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Wrestling Threesome

Started by BandGB, 17-Jul-14, 04:02 PM

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I'd been told the gym was a good place to meet girls. I didn't know I'd be going home with two of them on my first day there. And not just any two girls -- the alpha girls. They were the fittest girls at the gym by far. Through their spandex tights I could see solid muscle tone in their legs. I'd watched them both breeze through a couple miles on the treadmill barely breaking a sweat, before hitting the leg press, where they both put up what looked like two and a half times their own body weight.

The tall brunette one was Kate. She had intimidatingly muscular shoulders but a friendly smile that put me at ease. Her tight pants perfectly showed off a round, voluptuous butt and as I chatted her up, I tried not to stare at it. I didn't know I'd be trapped underneath it soon enough.

Kate's blonde friend Courtney was almost a full foot shorter than her, but what Courtney lacked in height, she made up for in speed and in chest size. On the treadmill I'd seen her do a mile in under six minutes, boobs bouncing the whole time. For that six minutes, none of the guys at the gym got anything done.

Much to my surprise, when I started hitting on them, they seemed genuinely interested. Within minutes, they were laughing at my jokes and putting their hands on me. When they invited me back to their place, I thought I was dreaming.

"So how long have you guys been living together," I asked.

"Since college," Kate answered, taking my gym bag from me and setting it down next to hers in the corner of their living room.

"We got randomly paired up in freshman year and we clicked," Courtney added. "We went everywhere together."

"Literally everywhere."

"But the big bonding moment for us came when we got into a fight," Courtney went on, sitting next to me on their couch.

"You guys got in a fight with each other?"

"No, not each other," Kate laughed, sitting on the other side of me. "With a guy."

"We were at this frat party, and he started getting handsy with me," Courtney said, "I asked him to stop, but he kept going."

"I walked in and saw him putting her hands on her, and I just went crazy," Kate added, "suddenly I was on top of him, hitting him."

"Yeah," Courtney nodded, "And he was trying to hit her back, so I held his arms down, and pretty soon, I was choking him out with my legs."

"Wow. Well it sounds like you did what you had to to defend yourselves."

"Well, at first yeah," Kate laughed again, "but then things kind of took a turn."

"He stopped fighting and said he was sorry, but we just kept him there. We liked having him down. We liked that we could do whatever we wanted to him. The power was a real turn-on."

"We locked the door and just spent the rest of night making him our bitch."

"I made him lick my toes."

"I made him lick something else."

They both giggled. Courtney put her feet up on my lap. Kate put her hand on my knee. I leaned back in my seat, trying to seem confident.

"Well the guy sounds like a real loser," I scoffed.

"Yeah. There's no way we could do that to you, is there" Courtney said, rubbing my shoulder. 

"Well you girls seem pretty tough, don't get me wrong, but I have four years of BJJ training." I didn't have four years of BJJ training. Or even one year.

"Oh my God, that's so cool!" Kate exclaimed. "You have to show us some moves," she said, jumping up, and pulling on my arm. As she pulled on one arm, Courtney took the other. Already I could tell they knew how to work as a team.

"Well, what do you want to know," I asked.

"How about we just come at you and you show us how to counter it," Courtney suggested.

"Well, I don't know. I don't want to hurt anybody-- "


I was on my back with the wind knocked out of me and two beautiful bombshells on top of me. Kate had charged me from up high, Courtney had gone low and taken my legs out from under me. They definitely made a good team.

"Like, how would you get out of this, for example," Kate asked, straddling herself up high on my chest, locking my arms at my sides with her legs.

"Yeah, and what if I do this at the same time," Courtney said, taking off my shoes and socks, and tickling my feet.

I was very ticklish and I started to laugh uncontrollably, which made them laugh too.

"It doesn't seem like you can do anything," Kate giggled. "It seems like we could do whatever we wanted to you." She leaned down and lightly kissed my forehead. I felt scared and exhilarated.

"I'm still all sweaty from the gym," Courtney said behind her. "Do I smell?"

"You smell fine, Court," Kate said. "Here, pass me your top."

Courtney slipped off her top and passed it to Kate, who promptly shoved it in my face, pressing it against my nose and mouth.

"Doesn't it smell good?"

It did. It was definitely sweaty, but somehow knowing it had just been wrapped around Courtney's big, round breasts made it smell amazing.

"I bet it tastes good too. Open your mouth."

