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Female bondage wrestling

Started by Gimlord, 21-Jul-14, 07:07 AM

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First time i found bondage wrestling was on Ultimate Surrender.I found there some videos were the loser was bound with ropes/cuffs and was humiliated at the end at round 4.I found it pretty hot.
Next site i found for Female bondage wrestling was doommaidens.I like their videos much.
I also found a video where randy was facing robin in a bondage rope tie submmision match and each round the loser begun with a handicap,i like it pretty much.

But i would like to know if there is any site or a production site could make,Female bondage wrestling(with ropes cuffs etc like doommaidens)combined with the Ultimate surrender style.
The female wrestlers will have to tie their each other and sexually humiliate them to win(by smothering them,making worship their feet,pussy,ass,tits, fucking the loser of the match  and what ever else).

The whole idea on this style is the rope ties to gain the upper hand,and the sexual stuff to distract and humilate the enemy wrestler.Also handicaps for the loser(the loser begins with a frogtie next round) could make it even better i believe.Unfair matches(not tag) like 2vs1 or 3vs1 or 3vs2 could make it even better sogood wrestlers could have a challenge(i saw i clip where veve lane from doommaidens won 2vs1).

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