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Sex and mixed wrestling (and other) fetishes

Started by robertson, 19-May-17, 05:40 PM

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I seem to have been blessed (or cursed for the sake of my wallet) with many fetishes and mixed wrestling (along the female domination side) is one of them.

I would define a fetish where the person with the fetish finds it stimulating even when no overt sexual content is implied or included .

So why do fetishes so often come back to sex?  You know mixed wrestling often ends with a"humiliating handjob" or joi or references to erections, even when the female is dominant.  It just jars with me - you know "I am going to humiliate you by doing to you exactly what you want me to do to you"

I obviously read enough comments on here to suggest some people want sexual content included but does that not mean you are just "normal" porn fans using the fetish to feed your desire for porn rather than actually having the fetish yourself?

i have to say all of my other fetishes have exactly the same problem so is it the case that eventually all fetishes are taken over by "normal" porn fans?

I am not posting this to be controversial just wanting some views even if you don't agree.

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