"Kate, don't make him taste my top. That's crazy. Make him taste my thong instead."

Suddenly there was a sweaty pair of underwear in my face and I was turning my head to avoid it getting near my mouth.

"Come on, it's not that bad. We do this to guys all the time. Some guys find they like it, right Courtney?"

"That's right."

"Just put them in your mouth for ten seconds and we'll let you up."

I swallowed my pride and opened my mouth. Kate packed them in tight and I started to gag, but she held my mouth shut.

"Don't give up now. Only eight seconds left. Seven. Six. Five..."

They both started counting down and true to their word, they let me up at one, clapping and cheering for me.

"I should go," I said, pulling the thong form my mouth and turning towards the door.

"No, come on. We're just getting started," Courtney protested, dashing in front of me, fast as she was. She was wearing just a bra and nothing on bottom now.

"Yeah, you can't leave already," Kate said from behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders and messaging them.

"Look, we blindsided you earlier. You deserve a chance to wrestle us for real this time."

"I don't know," I hesitated.

Courtney put my hands on her boobs.

"If you stay and play with us, we promise to make it worth your while."

I couldn't deny I was turned on. But these girls were fucking terrifying.

"No sorry," I said, taking my hands off Courtney's chest and heading towards the door.

"Please," Kate said grabbing my arm.

"No," I pulled away.

I made it as far as the door before I felt two sets of hands grab both my arms and yank me backwards, onto my back again.

"The things is, we weren't really asking," Courtney sighed, putting my head between her legs and clamping down on my neck, while Kate sat on my legs.

"You don't really have a choice," Kate added, tugging off my gym shorts.

"You have to play the game."

"If I let you go, will you be a good boy and listen," Courtney asked looking down at me, her blond hair shining off the light above her.


She let me go.

"The game is simple. Submission wrestling. You versus us."

"If you can get one of us to submit, we're eliminated."

"If you get both of us to submit, we're both eliminated, and you're free to leave."

"But, every time we make you submit, we get to do something to you. Sometimes that something will be good," Kate said putting her hand around my penis, which got harder in her grasp.

"But sometimes that thing won't be so good," Courtney said slapping me hard in the face. I felt my cheek go numb.

"Do you understand?"

"So if I make you both tap, I can leave?"

"We swear it."


I got up, and positioned myself in what felt like a fighting stance.

"Let's do this."

I charged at Kate and took her to the ground, but Courtney was on my back in a second with her arms wrapped around neck. While I was distracted trying to loosen Courtney's hold, Kate used her legs to push me off. And as Kate pushed me with her legs, Courtney threw me in the same direction with her arms (again, their teamwork was amazing). I went down hard on the ground and before I knew it, they both had their legs scissored around me. Kate's held my torso in a tight body scissors while Courtney's continued working on my neck. I didn't want to tap, but I felt like I'd pass out and passing out in front of these two struck me as a bad idea.

"I give."

They let go.

"Now remember the deal. Every time you tap, we get to do something to you."

"Lie on your back."

I rolled over, and Kate sat her round, cushiony ass down on my face, her soft cheeks sealing off my air. In other circumstances I might've loved it, but I couldn't breath and I knew they didn't care.

"Good boy," Kate finally said, getting up and patting me on the chest. "We might just keep you."

"Round 2."

This time, I decided to try to get hold of Courtney and keep her in between me and Kate, like a human buffer. But Courtney had other plans. When I lunged at her she leap-frogged over me, like she'd known exactly what I was going to do. While I was still off balance from the lunge she grabbed my legs and I fell on my face. She rolled me over with surprising force and straddled herself on my neck, cutting off my air. She was doing this all entirely by herself, by the way. Kate was just standing off to the side, laughing. A girl one foot shorter and probably eighty pounds lighter than me had just pinned me in three moves, and now, with her bare, sweaty crotch inches from my face she taunted.

"Boys are so predictable," she said. "They always go after Kate first, and when that doesn't work, they figure they'll try their luck with the short girl. Don't you know, no one likes to be second choice?"

"I submit."

"Open your mouth."

She took off her bra and stuffed it in, holding her hands over my mouth and nose.

"This is what you were thinking about when you first saw us back at the gym, isn't it? This is what you wanted. To be rolling around naked with us. Well now you're getting it. We're giving you what you wanted, so say thank you."

