurry.

"As a reminder my cushion friend, beg for mercy and I will stop", she said.

Johanna did not wait as long this time and raised her cheeks from his cheeks. Martin saw her wet pussy inches over his face. He knew it was his doom he looked upon and he forced himself to utter words.

"Mer..ah. Me... ah. Ah mercy", he managed.

"I am listening", Johanna answered.

"Have... ah, ah... mercy."

"On whom am I going to have mercy?"

"Me, me, ah. Have mercy on ah, me. Ah."

Johanna put her ass in his face again.

"You didn't say please. You know I hate impoliteness." She said chuckling.

Martin tried to struggle but he was too weak. Not even the short breather had given him enough strength to muster a resistance. The doom he saw hovering above him where again upon him. The panic soon returned. Was she going to smother him out again?

Johanna rose up ordering:

"Say it now."

"Aaahh, ah, have... mercy please. Please have mercy on me."

"I will, as soon as you put your lips unto my butt and kisses it and say that you are sorry."

Then Johanna stood up and bent over so that Martin could kiss her behind.

"Quickly, or I'll change my mind", she warned him.

Martin kissed her butt; she made him kiss both cheeks. He apologized to her and her ass. He promised to never bother her again. Johanna was content with this and stood up. Martin collapsed on the floor and lay there for a while. When he tried to get up again Johanna stopped him.

"Oh, no we don't. Not before I have milked you", she said.

Johanna grabbed him and forced him down again. She then reverse straddled his chest and took a hold of his dick. She began stroking it saying:

"Any resistance and you'll be breathing my pussy again".

He had no choice but to look at her from behind as she was sitting on him slowly jerking his dick. He couldn't resist letting out tiny moans of pleasure as he was getting closer to coming. It was close, she was effectively raping him with her hands, but it didn't matter. It was a welcome feeling compared to everything else he had endured. He was going to explode in a cascade of cum. He reached his climax.

"If you come, I will smother you out three times more. First with my boobs, then with my pussy and again with my ass." Johanna remarked casually sensing his imminent release.

Martin's body bulged. He tried to hold it back; he knew she weren't joking or teasing him. He feared her. He feared having her perky tits in his face again. He feared to become unconscious again. He feared he couldn't hold back his orgasm. He couldn't. Johanna jerked him off like a succubus. The demon woman made him come and her sadistic laughing rang in his head.

"Too bad for you, Martin", she said.

She wiped her hands on his shirt before standing up. He tried to stand up too, but she put her foot on his chest and forced him down. He tried to squirm away from her but it was pointless. Johanna took his arms and forced them down behind his head. Then she sat herself behind his head too and put her legs over his arms. She rose to a knee sitting position locking his arms behind her knees and putting his head in her lap. Martin saw how she caressed her boobs, making them ready to be pressed down against his face again. He tried to move his arms; It was impossible. They were safely tucked in beneath Johanna's thighs. He kicked with his legs; it had no effect.

"Nighty, nighty", Johanna said.

She bent forward so that her tits fell unto his face and then she pressed them together with her hands. Martin's vision went black as her boobs covered his eyes as well. He couldn't just surrender to this treatment. He willed himself to resist but it only served to arouse his dominatrix more as she could clearer see how the lack of air gradually made him weaker. Soon, Johanna didn't even need to use her hands. He was too weak to save himself so she just let her boobs lay in his face as she watched him pass out.

Having made sure Martin wasn't faking, Johanna sat back up again so that her tits left his face. Rising up, she checked on them with some kind of awe. Never would she have guessed that she would be using them like this. She walked over to the sofa and sat down. Martin was still in dreamland; she could see that his breathing had started again by the heightening and lowering of his chest. She got an idea and started to look for something she could tie him with. She found his belt and duct tape; it would do.

When Martin came back to life, he was lying on his belly. His arms and legs were tied and taped together behind his back and in front of him sat Johanna smiling sadistically.

"That was the boobs, now for the pussy smother my pathetic friend", she said.

She spread her legs so that he stared into her open pussy. She heaved herself forward against him and grabbed his head.

"NO, NO, NOOOO!", Martin yelled before Johanna silenced him by pulling his head into her gaping pussy.

She sat like that on the floor, holding his face securely against her pussy and thrust her hips once in a while to really cover his airways. Johanna was moaning with pleasure and she made sure that Martin got enough oxygen to be awake when she would come on his face this time. She pulled his head hard against her, rubbed it in and face fucked him. Martin wasn't going anywhere and had to endure this treatment. All he could do was to wait for her orgasm. When it finally came, it was of no pleasure for him as Johanna just spread her legs as much as she could and pulled his face into her pussy with all her might. Like that, she held him until he was out again.

Johanna got up. It was a shame that she only would smother him out once more, but she had to get going before someone could return from the club. She looked around in the room searching for ways to utilize the surroundings for the final ass smother. Johanna decided that she was going to do it against a wall, as simple as it sounds. She cut the duct tape and loosened the belt so that Martin was free. She would have no trouble with his attempts to avoid the coming smother. His resistance would be futile, but very amusing and arousing. She bent down and slapped him awake.

"Time for your final punishment, make sure you are ready to handle my fat ass this time", she said.

Martin did of course try to put up a fight, but a harder slap from Johanna dazed him long enough for her to overpower her weakened foe and fling him against the wall. She came after him with determined steps and sat him up against the wall and turned around so that her ass was in front of his face. Martin tried to push it away with his hands, so she grabbed him by his wrists and pulled him forward against her at the same time she pushed her ass back against him. A soundly thud meant that she had forced his head back into the wall. Martin tried to turn his head away from Johanna's butt cheeks and asshole but she parried his efforts with ease. Martin was surely unlucky that she had such a fat ass, or this attempt of smothering him wouldn't be possible. No matter how far he tried to turn his head, some part of her large ass was in his face. She was playing cat and mouse with him again. He tried to breath and she tried to stop him. It was a game Martin couldn't win.

Johanna was still holding his wrists. She had no idea of how effective her smother was other than his reduced struggling. And from the amount of it, she was doing fairly well on finishing him off. Soon she let go of his arms and grabbed his head instead and made sure she navigated his face in between her cheeks. She didn't do all this only to have him choke on her soft ass, which would be way too good for him. Johanna wanted him to choke with his face as far up her ass as she could possible get it. So she grabbed her ass and spread the cheeks and pushed back before securing his face with her hands again. It surely wasn't as pleasant as smothering him with her pussy, but the insult alone was enough to get her satisfied.

Martin dropped to the ground. She had finally let him go. Johanna didn't check to see if he was out, she already knew he was. This had been a most invigorating experience, and she thought that she do it again should the opportunity arise. She dressed and left. When Martin became conscious, he feared that Johanna would ambush him and force him to choke or be smothered again. To his relief, she was gone so he picked up his clothes and went home. When he arrived he locked his door and collapsed in his bed. His body was aching. He had been pretty badly brutalized, but he was happy that his apparently psychotic slut of an ex-girlfriend hadn't killed him. That was when he found a note in his pocket. It was written in red lipstick, but hadn't smeared too much so it was readable.

Thank you for a wonderful evening! Until next time, kisses. /Johanna.


Thanks for a wild long story  :yes1:


Wow.  She certainly got her revenge.

Thank you for writing this for us, mate.


Thank you! I wrote it after an actual breakup, so it is vaguely based on the truth (at least the characters are). It was a good thing I found this forum so that it wouldn't be lost on my old hard drive.

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