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Girl vs boy comparison - discussion

Started by muscley21, 22-Jun-14, 06:47 AM

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So we can start with first comparison...

Look how she completely outmuscle this gym dude in lower body part...also he has not any advantage in upper body as i can see...
Imagine how she can outsquat him, or what she could do to him if it comes to body/head scissors...

Feel free to continue discussion, or maybe also put some other comparisons :)


Another one... This gym guy has really no chance to compare with this woman. We can't see his legs but I can bet her thighs would burst out of his pants!

It'd be great to see armwrestling match, his, probably 16'' arm against her 18'' !

Anything else you'd like to add? Discuss...



Strong female lower body > strong male upper body 8)
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


I'm glad you put a strong woman against him, because he doesn't look like a wimp and would easily beat a regular woman. It's quite fascinating that there are women who have physique to beat even a guy like this. But how many men are there in the world have the male ego about their strength and muscles that not knowing or not accepting the fact that there are women who can over power and beat them.

How many percentage of male population in this world you guys think that no woman in this world can't beat?

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