I tried to speak, but I couldn't with the bra in my mouth.

"Say it!," Courtney shouted, fiercely. In that moment I knew this petite woman could obliterate me by herself if she wanted to, and maybe she did.

"Thank you!" I shouted in a muffled voice.

"Good. Round 3."

"Courtney, you're totally naked now," Kate said, in mock surprise.

"You're right."

"Well if you're naked, it's only right we should all be," Kate went on, pulling off her top and her tights. They both looked over at me.


They charged me again. This time I knew one of them would go high and the other would go low, but there was still nothing I could do to stop it. All I could do was watch it happen. I was down on the ground, wriggling to keep my boxers and my shirt on.

"If you struggle, we have to rip them off and then you don't have anything to wear when you leave."

"If we ever let you leave, that is."

I desperately kicked it up a notch. Pulling away for a second, I shoved Courtney as hard as I could and she went to the ground. Taking my moment, I got to my feet, putting Kate in a headlock, but she slipped out, jumping up and putting her legs around my torso again. I stumbled around, trying to get free, but she pulled my head into her bare chest and I knew there was no shaking her. Soon, I lost energy and she took us to the floor, still wrapped around me. She was in the perfect position to whisper into my ear and she took advantage of it.

"I'm a big girl. I grew up on a farm with four brothers. I wrestled in high school and I've tamed plenty of animals four times your size. You never had a chance, sweetie."

I pushed with everything I had to get free. She groaned in pleasure.

"That's right," she kept whispering in a sensual voice, "Struggle for me, boy. Squirm for me. Beg me. Worship me. Call me your goddess, and I'll loosen up, just a little bit."

"AH!" I shouted in total frustration, on the verge of tears.

"Aww, he's so cute," Courtney mocked, kneeling down nearby. "Accept it baby. You can't win. This isn't a wrestling match. It's a meal and you're all four courses. Accept it and you may start to like it."

I looked up into her deceivingly innocent eyes, and realized she was right. There was no way I was getting out of Kate's leg jail. I couldn't take either of these women on their own, let alone both of them at once. I had no chance of winning my freedom here. But on the other hand, I had two gorgeous, sexy women focusing all their attention on me, getting off on me. If I just let go of my fear and embarrassment, I'd realize I was exactly where I wanted to be.

Looking up at Courtney, I said "thank you" a second time.

"No. Thank you," Courtney replied.

"Submit," Kate asked, still wrapped around me.

"Yes. What are you going to do to me this time?"

Still keeping me in the hold, she kissed me on the lips. And then smacked me in the balls. 

"Oh!" I shouted, rolling out of her legs.

Phased by the blow, Kate slipped off my shirt while Courtney pulled off my boxers (teamwork).

"We're all so sweaty," Courtney said. "I think we should hit the showers."

"Good idea Court. Or maybe we could just get him to clean us."

"Oh good idea. Would you do that? Would you clean us."

"What do you mean," I asked.

They took me to the ground again and Courtney shoved her breasts in my face.

"You can start by cleaning my chest. Come on. Work that tongue."

Meanwhile, I felt someone else's tongue flick the top of my stiff cock.

"You clean us, and we might consider cleaning you," Kate said.

"I should really go to the gym more often," I thought.



I woke up in one of their beds, bruised and sore. I couldn't remember everything from the previous night. The two of them had tossed me around for a while more. Kate, the tall brunette with the iron legs and the shapely ass had held me in a bodyscissor for twenty minutes while Courtney kept punching my right leg. I looked down at it now. It was a deep shade of purple. They'd done their fair share of humiliating, making me smell more of their sweaty clothes and kiss their feet, but it hadn't all been bad. Courtney had let me suck her titties at one point (technically she ordered me to do it, but we both knew I wanted to).

"Oh right," I thought. That's how the night ended me. She'd smothered me with her boobs until I passed out. Well, this was definitely not an experience I'd be forgetting anytime soon. Seeing my clothes on the floor nearby, I slipped them on and quietly crept through the bedroom door, hoping not to wake anyone.

But when I got to the living room, Kate and Courtney were both there, awake, making eggs.

"Morning sweetie," Kate beamed. She was wearing tight red short-shorts that showed off the roundness in her butt, and a "Hooters" top, holding, a plate of bacon.

"Breakfast?" she offered.

"No thanks."

