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GG Download receipt

Started by jjscooter, 14-Aug-14, 05:03 AM

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Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I recently bought a new GG vid, but when I look @ my online credit card receipt or whatever it is called, I cant find the name of the company anywhere. What should a receipt for this look like?



Look for "Tropical Productions",  "Suncoast Productions/Trop", or "US XXXXXXXXXX TROPIC" (where X's are some numbers).

This goes for any c4s store you purchase from. You never see a specific store name; it's pretty discreet.

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Really? Wow, I never knew that. It's kinda sketchy imo, but ok, as long as my download goes through. Thanks!


not everybody is a free bird as u...
its to save 'the perverts' from its wives...  ;D

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