"You should have some. Kate's eggs are to die for," Courtney said from across the room. She was wearing a tight little t-shirt and her nipples pointed through it. They  looked so enticing, I almost forgot they'd smothered me unconscious last night.

"Listen, I'm gonna go," I said,  "Last night was fun."

I headed for the door, hoping that would be it, but I felt a firm yet smooth little hand clamp itself around my wrist. Courtney yanked me around to face her.

"Don't mistake a command for  a request. Sit down. Have some breakfast."

I sat down to a plate of eggs and toast and tried to get my bearings. On one hand, I had two gorgeous twenty-something women, making me breakfast and doing sex-related stuff with me. On the other hand, they were also beating me to a pulp and it seemed like I was kind of a prisoner at the moment. I tried the eggs. Courtney was right. They were good.

"Eat up. You'll need your strength for today."

"How long are you two planning on keeping me here," I asked.

"Til' you beat us in wrestling."

"Or, since that will never happen, til we get bored of you."

"We both got time off work. This is our vacation."

"You're our vacation. You should be flattered."

"I am," I nodded, "it's just...isn't this kidnapping?"

They both giggled.

"How could two little girls like us kidnap a big strong man like you?"

"No one would ever believe that."

"If you told someone we kidnapped you and used you as our own human sex toy, they'd probably laugh in your face, right?"

They both grinned across the table at me, and I realized what they were implying. I had no power here. They could keep me as long as they wanted, knowing that when they let me go, there was nothing I could do. The police wouldn't believe me.  These two girls were my physical superiors, but as far as the rest of the world knew "men are stronger than women" so the idea that two hot girls could make me their live-in bitch for a while was not something anyone would buy. My only recourse was to try my hardest to get the drop on them -- to seize some key moment and get the upper hand to escape. But even as I thought about this, it sounded crazy. Why the hell would I try to escape from two buxom babes and their sex-games? What was I, insane? So what if things got a little painful and humiliating for me? Wasn't that a fair price to pay? My mind couldn't stop debating itself.

Twenty minutes later, we were circling each other on a matt in the living room. They both charged me as they had so many times yesterday, with Kate going high and Courtney going low. This time I got lucky and was able to side step them. I jumped on Courtney while she was still on her knees and managed to get her in a chokehold. I knew Kate would be on me in a second, but if I could hold on long enough for Courtney to submit, she'd be eliminated. Then, I'd only have Kate to worry about, and maybe I'd have a chance of getting out.

Keeping Courtney in a hold was quite a handful. I heavily outweighed her, but her compact little body packed quite a punch and as we rolled around in a tussle, I had to hold on for dear life.

"Come on Court," Kate cheered from the sidelines. I knew Kate could step in at any time and the fact that she chose to just stand back and watch meant she probably thought I had no chance in hell. With the back of her head, Courtney headbutted my nose, her soft blond hair covering my eyes, and I recoiled in pain, losing my vision. In a second, Courtney had taken my back and put me in the same chokehold I was using on her. We rolled around some more, and as we did, Courtney whooped and laughed, enjoying herself. Kate cheered on the sideline, and I started to forget how badly I wanted to get out of here. I was actually kind of having a good time.

"Give up yet," Courtney asked.

"No way."

Keeping one arm around my neck, she reached down and put her other hand on my crotch.

"This is mine, right" she asked.

I didn't answer. She grabbed my balls.

"It's mine, right"

I was in pain, but with only one arm around my neck now, Courtney was vulnerable. I took my opening and got out by flipping her over my head. She was so small, so it was easy.

Courtney sat up a little stunned and I shoved her back down and climbed on top of her, putting my hands on her boobs, squeezing and massaging them.

"These are mine, right," I asked.

Courtney laughed.

"You better let me up," she said.

"Oh I will. As soon as you admit these are mine."

Courtney laughed harder.

"Seriously, you better let me up now."

"What are you gonna do" I taunted.

I felt Kate's hands hook under my arms and pull me -- almost toss me -- off of Courtney. I'd forgotten about her for a second.

"We're having fun now, right" Kate said, turning me over face down, and pressing my face into the floor. "Lick the carpet," Kate ordered.

She sat on top of my back and her arms and legs were longer than mine. No matter what limb I tried to move to get back up, she could easily shut me down. "Lick the carpet, for what you said to Courtney."

I licked the carpet.


She rolled me over and I tried to get up, but she already had my head in between her thighs. She did a scissor hold that turned into a triangle choke and I felt the air leaving my body.

"I submit," I gasped.

From my back I saw Courtney pull off my shorts and mount me. She put her hand on my crotch again.

"You haven't said it yet. This is mine, right?"

"Better say it, cutie," Kate said, tightening her hold.

'It's yours!"

Kate loosened the hold. "Good boy."

"It's mine now." Courtney said, satisfied, massaging it. It got hard in a second. "And since it's mine, I can do this..." Suddenly my dick was inside her and she was riding me, hard. I tried to sit up and pull away, more out of surprise than anything, but Kate kept me pinned down with her legs.

"Shhhh," Kate said, putting one finger on my mouth. "This is supposed to be the good part."

I calmed down and laid back, pillowed by Kate's soft inner thighs. Courtney was riding me hard and the only thing that kept me from cuming was the pain of her putting pressure on all my bruises from yesterday as she moved back and forth, up and down. A couple times she slapped my leg right where the bruise from yesterday had formed and I jerked up, but Kate's legs kept me down on my back.

"I know sweetie," Kate would say, holding one of my hands. "Just a few more minutes."

Finally after twenty minutes I saw that Courtney was speeding up, getting ready to climax and that soon I could finish too. I watched her boobs bounce through the t-shirt as she rode faster with a look of squinty ecstasy on her face. I braced myself and we finished together. Courtney climbed off, panting.

"Good job," she said, slapping the bruise on my leg one last time. "I'm gonna take a shower," she walked off.

I sat up, ready to take a breather.

"Where do you think you're going," Kate said.

"Well I thought, since she finished..."

"Yeah, she finished. What about me?"

"Wait, are you saying..."

"Round 2, baby," Kate laughed.

"Like starting right now?" Before I even had gotten the full question out, she'd knocked me on my back. God she was strong. She had that farm-girl strength that you imagine people get when they grow up working the fields and doing manual labor. As she straddled me, I felt those tight red short-shorts press against my bare skin, and her thighs clamp tightly around my torso.

"I give up," I said, sure there was no way I was winning this one.

She slapped me hard in the face.

"Don't just give up," she said, her friendly, breezy demeanor suddenly changing to something sterner and scarier. "This is my play time and you're not going to ruin it by just lying there. Now I know you're hurting but the only way this is going to be fun for either of us is if you make an effort. Besides," she gyrated, on my waist and her shorts brushed against my cock, "if you try hard, I'll be way nicer. I promise."

Once again, I reminded myself how crazy it was to be wanting out of this. A girl so hot, I'd probably never have the confidence to talk to her at a bar was sitting on top of me in short-shorts and a god damn Hooters shirt. Who the fuck was I to say no to that? I put my hands on her chest, covering the Hooters logo.

"These are mine, right" I said.

We both burst out laughing.

"Alright, smartass, let's dance."

She let me up and we both circled each other on our knees. For once, I charged at her, and brought her to the ground, but she knew what she was doing. She wrapped her legs around my torso, grabbed my arms, held them still above my head, and worked her legs up until she had me in a headscissor.

"You know why we picked you, at the gym," she asked, squeezing my head firmly, but clearly not exerting full pressure.


"Of all the guys at the gym we could've brought back here for this, we picked you. Why do you think we did it?"

She turned me over onto my other side.

"You weren't the hottest guy there. Or the fittest. You weren't the most challenging to wrestle. But we picked you because we knew you'd appreciate us."

I couldn't take the hold anymore. I tapped, and she slid up, putting her ass on my face.

"We knew you'd resist us at first. They always do. But we thought after a while, you'd get it. You'd start to like it. And then things could get really fun. I just hope we were right. Because if you're just gonna try to run away this whole vacation, we should've picked a hotter guy."

I tapped again.

"Kiss it," she ordered. I did.

She let me up.

"Not that we don't think you're cute. What about you. Do you think we're good-looking?"

"You know I do," I said.

"Yeah," she smirked. "It's hard to lie about that when you're carrying that around," she pointed to my still hard cock.

The sound of a car honking outside made her head turn, and I saw my moment. While she was still looking away, I took her down and straddled her torso as she had done to me so many times. I put my weight high on her chest so she couldn't thrust up. Courtney wasn't around to help and even though Kate was an all-around much better wrestler than me, I'd gotten lucky here. I stared down at her, deciding what to do.

"You could probably make a run for the door and get there before I caught you," Kate said looking up at me. "If you wanted to leave, this would be the moment. But is that what you really want? To leave this? Because you're never gonna have this again."

She was right. Even pinned underneath me, she had all the power. I bent down and kissed Kate's neck. She smelled good. She started to kiss back, and I relaxed my hold a bit. I didn't notice her legs swing up and wrap around my shoulders before pining me back against the ground again. I tried to scramble away but she yanked one of my legs and I fell on my face again. She sat on my back for the second time that morning, and put a hand on my ass.

"You won't regret this. I promise" she said.

Then she started spanking firmly.

"Whoa, what did I miss," Courtney said coming from the shower, naked and soaking wet.

"Oh good, you're back," Kate said to Courtney. "Could you hold him for me?"

"Sure." Courtney sat on me and held my arms, the water from the shower dripping off of her and onto my back. I watched Kate pull down her little red shorts, revealing her amazing ass in all its glory.

"Alright, flip him," Kate said.

Courtney flipped me onto my back and Kate sat with her pussy in my face.

"Get to work," Kate said.

She was right. I didn't regret it.



It was Day four. I was exhausted, sore, broken. Currently Kate had me locked up in one of her signature bodyscissor holds. She called it "leg jail." If I did anything to annoy her, or if she was just in the mood, she'd look at me with an evil grin and say "I think you need to spend some time in leg jail." I'd try to get away, but these girls were way faster than me and there were two of them. It was only a matter of time before I was on the ground, locked in between her thighs. If I begged and did what she told me, she would loosen  up and let me breath. Kate was the nice one.

Courtney on the other hand, wasn't so kind. She would keep squeezing, choking and hitting long after I'd tapped, begged, or done whatever else I could think of to appease her. Now, as Kate held me in place on the bed, Courtney pummeled me over and over with a pillow. Admittedly, I'd fantasized about getting into a pillow fight with girls as hot as these two, but in my fantasies, things were a little different. Courtney was wailing on me as hard as she could, and she was strong enough to make pillow shots to the head actually sting quite a bit.

"I submit," I shouted.

"I don't care," she shouted back.

"Easy Court, don't break him," Kate, said. She kissed me sweetly on the forehead as she held me there, giving me a moment of relief. Then, she tightened her legs, and Courtney kept hitting. I was totally powerless. Realizing there was no point struggling, I put my hands over my face.

"Look how scared he is," Courtney said "I love it."

She hit me again.

"Please stop."

"I stop when I want to stop."

She hit me again.

I felt a hot tear roll down my cheek. Courtney saw it and stopped hitting me.

"There it is. That's what I was looking for. You can let him go now."

Kate released me from leg jail. "Good job," she said massaging my crotch.

Courtney straddled herself on my chest. Today she was wearing red lingerie, and she clearly knew how much I liked it. She looked down at me and I submissively turned my head to avoid meeting her eyes.

"Boys look so much cuter when they're on their backs and scared," she said.

She grabbed my jaw, held my head still and went in for a long kiss. While she did this, Kate continued massaging my crotch, with an expert stroke and I was in heaven. This was their game. They would throw me around, totally physically dominate me until I felt like things couldn't get any worse. Then they'd do something to remind me that this was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Courtney  broke her kiss and dominantly shoved my head into her tits.

"Suck on them," she ordered, and I did, running out of breath.

This hold basically summed up how I felt about her and Kate, as scared as I was excited. Kate kept stroking and I moaned into Courtney's chest as I came, using up the last of my air, but not caring. Courtney let me go, and climbed off of me.

"I think we're done, she said," slipping her shirt back on and getting up.


Kate pulled a box out from under the bed. It had the clothes I'd been wearing when they brought me here.

"I washed them," she said. "Thanks for this. You were great," she kissed me on the cheek again.

"What are you saying," I asked.

"You're free to go," Courtney said. "We've done everything we wanted to do."

"So if I walk out that door right now, you're not going to stop me?"

"Nope. Thanks again."

I put on my clothes, walked outside, and just like that I wasn't a prisoner anymore. I was back in the real world. I could go anywhere and do anything again. I made it as far as the parking lot and pulled out my car keys before I stopped and turned around. Kate and Courtney weren't there. So why did I still feel like they were pulling me? I found myself walking back to their door, and knocking on it, not totally sure why.

"Well that was fast," Kate said, answering the door. "What's up?"

"I...I don't..." I couldn't explain why when I was finally free, my first choice would be to go right back to my captors.

"Come in," Kate said, rolling her eyes and walking back inside. I followed her.

"I don't know what I'm doing here."

"He's confused," Kate said to Courtney, who was lying on the couch, still in her tight red lingerie.

"Don't you get it," Courtney smiled, "we own you now."

"You said I was free to go."

"We really like playing with you," Kate said, "We like you so much, we didn't want to just do catch and release with you. We decided to not just own you physically. We own you mentally too."

"I don't get it."

Kate smiled. "All those times, I put you in leg jail, and made you say you were our bitch."

"All those times we made you say we owned you and that you needed us," Courtney added, "it was mental training."

"And every time you obeyed, we rewarded you with pleasure" Kate said.

"And every time you disobeyed, we punished you with pain."

"What's funny is even now that we're telling you this and you know you've been manipulated, there's still nothing you can do about it."

"The walls are already set up in your brain. You'll do anything we say now. We control you even when we're not in the room with you. Pretty cool, right?"

"Why," I asked.

"Because we want to take things to the next level."

"You think you're the only one who likes to get double teamed?"

"What do you mean?"

"Time for a new match," Kate said, standing up.

I stood up too, on my guard, eyeing her and Courtney defensively.

"No, it's not the two of us vs. you this time," Kate said. "It's you and Courtney vs. me."

"You might actually get to win this time, partner," Courtney said, standing up beside me.

"Sexfight rules," Kate continued. "If you cum, you're eliminated. Even if you lose, you win," she winked at me.

Courtney charged at her. The two locked arms and Kate slowly overcame with her superior strength. She pulled Courtney to the ground and got on top of her, reaching down and sliding two fingers under Courtney's red panties.

"You're not making me cum, this time" Courtney said.

"Please," Kate laughed. "I know exactly how to push all your buttons."

"A little help, partner," Courtney moaned as Kate started to pleasure her.

I remembered I was supposed to be on her team. I ran up behind Kate, hooked my arms under hers and pulled her off of Courtney. She was tall, but she was still lighter than me. I was fast enough that she didn't have time to counter before she was pinned face down on the ground, and I sat on top of her.

"Remember that time you made me lick the carpet," I taunted.

"Oh no!" Kate screamed, but it was clear she was having fun. Courtney joined me, holding Kate's arms.

"I know what you want to do. Go ahead," Courtney said. "I'll hold her."

I turned myself around, pulled down Kate's pants and put my hands on her shapely round ass. I spanked it.

"Ah," Kate shouted in a combination of pain and excitement. I spanked it again a few more times.

"Okay, you've had you're fun. Now let's win this," Courtney said.

We flipped Kate, who was still laughing, and Courtney scissored her head.

"Go ahead," Courtney said. Make her cum."

I slipped myself inside her and started to thrust. Now the only challenge would be not finishing until after she did. I felt like I had a chance. After four days straight of being forced to lick, kiss, and fuck, I was pretty well acquainted with Kate's pussy.

Kate moaned. Courtney leaned down and kissed her. Watching the two of them kiss got me going and I went faster and harder. Pretty soon Kate screamed in ecstasy.

"Okay, you guys win" she said.

Courtney high fived me.

"This is awesome," I said. "You didn't have to brainwash me to make me do this."

Kate laughed.

"Okay, let's do another round. Me and you vs. Courtney this time."

"Not yet," I said. "I'm not finished with you," I said, still on top of Kate.

'What," Kate said.

I realized I shouldn't have said that. Kate's legs shot up, wrapping around my neck and yanking me to the ground. I felt Courtney circle around to the other side of me and grab my balls in a tight grip. I yelped in pain.

"Lick my feet, bitch" Kate said.

I did what she asked. They both let got.

"Lick them again," Kate ordered.

I got up and licked again.

"That's why" Kate said.


"That's why we had to mentally dominate you. Just to make sure at the end of the day, no matter what games we play, you always know who's in charge."

"I get it," I said. "Thank you."

"Good boy," Kate said.

Courtney took off her lacy red bra and tossed it aside. Her big, round breasts bounded a little.

"You want to play with these don't you?"


"If you win this next round, you can," she said. "You and Kate, vs me. Now that we've got everything figured out, the fun can really begin."


Great detail, nicely laid out, well written.

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